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Self Portrait With Tongue

  • Sue

    That’s funny! Even when you’re messing around you have a knack for getting a good picture…That interview was great!

  • Heheheh
    You are smashing!
    And OMG where will the blond hair go..?!?

    Anyway we all loved it :)))

  • di

    i dig the look!

  • When will we get a look at the new color? I’m betting it’s red.

  • Let us not forget the follicular tragedy that was Poopy Septic Tank Red hair. Proceed cautiously when ousting the blonde.

  • I love the pic! You are so funny. I could never look funny with my tongue sticking out.

    Can’t wait to see your new color!

    Love in Christ,
    Amber <><

  • Heather-You have a great sense of humor.

  • Svetlana

    Is there hair visible in that picture? Oh well, somehow we will all have to find the strength to go on.

  • foofer

    I’m betting you’ll be blonde again within 3 weeks. Bets, anyone?

  • When you make that face with a toilet behind you, one wonders if it’s a reaction to something stinky in the bowl.

    Constipated People Unite!


  • Kat

    This is a really great site. And I love the photos!

  • Love the site doocie, its great 🙂
    Have spent all afternoon reading about you and your life.

    Great photo/blog/site you have here.
    Keep up the excellent work,

    また ね,

  • I also wonder what color your new hair will be!

    I think red would look great =)

  • Septic Tank Poopy Red is back!!

  • I wish my tongue was that pointy. Pointy tongues are cute. Mine is always kinda rectangular no matter what I do. And we all know that’s so uncool.

  • Ooh new hair, can’t wait! Come over to the brown side, it’s nice here!

  • Gia

    My goodness you have good posture.

    Can’t wait to see the new hair! 🙂

  • Jeff

    Hasn’t your mom ever told you. “Make a face like that and it could get stuck” 🙂

  • Mir

    But can you touch your nose with your tongue? Looks like you might be able to.

  • My sister *can* touch her nose with her tongue…not only that she can PICK it!

    It’s a great trick for babysitting. My kids are just riveted. I am too…but in a disgusted kind of way.

  • erika

    Look at ya holding your baby!!
    We have the same camera!!

  • Hey, I won a talent contest once for touching my nose with my tongue. I can’t pick it though, that is DISGUSTING!

    Can’t wait to see the Return of the Septic Tank Poopy Red. Or maybe the Chemical Plant Neon Green?

  • Im voting for blue black!!!!

  • Sarah

    Heather, I think you would look great with all different shades of blonde with copper and burgandy mixed in (kind of a highlight with lowlights too)!

  • what color will it be?!?

    i demand a pic right away of the new dooce-hair! 😉

  • i can also touch my tongue to my nose. shame i am not a lesbian really…

  • I’m with Angie…brown hair is extremly underrated. Go brown! (Now brown with streaks of gray on the other hand…sigh…)

  • ooo…dye it blue. I think you could pull off blue.

  • So, what color will it be henceforth? Is blonde your natural color?

  • a jus a jus jus. wah wah waaaaaah.

    (Mama is crossing her fingers for pink or purple locks.)

  • Oh Dear

    How I’d love to see some color on that bathroom wall! Something bold and fun! Oh, on your hair, too!

  • Leon as Julie Brown

    I never seem to poop even with a good book
    I can take all the potty pictures I want when I look like I look
    ‘Cause I’m a blond, D-O-O-C-E
    ‘Cause I’m a blond, don’t you wish you were me

    450 posts and counting on a post about poop
    Seems the entire world is stuck in my constipated loop
    ‘Cause I’m blond, nya nya nya
    ‘Cause I’m a Dooce, nya nya nya

    Dooce – now with more bathroom stinkface

  • I dyed my hair green once. It worked out poorly. Dont do it–just imagine the hate mail you’d get. You cant raise a child if you have green hair.

    I cant picture you un-blonde. You’ve got a rosy complexion that fits nicely with it. Although the copper look might be awesome…

  • Laurel 825

    {looks at calendar} Yes, it’s October.

  • You’re going to shave your head, aren’t you?

  • abc

    weird. I think I just dreamed about you with dark hair. OR maybe I was just thinking about you with dark hair. In my spare time I imagine Dooce with various hair colors.

  • i have LOADS of pics of me like that.

    but that’s just cause i’m a narcissist.

    and have nobody else to take my picture.

  • I love the composition of that photograph! That picture rocks.

  • My memory hormones kicked in–your husband looked like Dennis Quaid in that photo. I think Dennis is pretty hot, even though I’m not too sure he’s a very nice guy. Jon sounds much better!

  • Gia on Guam

    There is no reason to think Dennis Quaid is not nice. It was Meg Ryan that went off and canoodled with the Gladiator.

  • zebob

    OMG! Your camera is so hot!

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