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Small changes

When I first moved into this house I had no sofa for the main living room off of the kitchen where everyone gathers to talk and eat and watch TV, so I grabbed the cheapest one I could find at IKEA. A year later I realized no one was ever sitting on that couch because it felt like sitting on top of a jagged rock. Instead, everyone was either standing or moving dining chairs. They were avoiding that couch as if it were a fatal disease. It was just so stupid. It was like living in a house in college where one of your roommates grabbed a stained couch off of the sidewalk that had a sign on it: “FREE OR BEST OFFER.”

So I splurged on this couch from West Elm and it changed everything. Friends and family actually started using the living room and spending more time at my house. They had a place to sit! And it wasn’t poking through their pants and piercing their butts!

In the meantime I tried to warm up the space with accessories including some of what you see here: blankets and pillows, metallics and textures. My kids love blankets, the more the better, and there are far too many in my living room now. Which is I will probably get that ladder and use each rung to hang a different throw. Everything here is under $100 in case you’re saving up for a sofa that people will actually use.

1. Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow $14.99

2. Air Plants, Set of Five $47.50

3. Tall Beden Vase $34.95

4. Tick-Chalk Clock $59.95

5. Pom-Pom Cotton Throw $45

6. Fair Trade Storage Basket With Leather Handles $46.97

7. Whitewashed Teak Ladder $98

8. Turkish Kilim Pillow Cover $17

9. Nautical Brass Accent Table $69.99

10. Moon Phase Poster $24

11. Glass Cloche With Rope Handle $30

12. Skipper Stool $49

13. Metal Framed Mirror With Chain $39.95

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