Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Am I Hot?

  • Woof! ^_~

  • Mormon-a-licious! Chuck-a-riffic! Utah-dellic!

  • Red

    canine be your valentine?

  • nice teats!

  • that’s why they call it puppy love.

  • what a dog.

    (sorry. couldn’t resist another go.)

  • That kinda gives me the heebie-jeebies. The picture of Chuck sleeping was much cuter.

  • Nice puupies on that puppy.

    (Thanks for the laugh.)

  • Bwa ha ha ha ha. Haha. Heh. Meh. Ahh.

  • Lil Bow Wow-ette.

  • Irk

    I think pink is definitely Chuck, I mean, Buck’s color.

  • jie

    hubba hubba!

  • That is wrong on so many levels. Yet again, Dooce, you rock.

  • bt

    Wow, that much boob, and still 47 pounds.

  • Lick Me.

  • “you can scratch my rear till my leg twitches any day, baby.”

  • CartDi

    wtf? ::stares::

  • PoisonIvy

    What luscious, flowing hair the former congressman has.

  • 47 lbs. is the weight of each boob, yes?

  • Gimme some tongue, bitch. And I can say bitch.

  • Scary. Scary. Scary. With a capital “SC”.

  • mbc

    those can’t be real.

  • shy

    nice rack, man.

  • you are positively sick.

  • the most disturbing part of this? that lorenzo lamas would look at chuck and make goo-goo eyes at him and give him a 9.9 on the “sex appeal” score, all in a some twisted effort to get him in the sack later.

    actually, the most disturbing part of this is that i actually watched that freak show last night and am, therefore, able to make such a comment.


  • you know, putting Christmas bows around his neck and taking pictures is one thing. Surgicaly removing his head and putting it on Christina in some freak frankenstien experiment is quite another!
    Did increase the brain size though….

  • dayna

    julia – i’m in delightful agreement with you. do ya think lorenzo would pull out his laser pointer to measure the spot where chuck’s thighs should be touching?

  • Ay, caramba!

  • just look at those teets…

  • MBC !! What are you doing in a place like this?? I’m telling. I don’t know who, but I’m telling.

  • fukkin hott.

  • MBC

    Bobby, I’ve discovered that there’s no better place on the web to find a dog with a rack that just won’t quit. No crime in that, right?

  • Shouldn’t he (she?) be sitting at poker table or something?

  • Chucklesworth for President!

  • First, dog porn with another male dog. Second, getting dressed in drag. Now, this. It’s a wonder Chuck isn’t more messed up in the head. But I can see now why he’s your bitch.

  • That just reminds me of a nightmare I had with masses of deer with human faces.

  • Wow…looks exactly like what was left of Sarah Jessica Parker in Mars Attacks.

    Then again, it kinda just looks like Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • I’m upset. Very upset.

  • Words escape me, but if they didn’t, they’d probably be something about how having a human body with breasts like that might be more fun than post-vomitous doggy.

  • You could probably make a killing with the video of this one, shall we say, “cleaning himself up”?? Ewww.. *shudder* Brings beastiality to a whole new level.

    But then I guess we all know that guys would never leave the house iffn they could do like dogs do.

    Sorry, I’m a sick puppy. Can’t help it.

  • Heh. You’re a sick woman.

  • So confused, so very confused.

  • Zan




  • Ow. My eyes are bleeding.

  • That is hilarious. Who is Lorenza Lamos (sp?) anyways. He is NOT.. Garth Milo is hot. Check me out at my site. Woof Woof

  • GK

    You know, it’s particularly telling that I looked at the photo for fifteen minutes before realizing the figure had the face of a dog.

  • Chizantski

    Look at the rack on that pooch! Chuckie-baby, where ya been my whole life?…

  • ‘fraid not, doesn’t have Britney’s boobs 😉

  • Go to load up dooce
    Now I see that Chuck has tits
    better lay off crack

  • brunette_with_class

    damn blondes always take the men! LOL

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