Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Jonny Jr.

  • She is indeed. She’s a gorgeous baby. I can’t wait to see who mine looks like; I’d love for him to have his father’s eyes and dark hair. Six more weeks!

  • Karen

    she still looks like you

  • Do I get the honor of a first comment?

    Jonny Jr. for sure. A mini blurbo. 😉

  • D’oh! Missed the first comment by *this* much. 😉

  • Liv

    She looks a lot like him! There’s a look of you in there too, but the immediate image is that of Jon!

    She is as gorgeous as ever.

  • Wow. She really is his mini-me.

  • cathy

    Man, she does look like him. But that might change. It’s amazing how elastic and changing those family resemblences (sp?) are.

    Both my kids looked exactly like their dads when they were little, as if I had nothing to do with them at all. But then, I took a picture of my younger son hugging my sister when he was 6, and he looked JUST like her. Now, he is in his late teens and looks nothing like his dad or dad’s family, just mine. My older son looks like his dad’s mom, who my husband doesn’t look like–she skipped a generation somehow.

  • And what is the little one dressing as for Halloween? She already has kind of a Eye of Horus thing going on.

  • di

    she really looks a lot like jon. but just wait! i’m sure she’ll be rebellious like you soon enough!

  • beachgal

    She is absolutely gorgeous!!! And boy does she look like Jon. There is some of you, too, but Jon will never be able to deny her. Not that he would, of course.

  • perception

    absolutely adorable. =)

  • red

    at least you named her something cool. a girlfriend of mine was named after her father.. she was dubbed “johnna.” ick. leta is getting so big!

  • Em

    Man, is she Mini-Me or what?

  • sab

    She is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • HazelEyedPisces

    She is a most wonderful blend of both her parents!

  • traci

    hmmm, it looks like your home too has been assaulted and overtaken by baby accoutrements. welcome to the ranks of plastic decor.

    she’s delicious.

  • Jon looks good as a girl – who’d a thunk it!

  • Leta is so adorable…and has the cutest, most serious looks on her face sometimes. Cute little top too.

  • Laurie

    She looks like half of you, half of Jon. 🙂

    However, she is still the cutest thing ever. How is the foot weight therapy going?

  • That child is spectacular. Pics like this almost make you forget the times when they puke on your shoes and dump their Raisin Bran on the dog’s head, don’t they?


  • You did say you wanted your children to have his eyes….Apparently they’re part of the whole “face” package.
    She’s so adorable!

  • Dre

    This has got to be my favorite picture of Leta yet! She looks so wise here — it’s something in her eyes.

    She is a doll, that’s for sure!

  • She gets more beautiful each day.

    I think that is the first picture I’ve seen of her that has made me realize how much she’s growing up!

    Beautiful baby, beautiful picture.. and yes, she’s definitely a mini-Jon! 🙂

  • wow, she does look like him! And quite possibly the cutest baby I’ve ever seen! I’m looking forward to the feeling of knowing that my child looks like me or my husband… but I still have a few years left.

  • In Polish, you would say Leta is “jak skora zdarta” of Jon. Literally, “like the skin ripped off.”


  • Carie

    She’s gorgeous!

  • I love her eyes!!!

  • Cristina

    yummy cheeks…

  • ashley

    sure sure does.
    but who knows she might develop features of yours
    when i was younger i looked like my mom (from ages birth – 14) then my hair started getting darker and i started to look just like my dad

    so who knows, maybe leta will wake up lookin more dooce-ish

  • *squeel!*
    she’s lovely!

  • I just wanna give her a hug!

  • what a little lady!

  • Danielle

    She can never grow up! Please say she’ll stay the same forever!

  • It’s Monday. Are you crying as you predicted? If you are, remember that it will pass. I can so relate, and I hate it. But at least it doesn’t last forever. Maybe Leta and Jon will give you huge tender hugs today. You deserve them (the hugs, too).

  • I can’t tell you enough how much I love seeing the daily photos on your site and reading your daily entries!
    Thank you for a daily lovely break from work!
    Ps: your daughter is adorable

  • One cool thing about having kids? When they get bigger, you can holler for THEM to bring you the shaving cream/shampoo/toilet paper. The Toddler is coming along very nicely in his “Go Fetch” training.

    And, as always, another faboo photo.

  • OMG!1!1!1!1!
    I got the 36th comment! I LURVE your site, it roxors my soxors! >.< Can't believe I missed being the 35th comment by THIS much! I love you, your dog, your husband, your baby, your mother, your Nissan, your poop, your reconvening, your airplane trip, your food poisoning, that weird mole on youe back that sometimes itches but you can't reach it, and your PopTarts. God, woman, I love your PopTarts.

  • Kate

    Your daughter is so beautiful!!

  • Red says: “at least you named her something cool. a girlfriend of mine was named after her father.. she was dubbed “johnna.””

    Um, back up Red. It’s a perfectly fine name. And no, my father’s name isn’t John or Jon, but thanks for playing.

  • ella’s ma

    ” I will call her Mini Blurb”

  • Mari

    “Mini-Blurb” Hee!

  • such a serious look from such a small woobie! 🙂

  • Look! It’s Jon with mumps.

  • OMG if she keeps looking more and more like Jon with every SINGLE day of her life, you have to pray one day to be able to distinguish them!

    Just kidding :)) Kiss Leta Angel for me

  • I know that face. That is the face thats in deep contemplation of what to get into next. I have lived that face. Do not let the face deceive you. That face says ” heheh..she will never find the shaving cream now!” The mischief grows exponentially with each cheek smoosh.

  • Torie Hoffman

    Look at those gorgeous eyes! Just beautiful. Out of curiosity, where did you get the name Leta from? I can’t remember that you ever said. It is pretty, and quite unique.

  • What a beastie 🙂
    Too cute!

  • Romi

    gotta love a baby who loves an imitated guitar riff.

  • Is that a grey streak in her hair? Just kidding. Beautiful as always!

  • She may be Jon in the middle, but she’s you around the edges. Oh, and Interpol Baby is the COOLEST. BABY. EVER.

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