Hell Yes, She’s Worth It

First, there is the smiling. My God, the smiling!

And then there is the smooshing. She’s totally smooshable. There is much smooshness.

Not to mention the fact that she likes TiVo. She is the most remote savvy baby in North America.

Plus, she has feet. Things with feet are cool.

Oh, and she has hands, too. She starts piano lessons next week.

And then there are really generous internet people with really pretty penmanship. I love the internet.

Did I tell you about the part where she’ll sit in the swing without crying so that mama can go to the bathroom?

Oh, and the dog hasn’t eaten her yet.

In case I wasn’t clear the first time: OH. MY. GOD. SHE TOTALLY SMILES! I do believe you are here witnessing the reinvention of the smile.