An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation


  • This is the thing I marvel at–that you have such stamina! No matter what happens the internet is not far away. I get so weary…how do you blog when things get sucky?

  • Back in the day, I can remember taking over the library terminals for searching up books and accessing telnet to check email. And then telling the people behind me that were waiting to search for a book to check out that I was just having a hard time find a book that wasnt checked out and they’d have to wait a bit longer. Talk about addict. I’d like to think I’ve gotten better. Or maybe I’m just more senile now.

    And is that a Timex watch?

  • Sue also from Ohio

    What is your height? And, for the love of all that is holy, please have more children! I bounced back like you after my first but since I had #3 14 months ago, my caboose is twice the size it was before…hehehee

    PS..I love the bag, too!

  • i love this…i too have moments of withdrawal when i travel. i have yet to go to the mac store…but will make a mental note for the next time i am in need.

    it is nice though to come home and have days of good posts saved up to read and enjoy.

  • spoonleg

    I think that’s a pretty hot cardigan draped over the back of Leta’s stroller. Let’s see John modeling it!

  • daaaayum girl! you are so skinny. i mean that in a wow way. new baby + skinny momma = super powers. (speaking as a non-mommy myself)

    VERY cute. little dooce. loving the net. *sigh*

  • I want a mac laptop, but a friend said they don’t hold up very well- is that true? They look sooooo impressive- I WANT ONE!! but for the price I want it to last- FOR-EV-ERRRRR….

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