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Happy Annual It’s Time To Change My Hair Month

Last week someone in the comments on a photo said that they checked their watch, and what do you know, it’s October: time for Heather to change her hair. Indeed, it is once again that time of year, a time when I can’t stand what…

October 22, 2004

How to Annoy Me

Ask me if your fart stinks as if I would actually consider understaking that investigation.

T-Minus three minutes

Sometimes when I’m lying in bed at night trying to go to sleep I have songs and words from the day stuck in my head that keep me awake. Last night I had a series of vowels and consonants going around and around, something that…


One of the reasons I love him so much is because he really wants others to be happy: “In our lifetime, people have died for freedom, whether we want to see it as such or not. When people died in New York, in Washington and…

A sign from God

Someone slapped these Bush stickers on all the STOP signs in the neighborhood. I’m sure once the culprit is smoked out and brought to justice that Utah officials will kill him by firing squad.