An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

She looks like me! Kind of.

  • I wonder if Miss Leta will be a redhead. Any redheads in your families?

  • Awww, that is so sweet! She’s growing up so fast!
    And yes, I agree. She does kind of look like you.

  • C

    I’m first, or maybe second. I just had to do it. Such a cutie!

  • Brooke

    I thought she looked a lot like you in those 8-month newsletter pictures, Heather. She’s adorable.

  • Colleen

    those expressive eyebrows… have we seen those before?

  • beachgal

    What a sweetie…love the reddish hair. She does look a little more like you than before, but just like my little guy, there’s no denying who his father is. But have faith, people are telling me now that he’s starting to look like me a bit.

  • From pictures I have seen – she looks like you more and more lately.

    She’s damn cute, that’s for sure.

  • di

    with 50% of your DNA, perhaps she’ll end up an internet rockstar like her mother. of course, jon has rockstardom in his blood, too, so leta is bound to be a bitchin’ geek when she grows up! what a cutie!

  • They are definately your eyebrows – they’re saying so much!!

  • I want to eat her up! So darn delicious. I love baby hands.


  • 😀 that has to be the cutest little smile I’ve ever seen!

  • pnuw

    well you *said* you wanted your children to have Jon’s eyes; sure looks that way to me. what a cutie!

  • My son has been my photocopy until 14, then started to take some from my wife’s side. Be patient!
    Leta looks cute anyway. Complimenti alla mamma.

  • I notice she’s lying down. How is she doing with the therapy on her legs? Is it still painful or is she trying to stand yet? She is adorable. I hope she keeps the red.

  • GMM

    She looks happy- and a little mischievous. Look at all that hair!

  • She’s such a squishy, punkin head, roly poly, lover doll!

    I can only hope one day I make kids that cute!

  • sab

    she is so adorable!

  • Dre

    Such a ham!

  • My daughter looked like neither of us when she was born. She was dark, black hair, we are both light (red and blonde). They made jokes about it in the delivery room. Then she lightened, and lightened and lightened. At one point, her hair looked reddish like Leta’s, but it kept getting lighter til it was blonde. Now it’s getting darker again, brown.

    Likewise, she changes through phases of looking like me, then like her dad, then like me, then like her dad. It’s weird. It’s like watching slo-mo claymation morphing.

    Have fun watching your claymation starlet!

  • She looks like she’s smarter than all my siblings put together.

    Oh yeah, and “bitchin’ geek” is the coolest phrase I’ve heard in a long time.

  • you have one of the most adorable kids Ive ever seen. she looks so happy =] She is starting to look like you more now

  • What a beauty! There is no doubt who her MOMMY is 😉
    and i really wanna kiss those cheeks

  • What a cutie!!

  • Just know that nobody can ever accuse you of um “loving” the milkman.

  • It’s interesting how she looks exactly like Jon in some photos, and at other times she so closely resembles you. I agree, you may have a redhead on your hands. Her hair is about the color of my Matthew’s. Sort of light brown verging on strawberry blonde.

  • Gia

    Look at all her hair! It is really coming in.

    “Hi Leta!” (I’m waving at her)


  • what sucks about all this is that i am seeing your child grow up more than i am seeing my own nieces and nephew. i’d move closer to them but they live in dallas, and they string up liberal vegetarian californians there.

  • Aubrey’s mom

    Oh, the hair! So much hair! My baby girl is one month younger than Leta and still so bald (but beautiful, of course!) I want to clip a bow in Leta’s hair!!!

  • What makes Leta look like you is really her expression–I am a clone of my dad, but I have my mom’s “look,” not her looks.

  • Look at the photo of you on your about page. Put it next to this one of Leta. You two look alike no doubt about it. And you both have Leta’s hands in your mouth….Yummmy!

  • While she does mostly look like Jon, her expressive mannerisms are totally like you! Don’t worry; I’m sure she’ll look more and more like you as she grows up.

  • I’m still waiting for my kid to resemble me. It’s happening verrrrrrrrrrry slowly. 😉

    She’s too cute.

  • Jessica

    Most babies look like their dad at first. Nature’s way of letting the father know that an infant is “theirs”, and not some other man’s.

    Once that is established, the kids start to resemble whomever they feel like. 😉

  • Jennifer

    She is starting to look more like you, even though she still looks exactly like Jon, but lately I’ve been thinking that Gwen Stefani is starting to look like you, too.

  • Bah! on your “no liquor” on Federal holidays! Here in Arkansas, we can’t buy booze on Sunday. Any Sunday.

    Nor on Election Day, which is really when you need it most, don’t you think?

    I want to slobber all over Leta’s cheeks, btw. She’s a cutie pie.

  • She looks good enough to eat!

    If you need me, I’ll be over here drooling on myself.

  • OK Heather – time to have another one – this one is as cute as she gets.

  • Oh god, too frickin’ cute!
    I love the ‘do 🙂

  • Jeff

    I am new to browsing your blog but I must say, from what I have seen, she is quite the adorable kid! My wife and I have a one year old daughter(kaia) with a son due in February. After that, the factory is closed, in fact, we are going to have layoffs in the reproductive area reminiscent of those during GW’s presidency.
    Anywho, it stinks that you couldn’t buy alcohol yesterday. Maybe your state stores should ‘discover’ how to be open for those requiring intoxicating sustinance. I know that here in NH, the beer and wine is readily sold in the supermarket, but we do have state controlled liquor stores as well ( for the good stuff ).

  • I just want to squeeze her! that is what makes kids so great, they just cling to you- and they are soft and cuddly…

  • Must. Squish. The. Baby.

  • Wait, Dooce, isn’t serving liquor in restaurants illegal in Salt Lake City? So there ARE liquor stores though? Well THAT’S good news. Here’s me thinking you had to drive a long way and STOCK UP.

  • HazelEyedPisces

    Look at that hair. A perfect coloring combo of yours and her dad. Simply gooooorgeous, dahling!

  • red

    BRING ON THE REDNESS. 🙂 she is adorable, and although she’s still jon’s twin — she is starting to favor you a bit.

  • Shauna

    Yeah the narative of mundane daily events of SAHM…my hubby tries not to cringe..too much 🙂

  • BarefootGoddess

    My daughter looked just like my husband when she was born. So much so that to compare baby pictures, sometimes the only way to know who you are looking at is to look at the back. She is almost 8 now, and looks exactly like me, aside from his eyes.

  • kate

    i was a nanny and had the same SAHM narrative you gave jon, except i would rattle off to my boyfriend over the phone as soon as i got off work…and he still ended up marrying me!

    (i don’t think he realizes how much worse it will be when i’m really a SAHM and it’s our kids, though…)

  • Rengirl

    Damn. This picture is so cute I want to die right here on the spot in this perfect moment!

  • Just when we thought she couldn’t POSSIBLY get any cuter…

  • p

    I know what it’s like to want your child to look like you – my son is a carbon copy of his dad – but I have to be honest. leta looks EXACTLY LIKE HER FATHER. you can say “oh, the eyebrows” or “the left half of her upper cheek” and think that part is all you – but alas, it’s not. however, you have the bodily trauma to prove it to yourself. think if she looked just like you and nothing like jon, though. there’s the bright side.

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