Email: But can you wire a dishwasher?

From: Andy
Subject: Jeopardy genius?

Chechnya and Chet Baker? No doubt your husband is an intellectual bruiser, but these are hardly Mensa-level topics. I knew them and I’m STATE COLLEGE educated.



Dooce Note: Let us all bow before Andy, Oh STATE COLLEGE Educated Popper of My Little Bubble. I am PRIVATE COLLEGE educated and I didn’t know Chechnya or Chet Baker. How stupid doth this maketh me? I rarely know two questions on a whole episode of “Jeopardy!” (Andy forgot to add the quotes and the exclamation point in his subject line, must be that STATE COLLEGE education of his.) Yet my husband, while drunk I MIGHT ADD, will get at least a third to a HALF of the questions right, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE WE WATCH. I might also add that he started out at a STATE COLLEGE, so don’t go pointing your STATE COLLEGE educated fingers just yet, Bubble Popper.

While my STATE COLLEGE educated then transferred to a PRIVATE COLLEGE educated Husband has been exposed for the intellectual fraud that he is, I just need to point out that he can wire the electricity for at least three different kitchen appliances and the lights in the ceiling from which you can turn on and off from THREE DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE ROOM. He can also play the piano like someone who graduated from a PRIVATE COLLEGE on a piano scholarship. He may not be Mensa material, but he is the best kisser on the planet and can cook Thai food from scratch. And you should see him with a weed whacker.

So I guess part of My Little Bubble is still in tact, unless those really aren’t Jon’s hands playing the piano.