Happy Birthday Peanut Butter!

Today is my darling husband’s thirty-something-something birthday. He has to work today, but if he didn’t I would make him bacon all day long and let him talk about new Mac applications without interruption. Then I would cut up bananas into little slices and sprinkle sugar on the top, because that’s what his mother used to do to get him to eat bananas, and his mother is a very wise woman.

Jon’s older sister recently found my website and sent me this in an email (I thought it was appropriate to reprint here given today’s significance):

– – – – –

SUBJECT: Untold Stories – Family Insider!

MESSAGE: As Heather’s sister-in-law, I thought I’d let everyone know that, while late, we did fulfill at least several of Heather’s B-Day requests. These included a meal that didn’t revisit her all afternoon and a new purse! (Women need larger and larger purses.) While family members may not respond to these epistles, we do know some of the inside details.

For those of you who follow this twosome, I played with “Blurbo” while young. Memory: his favorite toy at 6 months was a ping-pong ball he spit out of his mouth on cue. (Most of you maybe horrified that he was allowed to play with anything smaller than an elbow. Kids raised in his generation by people in my generation were on their own.)

We danced with him daily. He loved Jimmie Hendrix, Buddy Miles, Ike and Tina, Cream, Yes, Black Sabbath, and the Beatles. While most “Moes” (mormons) were listening to AM canned radio in Utah in the 1960’s, Blurbo was listening to anything his older brother and sister could find that even appeared revolutionary. I can still see his little diapered butt, handmade diapers no less, handmade by loving mormon hands, move up and down while holding onto a chair. Insights? Freudian insights, perhaps.

Okay Heather—-I’m outting you! Readers, demand the real story of “Heather’s Wedding Dress” or “The Day I Bought My Wedding Dress in a Store I’d Never Visit While Living in Los Angeles.”

– – – – –

Since my birthday and Jon’s birthday fall in such close succession, we get to celebrate Christmas in July with lots of presents and bacon. This year I’m getting Jon a ping-pong ball so that he can practice that trick and perform it the next time we have dinner at my mom’s house. They thought he was cute already, WAIT until they see the ping-pong ball!

I love you, Jon. You’re a keeper.