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  • beachgal

    How adorable!! Your photography skills are amazing! I really love the new site and all the added features. Are you still going to post love/hate mail like you had mentioned? That would be cool.

    Glad to see you are doing better and that your family is again thriving.

  • She is just so delicious! I’m really enjoying these daily photos, it’s a great addition to an already fabulous site.

  • Hi Leta–You are pretty but more importantly, you look tough. And determined. That’s how all babies should be. Stand your ground, girl!

  • Kay

    Wow, look at those eyes! Look at those cheeks!

  • Look at that cutie!!

  • Chelleann

    Irony is that the google ads on your page frequently come up for the highly esteemed Church of Latter Day Saints. I hope those ole mormons in Utah give you some heavenly credit if it was your link that brought someone to the fold.
    Just had to point that out.

  • I just want to nibble on those cheeks. You know she’s hording nuts for the winter in there…what a doll!

  • Deb Jo

    If Leta speaks in divs and spans, maybe she has an opinion to form regarding the election year – but then she probably doesn’t have any use for a GMail account yet.

  • Your daughter is so adorable!
    What a beautiful photo!

    Just a note to let you know that your new site looks amazing. I am frequent reader so I also wanted to tell you that I’m so glad to you are feeling better!



  • ksea

    Welcome home. 🙂 Love the pictures of Leta and the two little boys; she looks like one patient baby. Also, she is fantastic in her waffle-weave top.

  • eco2geek

    (Sorry to be a geek, but I *know* there’s a _way_ to get formatting into these comments. Textile?)

  • eco2geek

    __Dooce__ gave me something to think about while sitting in the dentist’s chair today. Thinking of your stories was **much** more fun than thinking about what was going on in my mouth.

  • Christen

    She’s beautiful! Great photo!

  • zchamu

    Cheeks!!! Edible cheeks!!!

  • So, when are you gonna let me borrow her?

  • You have a lovely daughter. I remember when my kids were that age. It seems to go by fast. Of course they are only 10 and 5 but it went by fast hehe.

  • haley

    i want to eat her. and smoosh her cheeks.

  • those cheeks. THOSE CHEEKS! adorrrrable. [that was supposed to be a purr, i think.]

  • Those cheeks are definitely irresistable!

  • andrea and laura need to adjust the contrast on their monitors. heh.

    also, if you haven’t already, you should put one of those amazon referral links to the camera you have. so many people like your camera, maybe they will click through from here to buy it.

  • those cheeks! that wrist!

  • Love the picture. Leta was either concentrating on something she sees, or was trying to poop. Either way, she looks absolutely adorable.

  • Ashley

    Is that a Better Than Ezra reference?!? Anyways – love the new design and features. And yet another beautiful photo of Leta.

  • sab

    ok I LOVE this kid!!!!!!!! she is sooooo damn cute, I want to pinch her cheeks.

  • Guy Alde

    cool updates to the site….. just saw the RSS feed and hooked up to it. .. but it kind of takes the anticcciiipppation out of checking the site for updates 🙂

  • Molly

    Wow! I could eat her up. What a doll. Thanks for sharing!

  • I think she is the cutest baby I have ever seen…

    I am really loving the daily photo and the new site design – awesome!!

  • laura

    Your camera thinks Leta is an alien. Look at those eyes!!! *lol*

  • Aaron

    I seeth with jealousy everytime I see this site and am filled with desire – the camera, oh, the camera. Oh, and the baby’s adorable too.

  • Em

    She is so delicious!!!!!!!!!! Just wanna eat her up!

  • Mir

    Lovely Leta, Meter Maid!

    (Yeah, I know that’s not right. But it popped into my head when I saw her picture.)

    She is scrumptious!

  • Christine

    Oh! She just couldn’t be any cuter. Her cheeks are incredibly squishable, I can almost feel them. She is so beautiful.

  • debs

    it’s amazing how much she looks like the daddy. maybe she got your toes though?

  • She looks so intelligent. Obviously she is the smartest baby in the world. You guys better watch out…her blog will be up soon.

  • Beautiful.

    The new site is great, I am having fun finding things I haven’t seen forever.

    Glad you are doing a bit better Armstrongs, we can feel your clever vibes out here!

    All my best.

  • sherri

    What a beautiful baby you are very lucky!

  • Leta is so, so lovely. Good for you & Jon on making such an awesome baby.

    And on your recommendation, I found the Cowbell video clip and laughed my ass off.

    I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell.

  • I’m such a big fan of all things blurbodooceous, and this photo is just too precious. What a cutie!

  • Amie

    Shriek! She’s an angel straight from heaven!

  • Iraida

    The page looks great!

  • Brooke

    If I ever spawn demon-young of my own, I want them all to be like her.

  • My husband is constantly drooling over your camera. The picture of the humming bird nearly drove him over the edge. Your baby is soo cute!

  • My God – could that child BE any more beautiful!??!

  • Cathy

    She looks like she is contemplating something very serious.

    And her cheeks are ADORABLE.

  • I am so glad you named her Leta, she does not look like a Fawnzelle.

  • i am loving the daily photos! Loving the redesign! Dooce AND DJ Blurb rock, as always. And Leta is a princess of beauty and charm. Chuck is a congressman who will DEFINITELY be re-elected when the time comes.

  • Aw. Yummy Leta. Baby cheeks = delish sweet nutrition.

  • I can see why you suck on those cute little cheeks. She is beautiful.

  • Oh my … you’ve captured an angel there, dear Dooce. She’s just gorgeous. Stunning.

  • She’s a doll baby!

    Very precious. I am glad to hear you are feeling like you can make it. I know you can.

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