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The Hamilton Legacy

At 3:30 AM yesterday morning my brother, Ranger, and his wife, Kim, gave birth to a 7 lb baby boy, thus ending a run of procreation that had shamefully produced only two girls. My brother was, until yesterday morning, the last Hamilton male capable of…

April 4, 2003


The Streets: Original Pirate Material


Media drops the “Boom!”


Who knew that trying to make babies could be so fun?

Feeling Guilty

For knowing that both the twin nephews had poopy diapers and waiting two hours until my sister got home so that she could take care of it.

How to Annoy Me

Show that you are proud to be an American by dressing entirely in red and blue denim. We are so going to win this war.

How to Charm Me

Tell the 4-yr old girl you just met at the McDonald’s play area that you are going to play the son and she is going to play the Momma who whips your bottom.