An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


  • Sarah

    It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it?

    Have a lovely day, Heather.

  • laura


  • what a beautiful dad. wow.

  • That is a gorgeous picture! You captured a feeling with it.

    You really are lucky.

  • mom2cora

    What a cool picture. It’s the simple things in life that makes you so blessed!

  • Yes, we are so blessed. You have a lovely front porch!! And I’m reminded again how much Leta looks like Jon – scary. I look forward to your photos everyday! But Chuck needs to be in every single one of them 😉

  • debbie

    lovely photo–jon looks very handsome! yes, be sure to smother them with smooches today.

  • achingly beautiful. I love how you framed it with leafy things.

  • Jeannen

    What a wonderful photo. Peaceful and poetic.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Indeed.

    P.S. I am actively coveting your fancy camera.

  • jeff

    Nice picture. I love the shots you take and the way you frame them.

  • What, no Chuck?? 🙂

    Happy Weekend in UT!

  • it’s not luck, dooce. it is the beautiful destiny you deserve for the hard work you put in to achieve this and the strength and ability to recognize it. it’s all in the moments, babe.

  • I agree with Stacey – you deserve every moment you have; we all do. Most of us just need to remember to slow down long enough to recognize them.

  • Torrie

    With so many great pictures how do you decide which ones to frame?

  • Mir

    As much as I love this picture, and the one from yesterday, I am now picturing you hiding in the bushes with your camera. Hee.

  • Gorgeous!

  • bee

    awww. darnitanyway.

    The. Cutest. Ever.

  • That is a lovely picture.

  • Christen

    What a beautiful family you have.

  • Zef

    I’m amazed.

    But come on, share the secret info about the lens 🙂 That has to be something like 2.8 L.

  • Lovely shot (as usual)!

    In my opinion, the daily photo feature is the very best part of your splendid redesign… You are a very talented photographer.

  • I’m with Grace, I love the daily photo. And this one is so lovely.

  • Sooooo beautiful.

    Beautiful photo, beautiful family.

    And I am sooooooooo happy that you are able to enjoy it all now more than ever. Still rooting for you. Your candor helps us all.


  • The photo’s perspective is fabulous. It looks like a professional photographer took the picture. (your camera is regular or digital?)I just got a digital and am just as hopeless with it as I was with my 35 mm;however, at least I know I’m hopeless right after I take the picture–immediate feedback versus a couple weeks later.

  • I love that picture! Even if the perspective is a little stalkerish. 😉 Can’t wait for tomorrow’s pic!

  • Beautiful. He reminds me of mix between Kevin Spacey and maybe John Cusack. Lucky lady you are. Enjoy your peace.

  • What a wonderful picture! You guys make me smile every time I visit either of your sites.

  • Melissa

    I swear to God, that camera captures the most beautiful moments!!! I need to get me one of those!!!

  • Colette

    I never quite understood your want to eat your daughter until seeing this photo.

  • Kristin

    I just started reading just before the redesign, and I was devoted, but now that my browser is letting me see the pictures I’m even more devoted.

  • Rachel

    What a fantastic photo. Have you ever considered freelancing as a photographer? I would certainly pay you. Your pictures are so moving and filled with emotion. I’m so glad that you are healing and wish you and your beautiful family all the best every day.

  • aibee

    with this one photo, you’ve captured what life is all about.

  • Ohmigawsh! You’re the PAPARAZZI!!!! Jon’s paparazzi!

  • Michelle

    Sweet but slightly stalker-ish!!!

  • You deserve it. Did he see you taking the photo? It looks like he didn’t.

  • patricia

    I swear to god, I have to stop reading this website or I’ll want t have a kid of my own. Mindblowing.

  • Kristen

    Wow. Wow. And wow again.

  • Great pic! You can totally tell that Leta is seconds away from gobbling her own feet.

  • amy

    Oh yeah.. incredible shots like this one are going to look fantastic in the compilation book that you are going to sell to publishers.. you ARE going to do it aren’t you??

  • Jo

    If that pictures doesn’t say 100,000 words, I don’t know poetry —

  • Wow – I love it… You take such lovely photos.

  • You ARE lucky.

    And so are they!

  • That photo fills me up and makes me ache all at the same time. How lucky you are to have such a beautiful family and how luck we all are to be here.

  • ari

    Wonderful Pic….but is it just me or Dooce has been hidding out in that tree/bush for the last few days?

  • That, is just gorgeous.

  • Heather B.
    Yeah, Porcelian does totally show Jons look.
    You really nailed the feeling of the shot, Blessings, WOW, yes.

    Now about you building a photoblind in your front yard…
    First the Lookout, now Blessings

    last comment: you may assert more cowbell, I think its a diversion,
    “now with more poop” could also be the tag line.

    Love ya (see I can speak Utahian).

  • I seriously think Nikon should pay you in some way or another because I swear I am going to get that D70 one day. And this is coming from someone who swore she would only take pictures with a Canon. Your photos inspire me!

  • Loving the photos and the way the redesign lets you highlight little bits (like How To Charm Me) that didn’t get as much attention before. Contined best wishes to you and family.

  • Awesome photo. John looks like my ex in that photo–maybe because it seems like you’re spying on him through the bushes.

    This is my new favorite part of your site. 🙂

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