An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


  • Nice crisp shot – I like how it’s not quite squared in the image frame… almost, but not quite.

  • It looks like it’s surrounded by brownies.

  • Andrea


  • Cathy

    The Old Navys in GA don’t look quite so regal. That sign makes it look like ye old shoppe or something like that.

    Great picture, as usual. You can make an Old Navy sign look cool. Brilliant!

  • is that market street, india? you know it’s only a matter of time when sales associate jobs at the gap, old navy, and banana republic will be outsourced. betcha.


  • Old Navy sure isn’t that nice looking up here either. That sign looks like it belongs on Newbury Street (Boston) or something. Nice shot.

  • shy

    i’d go nuts at any old navy store where ever i go. even though i have one just 7 minutes by car away from where we live.

    and it’s so not for me… it’s for my 7 1/2 month baby girl. i’m totally caved and gone shopping crazy for her new threads for this fall/winter.

  • That reminds me, I really need to go get Andre some more school clothes. Our Old Navy is about 45 minutes away.

  • George

    I’ll never shop at old navy because their commercials piss me off beyond belief.

  • kara

    are we REALLY spending our sunday morning talking about Old Navy? It’s the last day of the weekend, people–live it up!
    but i totally agree about the brownies…mmmm…brownies….

  • kdub

    Mmmmm…Newbury Street. Now that’s a place where I can do some damage.

  • I live just outside London now, and my mom is coming to visit from Louisville on Saturday. How much shit from Old Navy do you think she could smuggle for me on the plane? When we were home last I bought SO. MANY. SWEATERS.

  • outraged

    Down with Old Navy. Read this story here about this sweet girl who asked to go to the bathroom at a Old Navy store, but the mamager refused even though she had a card showing her debilitating medical condition. She ended up soiling herself on the spot. Read it and never shop at Old Navy.

  • outraged

    Okay, so I can’t do hyperlinks. Here is the URL for the story.

    Down with Old Navy!!!

  • Did you get to go shopping? In Utah? Are you allowed to have fun there?

  • qwerty

    Here’s a nice little slideshow w/ text narrative. Someone should add some peppy music to it an turn it into a flash animation. Just a thought.;s=1;w=320

  • acb

    Don’t you think maybe it was just THAT manager at THAT particular Old Navy that you should be mad at? If you’re going to hate the corporation, at least hate them because of child labor in third world countries or something.

  • Carla Beth

    I desperately needed to use the loo when I was shopping at a local Old Navy. The manager said NO. I remained in line at the checkout counter (on a busy Saturday) and had them return the $350 of sales merchandise I just bought (tons of stuff; my once-a-year shop-a-thon). That’s about all you can do anymore. My ‘retaliation’ hardly put a dent in their sales and they couldn’t have cared less. But at least I did SOMETHING.

    The corporate fuckers.

  • Toni

    Old Navy San Francisco. The only place in the world where you can get 12 pairs of sorbet colored cargo pants for 29¢ each. Did you get to Anthropologie (just across the street from Old Navy) while you where in San Francisco? Now THAT, my friend, is Mecca.

  • Molly

    I KNEW that there had to be a way to link Old Navy, Poop, and Dooce!

  • The closest Old Navy we have is an hour away. When I go, I go crazy. Their flip flops are just right, and sigh. I just love Old Navy.

  • cedar

    wait… they *are* brownies…

    oops. sorry. that’s *my* mecca…

  • outraged

    acb, you have a point about getting mad only at that Old Navy store and that particular manager. However, according to the article, it took these corporate goons TWO MONTHS go issue an apology. Has the manager gotten fired? Probably not. Still screw them.

  • I’ve boycotted Old Navy after the last round of obnoxious commercials. Although I didn’t love them, I could TOLERATE the retro Morgan Fairchild ads. But the new “feel good jeans” stuff where the girl starts blathering on and on about history…. I just can’t take it.

  • Gia on Guam

    I gotta say I like Old Navy. But the closest one is at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu (3000 miles and an $1200 plane ride away). The lavs are up escalator so no worries for poopers and non-poopers alike. Otherwise, I order online … and I don’t have to worry about a lav or anyone hearing noises originating from my bottom system.

  • That’s weird– I just shopped at old navy for the 2nd time in a week, the 2nd time since at least a year ago.
    I never thought about it before, but they don’t have public restrooms? That is pretty ridiculous.
    However, it won’t stop me. Cheap clothing people! Cheap clothing! I bought a five dollar tee shirt, got a survey that I took and got $5 off the next purchase (lets just say I desperately needed some pants, so I went again). Cheap, I say! Mecca indeed!
    By the way… I lurve brownies.

  • amanda lee

    hmmm. the old navys i’ve been to have public washrooms.
    plus, they probably figure if they let one person use the staff washrooms, where do they draw the line?
    i wouldn’t hold it against the company for not letting customers into the back. it’s policy in most companies to not let any old joe in the back, for safety reasons.

  • canada

    oh, the old navy stores UP here in Canada have public bathrooms…and they let us nurse our babies too! canada…

  • jen

    How can a shot of an Old Navy sign generate so many comments? You are truly loved by the people, Dooce.

  • Sarah

    All of the Old Navy’s in GA have public bathrooms which is excellent due to my microscopic bladder/explosive pooping problem I tend to have at times…

  • midwifegoddessannie

    I think they put that sign up crooked

  • employee

    Just feel the urge to jump in on behalf of the company. I work at Old Navy HQ and, for the most part, the non-public restroom issue is upheld at some locations for a variety of reasons: one, security concerns, and two, theft. Theft is a big liability for ON and keeping customers out of a restroom certainly helps to curtail the problem. I agree, though, that manager in particularly certainly should have been reprimanded, if not put on some sort of probation. Pretty embarassing for the company due to one moron’s thoughtlessness.

  • kim

    i absolutely *luv* old navy. i just pee before i go there. although sometimes i feel the urge have to pee because i’m so happy to be there. the closest one is one ocean away. but when i’m over there, i spent half my vacation at old navy.. and why don’t they ship to germany? *employee* – that’s something to work on!!

  • melanie

    um, if i had to go to the bathroom, i believe i’d say, “bump you, i’m going to the bathroom,” before i’d stand behind a register & wet myself. come on. the manager is clearly a bitch, but who ASKS to go potty?

  • Ahhh yes, I spent an hour there myself yesterday… Good Times!

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