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Chillin’ on the MUNI

  • The tongue is the best part.

  • She looks just like a little Rap Star (RapSter?)

    Whatever. She looks very cool. There’s a store in Vancouver called Hip Baby, and Leta could be its poster child.

  • kris

    She’s adorable. Is that a tiny “I heart SF” t-shirt? Awwww!

  • That’s one you’ll have to pull out when she brings her first boyfriend home.

  • Erin

    Yo, yo, yo, wassup? My name is Leta and I’m here to say I mack all over the SF Bay.

  • Mir

    Did you snap that before or after she said “Word to your MUTHA!”? 😉

  • kdub

    What I think is funny is that she’s wearing a 5 point safety harness and her stroller’s a MacLaren (for those of you who know F1 racing). Perhaps this is a sign of a future career…

  • hmm. leta = floppy, rappers = indolent. i can’t imagine what we compared babies to before there was rap.

  • her hands!! here I am, hoping you start her in piano lessons, like, TODAY.

  • It’s the Gangsta Giggle-Meister!

  • GEN

    My favourite part is her little ear sticking out of her hat!!

  • Jessica

    She looks like she’s high on something. Somethin’ good. 🙂

    Great pic.

  • Stephanie

    Oh yeah. I had the same reaction as someone above — that girl’s got some super long fingers. I’ve got ’em too, and we’ve named the middle ones “The Big Digits”. Start her on piano immediately!!!

  • She so looks like she’s diggin it. Why knew Leta was all that and groovy, too?

  • HG

    Too cute.

  • what about guitar? Her long fingers would be perfect, and then she can fufill her parents’ dreams for their child as a totally bad ass rocker!

  • My brother (4 right now) loves public transit too. Old enough to be out of the stroller now, he would always run to the nearest window seat and point and scream at random cars/buildings the whole trip.

  • Laurel


  • Interesting choice of Google ads to go with this shot:

    “Butterflies for funerals” and “September 11th”


    Great shot, btw. :o]

  • maryse

    you’re also the first result for mormon poop. but not mormon pooper.

    leta’s diggin’ the train because she got a seat.

  • She’s looking more like her Father each day… and the teeny baby jeans… makes me want to gobble her feet too!

  • well thats hot

    awww!!! too cute!

  • kEma

    I guess she’s saying:”Yeah, yeah you think i am drunk…that’s why you want me use public transport..Come on, MUM!I had just ONE bottle of apple juice..”

    She is smashing 🙂

  • Oh. My. God. I nearly passed out from laughter and sympathy at the Boone Butt story. I am 7 months preggers now, so I am all too familiar with the big C and the pooping at work fiascos. But, if mine develops half the personality Leta has, it’ll all be worth it.

  • aibee

    Am I the only one who thinks Leta looks more like her ma every day?

  • HA! Looks like Leta is giving the Internet a big rasberry! *pbthhpbthhpbthhh!*

  • Amy

    She is so cute I could shit myself. For you, of course.

    And Heather, in your honor, I had two over-ripe pears today with a strong pot of Starbucks espresso roast coffee.


  • Leta seems to be saying: “Who you lookin’ at?”

    She’d fit right in on an NYC subway

  • maclaren, huh?

    I’m experiencing upper-middle-class-semi-urban-consumer-parent-envy, and I hate myself for it.

    dr. dave (

  • You know, Heather, my husband is in SLC right now, and I keep thinking, “That’s where Heather lives! That’s where Heather & Leta & Jon live!”

    I keep trying to not be so groupe-ish about it, but there ya go. I guess I love so much more than I’ve led myself to believe.

    I have become – sigh – an unabashed fan of the poop/boob/fotherfucking mormon site.

    And people said I’d never amount to anything.

  • Alright Leta. Public transit rules although you may not know this unless you move away from the Western states. Keeps the fumes down, girl.

    Shiz: It’s very funny but we have to say to people that ‘we know this woman who bla bla bla’ when we are relating the many hilarious stories from here because people would just not understand.

  • nice stroller…and the babe’s not bad either 😉

  • midwifegoddessannie

    Any time you put a hat on Leta.. she mutates into a gangsta rapper.

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