An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

The view out the honeymoon suite

  • fishtail

    The Utah tourism board should totally be paying yall! I can’t say I’ve ever really thought about visiting before, but your pics are so beautiful. Thanks for the daily photo feature – love it!

  • Melissa

    Beautiful!! This is why I love fall.

  • Ty

    Beautiful! I miss real fall leaves!! We don’t have many trees that change colors in the fall in Texas!

  • LadyBug

    Wow, what a nice place for…you know, reconvening procedures and such.

  • beachgal

    Another beautiful picture. I’m still so jealous of your talent, both writing and photography, not to mention your wonderful husband. Mine’s not so bad, but he’s no Jon, that’s for sure.

    And your newsletter yesterday about had me crying. I totally relate to the teething issue. My little angel turned demon when he started teething, and now that he’s got eight teeth, he’s finally getting a little back to normal. Hang in there with it, Dooce.

    Lots of love, from Myrtle Beach.

  • It looks amazing there – I hope the fabulous scenery wasn’t TOO much of a distraction 😉

  • oooooooh….
    that’s pretty.

  • sab

    ahhh Fall….

  • Will you stay with me, will you be my love
    Among the fields of barley?
    We’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky
    As we lie in fields of gold

    Obviously he knows about the procedure too.

  • Angela

    Beautiful! Your pictures are wonderful. You are very talented.

  • wow. that looks gorgeous. i’m jealous. the leaves on the trees are still green here in boston. they probably won’t change either. they will just fall off their branches and die on the ground. stupid city trees.

  • That is some purty right there.

  • Andrea

    Friggin’ gorgeous.

  • Makes me want to take a break from snacking on cheeks and jump in the picture!

  • Joe

    Wow… that’s beautiful.

    It was probably a mistake to look at this picture while I’m listening to a boring lecture in a windowless room. Now all I want to do is run out of the room screaming “I must go to nature!!!”

  • I can’t wait to see what your camera does for that stretch of Utah along I-70. I remember that being the most gorgeous part of my cross-country drive out to L.A. Especially during thunderstorms.

  • Liz

    I may have to go to Utah.

    Oh, something made me think of you. Actually the Mormons made me think of you, but…you know. I attend OU (the University of Oklahoma as opposed to anything else it could be) and my roommate and I were driving around campus and I spotted boys in suits. So, immediately my window is down in preparation to yell something that could possibly win a heart while I’m saying to my roommate “Boys in suits! Boys in suits!”

    “Mormons, Liz. Mormons.”

  • red

    mmmmmmmm fall. pretty.

  • tangoali

    I still see fire and destruction. I truly am a morbid creature.

  • jen

    wow – it makes me sad that i live in houston

  • Ohhhh, Very Romantical, I could Totally ‘Reconvene’ There 🙂

  • jennifer

    now if that doesn’t inspire reconvening the procedure, i don’t what.

  • heather

    yes i do love park city. did u get any pics of the artist moose?

  • So beautiful. It’s a pity you didn’t see more of the view, what with all of the “sleeping” you did. 🙂

  • The Daily Photo is such a great idea and yesterday’s and today’s picture are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Dooce.

    Also, Leta is growing up to be quite a cutie. She’s got bright, sparkling eyes. And..uh..sorry about the teeth.

  • HazelEyedPisces

    Definitely worth a thousand words. I so enjoy the Daily Photo.
    And, Leta is absolutely scrumptious. My children both did the “cluster teething” thing. If you’re looking for a good spin to put on it, it’s efficient! Two birds with one stone and all that…

  • Being a Navy brat I had no idea the Midwest was SO. FRIGGIN. BEAUTIFUL. Wait, is Utah the Midwest? Shall I go crawl under a rock now? MOUNTAINS BABY. These are stunning.

  • Danika

    Beautiful. Reminds me of the mountains in Alberta/British Columbia. Such amazing views.

    At least Leta is 8 months old when getting her first teeth. My niece is just over two months and it looks like she is ALREADY getting a tooth!

  • Leta has been cute since she graced the earth with her presence, and I look forward to and so enjoy the monthly updates. And as someone who’s been to Utah for four summers in a row, it’s truly one of the most beautiful places in America. I recommend everyone take a nice trip!

  • margaret

    I like this website, but the naked worshipful adoration from your groupies kind of scares me sometimes

  • Looks dreamy!

  • Makes me want to knit a wool sweater; Of course it wouldn’t fit, would be poorly constructed and certainly wouldn’t be done till this time next year (if at all). Or, curl up in front of a roaring fire and commence some procedural work.

  • Sue from Ohio

    Autumn is wonderful! The trees here in Ohio are starting their yearly change. We aren’t quite as far in my neck o’ the woods as Utah but we’re getting there…great pictures.

    Also, Leta and the kids all got/still getting theirs like that and I’m glad because it was a shorter ‘crab’ fest around here than if they would have come in one by one. Good Luck!

  • DG

    “Jon and I spent the next five minutes picking pine needles out of my panties.”

    Mmm. Alliteration.

    Ps. ARF! 🙂

  • ella’s ma

    My daughter “teethed” for 6 months before those things came in. Right now we’re working on molars. Holy crap, I never knew how painful it could be for both of us. She gets baby tylenol for the toothaches, I get mama sized Motrin for the whine-induced headaches.

  • More naked worshipful adoration from your groupies:

    DOOCE! I just love your ‘new’ site and the pictures (My God! The Pictures!!) and the stories (MY GOD! The way you tell stories!) and even the comments from your other worshipful adoring groupies! (even if some of us are wearing clothes and aren’t all that naked at the moment)

  • if it weren’t for that whole “weather” thing i would be tempted to trade in the beach for the mountains again.

  • Lovely picture. It’s so evocative, I can almost feel the pine needles in my ass!


    dr. dave (

  • If I weren’t sitting here with a boobie hanging out and a baby in my lap…i’d jump up and say “woo hoo! fall!”

  • zebob

    Check out the bling bling of that phat foliage. Shout out from the Bay State to my leaf-peeps in the Beehive (?) State!

  • Perfect place to “reconvene the procedure”

  • ranae

    i enjoyed your peeing in the woods story. once i was fishing with my parents and my dad had to poop and we were in the middle of the lake so he hangs his butt over the side of the boat and poops and out of nowhere 3 old ladies in a boat drive right by his naked, hairy, pooping butt. on another fishing adventure my mom had to poop and so my dad drove the boat up to a small island where there were obviously no people. she goes to a wooded area and is squatting – in mid poop really when she notices these little glistening pellets – she knows it is moose poop but why is it so glisteny? the answer to her question would be because the huge bull mooose standing 3 feet in front of her just left those glistening pellets.

  • Mir

    Wow, that is such a gorgeous landscape. And now thanks to your entry I can almost picture you ‘way up in the corner there, peeing furtively. This is not an image I WANT to have, but now I can’t make it go away. Gah.

  • Lori D

    INTERPOL! And green, smokey wood. Great stories. I’ve got three embarassing pee stories, but I’ll spare everyone. So happy that you had a great weekend. With Interpol!

  • Logan stayed here! I told you he went to Park City and Moab for a photo shoot and this is the place he stayed in Park City.

    He had the hot tub/fireplace room….all. to. himself. Nice.

    But, he did not flash a young child his arse and he also did not fill his room with smoke.

  • Beautiful. I’m surprised you stopped to admire the view in between napping and reconvening the procedure though.

    (I am getting in trouble for repeatedly asking the boy if we can procedure anytime soon)

  • Wowee cazowee! Hope you enjoyed every minute.

  • Screw the pine needles. How did you not pee all over your self? Have you ever used baby wipes after taking a poop? They are heaven.

  • anna

    Funny stories about poop, okay.

    Earnest, serious poop advice? No thank you!

  • Hilarious. Naked, Worshipful, Naked and Worshipful and laughing OUT LOUD at my very quiet desk at work.

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