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Find Heather’s Hair

  • amy

    jesus, heather. you and jon are a beautiful couple.

  • no one is mentioning the *amazing* expressions on the faces of these kiddos. classic!

    you’re hair looks great, heather – very botticelli.

  • At what age do humans lose those adorable ruddy cheeks?

  • You’re gonna cut me? Bring it on! Who do you think kept your precious Chuckles safe in the lockup?

  • What adorable children…it’s hard to believe they are related to someone who has such screwed-up hair.

  • Like you need to hear it ONE MORE TIME, but I’ve gotta support my girls, yo: you are GORGEOUS and so are those babes! I see why you’re quick to show off the fam. Hope you had a wonderful respite from your beloved LA.

  • shy

    handsome couple! beautifull kids! heather… you look… statuesque! [i’ve always wanted to use that word on some one…]

  • a) I love the hair. Its flattering.
    b) You look so angry and sad, I’m sorry you feel that way and I know how you feel.
    c) Absent the goth-ish makeup and flippy hair you look *exactly* like a BYU coed! Can’t get away from those good wholesome “Born and bred a Mormon” good looks.
    Finally … that isn’t my web site, but you should read it. Jon too, OK? Promise?

  • Expat Again

    Fudge. I hate it that I can’t flippin’ do HTML right. You could be a doll and add an r to the tag in my previous post. And here’s the URL to the page I want you guys to see:

    borderline/bpd.htm )

  • I was about to ask: “Does anyone else think that Husband looks like Jon Favreau?”

    And then I read further and was glad I didn’t post before reading all the comments.

    Hair looks marvelous, darling.

  • I love the short hair..looks like you belong in a vidal sasoon comercial. Those boys are too the curly blonde hair.

  • man, i hope that expat’s link is a joke. except it’s not funny.

  • Oh, look at all that precious stern Mormon stock! I want to smooch everyone.

  • Gentleman Prefer Blondes

    What’s with all of the accolades? She’s hot, but she’s not a real blonde…

  • these children have such precious, angelic faces.

    they must be monstrous stinkers at times.

  • No one really

    There once was a band called “Heather’s Hair” … quite excellent, actually … could have been named after your lovely ‘do.

  • Jon looks dirty. Is John dirty?

  • ex southern babtist

    They are absolutely adorable babies…does your sister still use gobs of hairspray? I remember the stories about her hair…too funny!

  • Pinchable cheeks, all.

    Beautiful children.

  • I think you look a bit like Amy Sedaris.

  • your kids look like the gerber baby. very cute.

  • pooponastick

    So how was Chucks stay at in the big house???

  • d

    Love the “cherub children”. They are positively adorable.

    And Heather, you look great. The hair is beautiful!

  • mule-rider

    I am seriously not understanding why expatriate mormon is urging you both to read a site about borderline personality disorder- what gives

  • What cute child actors. Will they be int the next Star Wars?

  • ex southern babtist

    I agree with mule rider about the mormon expatriate…really, what gives.

  • expat emailed me about my comment (in which i hoped that the link was a joke). apparently, it wasn’t. i wish i hadn’t deleted the email, otherwise, i’d share.

  • borderline personality disorder. hmmm. i thought i just had gas.

  • I can feel the projection way over here.
    Expatriate Mormon: today is not the day to be fucking with me. My hands are cold, I have nausea, I’ve been pooping all day and I’m growing a second head. I just stopped carving the name of the sociopath (there’s only one. I think.) into my arms. Also, I’ve got to find my dealer. Did I mention I’m anxious as well?
    Just kidding. But seriously…

  • Em

    My God does EVERYBODY in your family have that gorgeous blonde hair and those eyes? And twins! Gotta love ’em! 🙂

  • Edsmonkey

    I like the pic of the conjoined twins.

  • you hould kill amy backer

  • Heather has Versace Hair!

    This is cool ’cause I was like, jus thinking, “I don’t even know what the proprieter of my local doocery looks like.”

  • Those blond curls are precious!

    (The babies’, not yours. Your hair is the shit.)

    (Not like shit, THE shit–just pre-empting the comments that might follow on this one.)

  • Wayne

    Your hair is good, but I’m still groovin’ on your sister’s hair. Any more photos in that arena?

  • Cute kids!

  • diaper down to the knees? I hope its a boy!

  • dear lord, what is Versace hair?

  • heather, you are gorgeous. love the hair. the kids … man, moppets they are. what a gene pool!

  • Beautiful Babies.

  • Jen

    I don’t know what you were worried about, the hair cut is sexy.

  • Gotta agree. The hair looks fine – although you may want to see a doctor and have that plant removed. If the roots go too deep it could cause trouble.

  • Nice necklace, where’d you find it?

  • Oh, its not a bad thing. Its that whole textured tresses, shaggy chic — oh I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead. (
    0908_fallhair5-can.html ). ahem.

  • Actually, I like the hair, though I barely noticed it because your face is so striking [awesome, haunting eyes and a killer bone structure; I’m green with envy].

    And those kids are darling.

  • the last picture is adorable.

  • i, too, think the hair is very hot. you had us all worried for naught. i really, really like your sassy hair.

    rock on, girlie.

  • Looks like some sort of Good Looking family reunion. Beautiful.

  • Mel

    If they were any cuter my head would fly off.

  • Oooh, i love babies wearing just diapers. It’s so much easier than snapping fifty snaps with a wiggling infant.

    And it’s so cute.

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