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Post Sake

  • Mhmm chopsticks. Looks like you two had a nice dinner. 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    It’s like the “fly on the wall” took the picture… Very cool effect.

  • I can almost hear the witty, sophisticated, conversation and the clicking of chop-sticks against china. Oh, wait… now I hear a belch!

  • Kat


  • I like the angle. Looks like the camera shrank a lot.

  • Yet another gorgeous shot by the uber-talented Dooce. Incredible use of color and composition with the chopsticks.

  • Liz

    I like the forks.

  • Dre

    Ready to chow!

  • I have officially started saving for a Nikon D70. By the time I have enough saved there will probably be a newer model out so maybe this one will be a smidge cheaper. Was going from your other camera to this one hard? I guess my question is – is the D70 over featured?

  • Ty

    I’ve got a question too! I just got a D70–love it–but how do you carry it everywhere you go??? You seem to have it at all times! Maybe I am just not used to big cameras anymore. I can’t get used to carrying something so big all the time…plus I am terrified I will drop it or something! What do you do????

  • the D70 is so easy to use. plus, i carry a gigantic diaper bag around with me wherever I go. the D70 is tiny in comparison.

  • fork’s-eye view!

  • RJ Hamden

    do you find the need to white balance the camera or do you shoot auto?

  • kim

    c’mon, you took that by accident when you were reaching for your glass..

  • Kano

    I just want to know what kind of drugs you are all on and how do they affect your chilren?

  • “If you don’t put that camera down, I’m gonna jam these chopsticks….”

  • I can relate to the giant diaper bag problem.

    If you need me, I’ll be at the chiropractor.

  • That is a cool picture. It looks like an add for something.

  • Oops, I meant ad.

  • “post sake” …from the angle I’m wondering if your head was laying on the table? how much sake did you consume?? …lol… I like the color here.
    & your picture of the scenery a few shots ago made me miss living in SD (in the black hills) very, very much.

    …of course, then I recalled that there was nothing there except lovely scenery and I got over it… 🙂

  • It looks kind of like your husband is conducting a symphony of forks, plates, cups and soy sauce bottles.

  • beachgal

    Daniel that is hilarious. It DOES look like he’s conducting.

    Great shot yet again Dooce. I really love your stuff.

  • Ty

    Ahh, didn’t think about he diaper bag! Well, I guess I will just have to get a bigger purse! (No babies, yet.) I am going to San Francisco Thursday, so I will have to figure it out quickly! I think my camera will be stuck to my eyeball all weekend! 😉

  • sake and sushi and sweetie…oh my!

  • Elegant Goose

    I don’t know how anyone could live where there aren’t good ethnic restaurants. I just don’t dig American food as much as Japanese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, and Ethiopian. (Yes, they DO have food… in case anyone was thinking of making the most obvious of jokes.) The variety of spices used in those cultures make the food so much more interesting!

    +RIP Superman (Christopher Reeve 1952-2004)

  • Elegant Goose

    Before anyone goes all red, white, & blue on me… I’m not saying there isn’t any good American food… I’m just not a hot dog & hamburger kinda gal. Cajun is American & is fantastic…

  • robin

    Why were there forks on the table?

  • Ty

    Dooce, just one more question…does it ever bother you that the D70 doesn’t give you the ability to shoot through the monitor? That you always have to use the viewfinder? I think I have gotten way too used to the monitor on digital cameras. It’s so handy if you want to take a picture from an angle or height your head can’t get to. Am I just missing something? Bugs me that there’s no black and white settin, too. If I use my regular 35mm SLR I can go buy black and white film, so why can’t my D70 have setting for black and white?? Just wanting an opinion from someone who has had their D70 for a while longer than I have.

  • The forks are funny.

  • RJ Hampden

    the way color c.c.d.s read light is different from the way black and white is read. I’m far from the expert, but i remember finding something to that effect online. i think they were saying that we’re a few years from having a decent color and monochrome digital.

  • just get photoshop, then you can change the picture to b/w “greyscale”.

  • The chopsticks are being held in self defense as Jon realizes he forgot the garbage bag.

  • ksea

    Yeah, in Seattle we’re definitely wash and wear.

  • Cutlery at a sushi bar? Oi vey!

  • Ty

    Yeah, I have photoshop…I think I just got spoiled by the instant black and white view…I mean even on my 35mm with black and white film, the viewfinder was still in color. You always sacrifice something, right?

  • Oy…I can relate to the garbage bag thing. Problem is I’m usually not IN the kitchen when he’s emptying the trash to give him said look (note to self…be in kitchen next Monday morning…)

  • Lisa

    Have you let Nikon know all the publicity they get off of you? They need to give you free stuff!

  • Lisa

    Have you let Nikon know all the publicity they get off of you? They need to give you free stuff!

    By the way, my husband wants to know if for the easy $1000 or more you put in to it, does it go down on you?

    (He asked the same thing about the new couch).

  • Incredible! How you manage to capture exactly each moment the way it really was.

  • Lisa: that’s damn funny -what your husband says

    formerly Lauren from Canada

  • Put another dime in the orchestra, Conductor! (pssst…the “next tab” is missing on photo “Passenger.”)

  • I’m probably going to regret saying this – but I don’t like this image – I mean – its an okay shot, but the big black blob on the left really detracts from the whole thing. It’s kind of unbalanced.

    Hey – cool title for it: Unbalanced Sake

    But don’t listen to me – I’m a crappy amateur.

  • We just got a D70 and I, too, was scared I’d never get used to using the viewfinder to compose shots. But it’s so much BETTER! I love it now, and the camera kicks my ass.

    Dooce should totally get commission for my purchase!

  • Kristin

    Love the pic-and you should get some sort of Nikon commission-we bought ours because of you! Your the best -love your site!!

  • Colleen

    i like the black blob… doesn’t it add a mysterious “spy cam” air??

  • Mmmm … makes me hungry for sushi!

  • Apenchick

    Excellent pic.

    And thank god you don’t live in Seattle…there are more sockless babies here than anywhere else in the country (and although we know Leta will occasionaly lose a sock, you wouldn’t parade her around without them).

  • Lisa-I am laughing so hard right now!! Hell, if you can find a couch and a camera that will go down on you, what the hell do you need the husband for? Besides paying for the couch and camera.

  • The “blob” on the left isn’t mysterious. It’s the counterpart to the glass on Jon’s left (the photo’s right). It builds the symmetry, demonstrating the mirror image layout of the table.

  • janaya

    i live in seattle, and i love that i don’t know what a dry cleaner is. 😀

    your niece is absolutely correct.

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