Remembering the Smiles

I think I can say with some degree of certainty that you people are awesome. Thank you for your email, thank you for your encouragement, your stories, your willingness to reach out to me. You helped me.

I really want to give the internet a hug right now, or at least pat it on the bottom and pinch its cheeks.

You’re probably so sick of seeing photos of my kid by now, like, doesn’t she have anything else to do? And the answer to that is, no. No I don’t.

I took this photo thinking that I could capture the special connection between a mother and her newborn daughter, and the fact that she is reaching for the goods pretty much sums that right up:

Here is the Demon Frog Frown brought on by the immunizations she endured just hours earlier. This is a kid you don’t want to meet in a dark alley:

This is a closeup of her eyelashes while she is making the Demon Frog Frown. Jon says she has my eyelashes, but he forgets that the Armstrong DNA has a monopoly on all the real estate above her mouth.

Here is Leta daydreaming most likely about her next poop.

Being precious is hard, and you see here that she has resolved herself to the fact that someone’s gotta do it.

Here we’re playing peek-a-boo as we change the sheets on our bed for what seems like the hundredth time in two weeks. Strange how we can send vehicles to Mars, but we can’t make a diaper THAT DOESN’T LEAK.

Behold The Thighs:

In our house we call these the grumples, otherwise known as Leta hitting the wall:

Here are my two favorite people in the world getting ready for bathtime. I am not at liberty to discuss whose butt she inherited:

A small part of me hopes she never grows any more hair than this as fiitting her entire head in my mouth would become more diffucult:

This week we taught Leta how to brush her hair and teeth. She has the two a little confused, but come on! She’s only 10 weeks old! There’s room for improvement.