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I Know That This Is Probably Not The Grossest Thing You’ve Ever Seen, But . . .

It should come pretty damn close.

This is what happens when there is no Spring and the dog loses his entire winter coat IN ONE DAY all over the kitchen floor.

You’re welcome to click on the image to see a larger version, but you might end up walking around with that visual in your head for a while, and that might be as horrifying as walking around barefoot in our kitchen.

  • ya know, how come my shower looks like that every time a woman uses it to wash her hair?

    i don’t know if that says anything about women in general or just the women i date.

  • robley

    i live in florida, and since i’m poor and lazy, i used to live in a place where the air conditioner only worked for two months during winter. as such, i would shave my dog every two months, and somehow he would still shed 84lbs. of hair all over the house. we made jackets out of it.

  • If you really want to make an statement, don’t just knit the dog hair into something like a hat or mittens. Make an artistic, Dada-esque statement rather than just a domestic, dodo-eque one: Knit it into a new dog.

  • P.S. That should have been dodo-eSque. Pardon me.

  • Oy! I’m thinking Deep conditoning!

  • Hey – I am back from the dead and ready to go – although that pic might have set me back another week…

  • dvl

    everyday i come home and scold my dog for having wild parties while i am at work (because there’s no way all the hair i find can come from just one dog in the same lifetime)

  • My rabbit’s been going through the same molting process for over three weeks now. Every time we touch him, so much hair flies off him it looks like he’s birthing baby bunnies and shooting them into the air. And now my cat is joining in the fun, too…

  • When my wife and I bought our townhouse we selected carpets, furniture, tile and countertop colours that all matched our dog. When we bought a second dog, we got one to match tones with the one that we had. So now we have two dogs, one fawn (tan) and one white and fawn.

    Nothing shows up on our lovely tan and white sofa or on a beige carpets. . .

    There’s lots of hair there to be sure, but you have to look _real_ close.

  • There once was a pile of dog hair / That looked as though it did not belong there / A picture was taken / And, Watson, if I’m not mistaken / The breed is not labeled “shorthair.”

  • Your Correctional Officer

    Someone has been drinking the bong water again.

  • Robin

    I’ve seen cats cough up the same thing.

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