Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.


No surgical procedure should ever begin with the words, “Tell me if this hurts,” particularly when such a procedure is being conducted by a husband wearing a headlamp and wielding a pair of tweezers.

Of course, when presented the opportunity to excavate the unruly barbed whiskers from the underside of her man’s chin, a wife should resist the overwhelming urge to declare, “Goldmine!”

  • Ah, the bliss of being a newlywed: headlamps, tweezers and dermatology.

  • i think welcome back, honky! bout time and all.

    ahh, marriage. just last week, my wife stole my favorite pillow and got away with it, cause she’s pregnant.

  • Yayyyyy! No more harassing blurb for your secret location!!!!!

  • i hate when clicks want to shave or pluck my stubble. i know how to do these things, so if i didn’t want them there, they’d be gone.

  • I’ve missed you, even though ye never knew me. Nevertheless, mining one’s own ingrown hairs don’t allow for the satisfaction of acting like a baby–for which your husband can then happily comfort you.

    Congratulations on that whole married thing….

  • wb

    i kept hoping one day I would come back and you would be here. awesome!

  • i have come to the realization that part of a wife’s self proclaimed duty is to rid husband’s of their unruly ingrown hairs and pimples. i hate the procedures, but without my wife, i’d be a big mess.

  • welcome back! i just wanted to say, also, that your wedding pictures were beautiful.

  • Welcome back!! Congrats!!

    The wedding pics were amazing. Looking forward to reading you again.

  • yay for the return of da dooce!

    so, in addition to hair extraction, do you extract scabs from yr spouse? some people at work were talking about their need to do that to their spouses / children…

  • Huzzah! Welcome back, Heather!

  • he’s representing and he’s keeping it real

  • Fae

    Congrats newly wed *hugs* …we all missed you.

  • Sara

    how odd. i added a bookmark to your site only days after you’d stopped updating, and never expected to see any new material come of it.

  • WELCOME BACK! I missed my regular serving of Dooce-ness.

  • I just spent the last hour reading your about page, and just wanted to say, you are freakin hilarious. I knew you were popular for a reason. Now I’m glad your back so I can see what all the hub bub was about when you left.

  • Shit, bitch, shit.

  • Hurray!

  • thank goodness. and thank you.

  • dude you’re back!
    (lovely wedding pictures btw)

    …but plucking hair is fun…

  • Red! Black! White! Heaven!

  • Yaaaaaaay! (I love mining my man’s chin in search of the random white hair among the sea of black ones.)

  • Dave Thomas

    And all this time, I thought I was keeping your bookmark for sentimental reasons. Welcome back.

  • So I accidentilly hit the link, expected nothing, and alas, was pleasantly suprised.

    Welcome back.

  • Welcome back, Heather! I knew there was I reason I kept your link in my favorites! 🙂

  • Love the new digs. Welcome back! The web was a little more drab without you around to inject some style.

  • dj blurb owns a headlamp (cool!)? how ’bout a pith helmet?

    you guys both have the bedside manner of great, insensitive doctors. when readying to tweeze, that is.

    (it’s *really* good to have you back onboard…)

  • bienvenidos.

    that’s spanish for “whoo-hoo, she’s back!”.


  • I am glad you are back.

  • Just joining the choir of voices heralding your return – welcome back 🙂

  • michael

    really can’t wait to read about all your new co-workers!

  • Erika

    So glad you’re back!

    Wait ’til you have to pluck the unruly ear hairs!

  • boo

    i missed you. i cried every night for dooce to come back. did you hear my prayers, my screams, my howling at the moon? the world is okay now that you are back. *smooch*

  • it’s good to see you back at it. ‘Nuf of that kissin’ stuff.

  • This is precisely why I need to get married. That, and so someone can fasten my bracelets for me.

  • And to think there is more to come: the exchange of back massages, pimple popping, and the ever-so popular conversations on each others bowel movements.

    Glad to see your return: clean and of character.

  • v

    Great to see you back!

  • Welcome back.

  • “Ingrown” is a particularly catchy title.

    Oh yeah, and welcome back.

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