the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Requisite Weekly Dosage of Letaness

Rare photographic evidence that both babies have at one time slept simultaneously:

Chuck making sure that no harm befalls his yummy pink treat:

Requisite weekly dosage of The Frog Feet:

Moments after this photo was taken I dipped her right thigh in barbecue sauce and swallowed it whole:

One of the abundant pieces of photographic evidence that the Armstrong genes have the Hamilton genes TOTALLY BEAT:

As part of our ongoing effort to childproof the house, we bathe Leta next to the Hoffritz kitchen knives.

Requisite weekly dosage of SMOOSHNESS!

Chuck perched outside our house in front of the blooming plum tree, waiting for someone, ANYONE, to give him a treat:

Another one of those damn smiles I keep talking about. I would give this kid anything:

Heather B. Armstrong

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