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I Know That This Is Probably Not The Grossest Thing You’ve Ever Seen, But . . .

It should come pretty damn close.

This is what happens when there is no Spring and the dog loses his entire winter coat IN ONE DAY all over the kitchen floor.

You’re welcome to click on the image to see a larger version, but you might end up walking around with that visual in your head for a while, and that might be as horrifying as walking around barefoot in our kitchen.

  • I never walk in, through or around the kitchen.

  • That reminds me of when I cut my own hair in the bathroom.

  • You could make some crazy Guatemalan-style knitted hat with that – really!

  • I need some context for this one.

  • Sort of reminds me of the time years ago when I brushed our Siamese cat with one of those metal dog brushes. I ended up with this wad of gray hair bigger than my fist. When I showed the hairball to the cat she grabbed it and started licking it, so I took it away from her.

  • I swear I’ve seen that at a modern art gallery.

  • you should enter it in an art contest.

  • Okay, ew.

  • PJ

    I think, if I squint, I see bird eggs in there.

  • sheila

    First thought: Utahn tumbleweed.

  • Welcome to my world. I have a long-haired black cat. Now imagine my sheets. Ew.

  • looks like my old teacher’s hair when her wig fell off

  • Kyle

    what’s your kitchen floor made out of?

  • Replace the blonde with black and that’s my parent’s dining room after a kitty fight. Brushing Chuck daily during his peak shedding times might help keep some of it off your floor. Rather time consuming, though.

  • Horrifying! I bet you could sell it on ebay though!

  • Before I cut my hair two weeks ago, I might have seen that on my own floor. The difference being that I would have had to look at it in horror and think, “I did that.”

  • I think that’s a big part of why I’ve never gotten a dog. I like them okay, but you really have to be a “dog-person” to put up with the hair, and the smells, and the taking them outside to do their business and out for walks. If you love dogs then I’m sure it’s all worth it though..maybe one day.

  • chelsea

    the reason why i wont permit my dogs inside.

  • Mmmm.


  • Wimbledon Wannabee

    Some people are born with hairy floors. Others have hairy floors thrust upon them…… But dogs & cats spend a lifetime striving for it! 🙂

    BTW… Dooce, I only discovered your blog very recently. Already, I am an ardent admirer. I totally agree with Melissa’s statement: “I am in awe of your ability to tell a story and turn a phrase, and at the same time left feeling entirely inadequate by your wit. Amazing.” ….. DITTO!

  • okay that’s just gross. that is exactly why i have to love dogs from a distance.

  • kath

    Gee, I don’t know how that could horrify anyone who has ever lived with a cat or dog. I used to pull much more than that out of my dog every time I brushed her. I know people who spin dog hair and knit with it.

    That said, when I opened the large pic, I got a really big chill up and down my arms. What’s that all about?

  • Spinning dog hair? Yuck. Reminds me of a Spongebob ep where SB knits Squidward a sweater made of eyelashes for homemade gift exchange day at work. I laugh and laugh every time I see that one. Oh, puhlease!

  • Pat

    people ask me all the time why i hate dogs and cats. i love dogs and cats deep fried,stir fried, bbqd,its all good

  • Your dog sheds straw.

  • lucky penny

    I used to, ugh,‘see’ this married redhead, and every couple of months—-being the fastidious SOB that I am—-I’d provide a good clip job of her southern border.
    Your picture provided disturbingly vivid reverie of this very practice: thanks.

  • i have 3 cats and 1 beagle and the dust mop has become my best friend over the years. *nods* i feel your pain. 🙂

  • Mark

    We measure the dirtiness of the house in “cat equivalents.” It is time to clean (far past!) when there is the equivalent in fur of one cat on the stairs.

  • God, that reminds me of my cat. I’ve been told I should actually vacume the cat to get the extra fur off. Hmm….

  • caroline

    oh…you’ve taken the pic down! I came back for a second look.

  • vibegrrl

    Where is it?!!? I wanna see!!!

  • No, it’s amazing that you have found it interesting enough to blog about it. lol

  • kojotovski

    Christine… What can I say? I simply adore you.

  • Julie

    Hint: If you want a dog, poodles do not shed..

    Also, where the heck is the pic?

    /me wants to see…

  • Wimbledon Wannabee

    Dooce, there should be no mystery as to why the gruesome dog hair generated such abundant response. Not only “is a picture worth a thousand words” it also ELICITS a thousand words!

    BTW…Anyone who knits ANYTHING out of doghair (or eyebrows, mustache hair, etc., etc.) has WAY too much free time on their hands.

  • Ivy

    What the hell are we looking at?

  • Ivy

    By that question I meant, I ain’t got not picture to refer my disgust to.

  • mike.c.

    remember… it’s all about the love.

  • Yesterday my cat Thomas had a THIRD of his coat removed during a three-minute brush session. The backyard was a SWIRL of white fur clumps, much to the awe of my three other cats, who both feared and admired my grooming abilities. Daisy the dog was NONE too thrilled when the wind shifted the fur dustbunnies in her direction, plastering her BLACK coat with Thomas’s white furry leavings. :o)

  • its all good…

  • jen

    It could be worse…it could be a hairball from your cat

  • *Now* it makes sense. (about the comment becoming the post) I just didn’t understand why you would be amazed that we would be commenting on the dog hair. You know your readers better than that! 😉

  • r3

    If you think that hair-ball is bad, try living with a black lab (little black needles over everything) and 2 collies….and a cat to boot.–r3

  • Boomer

    You haven’t seen anything until you’ve lived with a part huskie. No animal sheds like a huskie in the spring. That pic up there is just a little dust bunny! 😀

  • The question remains: what does the dog think of this?

  • We have two dogs…imagine that.

  • Kristine

    Actually, the grossest thing I’ve ever seen related to dogs is the regurgitated lamb’s lung that my mom’s dog, Sally, puked in my car on the way home from Half Moon Bay today. I guess since she’d never seen the ocean before she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to drink THE ENTIRE THING. Sigh.

  • pretty_paranoia

    i find that on my floor everyday and i dont own a pet.

    i cant touch my head without getting multiple strand coming out.

  • maryduan

    I can almost smell the odor of Fritos wafting from the pile of hair.

  • Whoa…how BIG is this thing?! I can’t tell. Maybe I don’t want to know…

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