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Second Cousins

  • Tree

    Ken Jennings in my trivia hero!

  • George

    EVERYONE SAYS I LOOK LIKE JACK OSBOURNE! I have a beard again, the only reason I shaved is because my brother made me for his wedding (lame). Ass face is gone, we gave him away because he was scratching my speakers like the little bastard he was.

  • I think Pinko must have had heaps of high-quality-but-probably-illegal drugs in order to find labour and tearing ‘wonderful’. Here in Holland you have do it without drugs, consequently I don’t remember anything from going into labour until about a week afterwards due to the tusami-wave of endorphins that flooded my body.

    But I know it was bad because; a)the midwife wouldn’t tell me how many stitches there were and b) it took me seven months too! So glad to meet another seven-monther 😉

  • Hi there, I i love your site. I was so excited to see your pictures that I bought a Nikon D70 too. Sorry to copy! LOL, the camera is awesome. I just got it last night. I have a question for you if y ou would be so kind as to help me :O) How do you resize a photo in the software program that came with it? Mine are huge, Any help of your expertise would be so appreciated! I am an avid fan of your site and photographs. Thanks so much.

  • Several quick points here:

    When I first noticed the picture, I neglected to notice the Wolverine Effect on the right side. I had to go back, and when I did, I wasn’t disappointed.

    Second-Jeopardy geeks unite! I love love LOVE me some Jeopardy (except for when it’s Kid’s Week or the Teen Tournament and my husband (who looks just like Hermie from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) thinks he can play too).

    Toofies!!! Let’s see some pics of the toofies!!!

    Okay…I’m off to go have my kid now. 🙂

  • trudie

    hey, i think i saw some fibre in that previous photo of leta. maybe she stole all your fibre and is disguising it with all that damn cuteness.

  • I am completely thrilled with the whole address thing. Does that make me a scary stalker? I’m not, just a dorky card sender.

    and jon is not only a Jeopardy wizard, but hilarious as well. I’m snorting over his Wolverine comment.

  • chickenHead at 39.5 weeks

    Great picture, as always.

    Unless I’m mistaken–which is always possible–I believe your nephew and your cousin are actually first cousins once removed, not second cousins. “Removed” means George and Noah are in different generations as measured from their common ancestor.

    Second cousins are of the same generation. For example, Leta and George’s children would be second cousins.

    I’m going to go puke up a baby now.

  • HazelEyedPisces

    My hubby’s a Jeopardy geek too. I refuse to watch it with him, because all I can do is sit and stare at him incredulously, looking like a mouth-breather.
    We definitely need toofie pics. Yea, Leta!

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