Benevolent Dictator

Here is DJ Frog chillin in the Graco Swing Her and Leave Her:

Leta told me that she wants to be a writer, and I told her that it was cool with me, as long as she didn’t practice on the walls or on her own body:

Here is the ONE photo where if you turn it upside-down and fold it over and then look at it with your eyes closed, she kinda sorta looks like me, but not really:

Here are the cutest shoes in the entire world and proof that at least once while under my watch Leta was not sockless.

Yesterday morning Leta woke up with a severe case of binky face, and we were worried we might have to have the indentations surgically removed.

Here our little political activist is wearing a t-shirt from her Pseudo Internet Godparents in San Francisco. In the upcoming year Leta plans to lobby for equal rights for inconsolable screamers everywhere.