An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Am I Hot?

  • Lorenzo

    You need to lose 10 lbs. so I give you an 8 on body.

  • If only their faces could be as distinguishable the night before…

  • I like everything about her, but I think her nose is a tad too big

  • God damn that’s a tall bitch!

  • No.

  • This is not exactly related, but anyone see that movie called Frankenhooker? This picture makes me think of that movie for some reason.

  • whoa. you and the scrumptious beard have elastic imaginations of incredible proportions. so to speak.

  • Chucklesworth thinks outside the box…

  • sooner or later it had to happen – through DNA reasearch – somebody is born with your name, your looks and you good qualities.

  • I am no longer special

  • NastyDawg

    How UUU Doin???

  • Wait a minute..”Occupation: Ladykiller”? Is Buck now just another one of those lipstick lesbian bitches? Gaw.

  • You know, his tits aren’t THAT big. I mean, he’s only 18″ tall…

    Granted, that might mean on all fours…

    Ok, yeah, I’ve just creeped myself out.

  • Guys never care if she’s a dog, anyway, as long as her boobs are huge.

  • …must..look..away…before..I gouge… my own…eyes…out! Now that I think of it, that picture is just one of many heatshots I have seen for gals trying to make it in the biz in LA. (Nice Shallow Hal inspired valentine’s gift, Dooce.. thanks!)

  • steve

    Oh, hey, I just noticed you put your dog’s head on a girl’s body. That’s funny.

  • First Thought: What the HELL?
    Second Thought: What the FUCK made her think of that?
    Third Thought: Most brilliant social experiment ever.

  • ron

    pardon if this has been discussed or pisses anyone off. heather, would it be possible to maybe have a link to the comments so that they wouldn’t display automatically when the front page loads?? i know i can just not read them, but i think it’d be kind of nice with them not there by default.

  • EY

    Almost as scary as when that guy got implants on a dare.

  • I watched that show for some dumb reason and that chick annoys that SHIT out of me.

  • I knew the move to Utah would lead to something like this… but so soon?

  • Now how much did the vet charge for the procedure?

  • Dooce, any thoughts on housebreaking a puppy?

  • Huckleberry Hound

    I can’t take it anymore! The next sound you hear will be me dialing the SPCA, (or is that PETA?) Who the f knows. Will $20 get me a lap dog dance?

  • hey! how did you get a picture of my dog’s err… face? is this what she’s doing when she gets out thru the hole in the fence?

  • i wonder how chuck feels about this =\

    that show is so stupid ^_^…

  • Larry

    Mans best friend.

  • Katherine

    Is it hot in here or is it just Chuck?

  • question: am i a lucky, lucky person, since i have absolutely no lcue who this “Former Congressman Henry “Buck” Chucklesworth” is?

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