Beveled Distress

Notably foolish comments directed at a graphic designer every day of her life:

“Can you make it, um… sparkle?”

“Purple. Let’s go with purple.”

“When I click the buttons on the menu, nothing happens. What’s wrong with this jpeg mock-up?”

“Make room for 15 animated promos on the homepage.”

“Stock photography? I’ll just bring in my camera and we can take pictures of our [unshaven] upper-management in the [dimly-lit] conference room.”

“Can you please print out the website so we can take a look at it?”

“I don’t like squares.”

“I don’t like circles.”

“Why do we have to use graphics? Yahoo doesn’t use graphics.”

“If users don’t want to sit through the [thoroughly annoying and utterly useless] intro more than once, they can just click the ‘Skip Intro’ button.”

“Why test it? Everybody uses Internet Explorer anyway.”

“If I scroll, I can’t see the top of the page. Is that a bug?”