An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

40 Weeks

  • Diana

    You looked mad, hehe. “Get this baby out of me, now!” 😉

  • um, how big is that light switch on your wall?

  • I don’t know really how the hell I came across this website. I just typed “Poop in my ass” and you were the first link that came us. Who knows quite what to say about that…..

    YEah, anyways I have a question. My girlfriend always says that being pregnant makes you poop constantly. And that, on rare, special occasions, on the operating table, a smellier, darker hue, bundle of joy comes into the world along with your baby.

    Is this true?? Can you answer my question.

  • susu

    Haha, what’s the monstrous switches for?! They’re like.. HUGE, huh.

  • Anonymous

    Gee, I wonder if the lightswitch could be close to the camera, giving the illusion of a larger size. Dur.

  • Your face says: “Get this baby out. NOW!”

    Love your website!

  • You look so young. In this picture. Like somebody swiped some little choirboy’s pretty head and stuck it on a pregnant woman’s shoulders.

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