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  • How lush, verdant,thriving and inviting…reminds me of a tropical island. Dooce take me away!

  • This is definitely my favourite photo yet. I love all the shades of blue and green. Very nicely done Dooce!

  • First time, poster, long time reader….love the new hair color!!

    Being a Canadian (Vancouver) and now living in the US of A, I feel I can comment on the healthcare having experienced both sides. In Canada I never felt like the Dr. was there to make money off of me. I grew up in Canada, moved to U.S five years ago. I’ll agree that wait lines are sometimes frustrating when you have a loved one who is ill, but they have gotten remarkably better in the last number of years, remarkably. I have both friends and family who are recent Cancer survivors and were diagnosed and were receiving treatment within days. These Cancers were not terminal and they were caught early and treated early. I feel that early treatment is cheaper in the long run.

    When I moved to the US and went in for my first physical, I can not tell you how many tests the Dr. ran on me. She said it was to get an history (I had my medical records from Canada) and wanted to run tests on me that I maybe never had up in Canada. I was 27 and had never had any serious illness. I got back to my office and was relayed my story to my co-workers on how impressed I was as to how thorough and interested the Dr. seemed to be in my well being. They all looked at me, poor little soul, poor little Cheryl had misinterpreted care with the business of healthcare in the U.S. Sure enough within a week, I got an extra bill for almost $500 worth of lab fees for all the tests that she had run. The lab was conveniently located at the Dr’s clinic. My insurance didn’t cover all these extra tests that were run, as they were well over and above a regular physical. In another two weeks the Dr’s nurse called me and said that the blood work came back perfect and that the Dr. wanted me to come back in and run another set of blood tests that weren’t run in the first visit. I asked the nurse to get the Dr. to call me so I could discuss these tests and the need for another appointment. That Dr. never called me back. A “wise” man once said “Fool me once…Shame on you…Fool me…Can’t get fooled again.” 😉

    Bottom line, neither system is perfect, but I would say that Canada’s is much closer to an ideal than the US. I have had insurance for the duration that I have been here, which I have to pay more into each year and get fewer services and prescriptions covered. No one should be denied healthcare without the fear of having to that debt for the rest of their lives. Don’t even get me started on prescription drugs.

    My twoonies worth!

  • Leon – Babywearing is beneficial to both parents and babies. I understand your concern, but please do pay a visit to 🙂

  • mel

    your new haircolor does accentuate your eyes and actually makes you look like an anime cartoon — you know, with the huge sparkling eyes and funky matching hair. very cool

  • cow you are right! She DOES look like an anime cartoon!

  • ah! health care! my father tried giving me the arguement about how “horrible the waits are for physicians” in canada… among a number of other neo-con sentiments… my boyfriend is nearly 30 now, and he has never had health care. the last time he went to a doctor was for a physical at 18 when, at the time, he’d planned on going into the army (for health/dental care). he was rejected due to an advanced case of scoliosis which to this day has not been looked at because, well, it costs nearly 400 dollars just to WALK INTO a specialist’s office. not to mention his rotting teeth (ok, i’m making him sound a hunchback from the middle ages, but believe me — he’s hot — just not in the best shape). i’ve been sick for 8 months with respiratory problems, and some sort of dermatitis on my hands… you can go to a doc in the box for 40-100 bucks but there’s not much they can do besides give you something for the symptoms which, generally, doesn’t work anyhow. to walk into a dermatologists office it will cost me 300 dollars. i won’t even get into a respiratory specialist’s fee…

    so what i’m saying it — i think there are a lot of us out here who are perfectly willing to wait a little bit for our appointment — cause otherwise, folks, we won’t be going at all and chances are those of us who are uninsured (because, stupid us, we choose to work in independants and individual health plans are completely infeasible) will die uninsured while our families pay off our medical debts with what little of our social security they get (that’s how my boyfriend’s father went — a lovely portrait of working america).

    i dunno, but i could go for some insurance — and i think it’s pretty lame of folks like my own sweet father to be audacious enough to complain about “how long” he might have to wait for a regular check-up.

  • amy

    I’m with GMM.. Up here we shake our heads with amazement and continual disgust over Bush. Not my country but hoping like hell Bush does NOT get in again. The man is an IDIOT.

  • There must be some secret political subtext to this photo that Mac IE users can’t see.

    Heather, have you been to You could list your daily photo page there as a photoblog, and start getting traffic and cool comments from photo nerds. It’s fun. All the cool kids are doing it, plus me and a few other kids who are almost cool but not quite because our parents won’t buy us those jeans that look faded and messed up already when you buy them.

    Do it. Do it. Go on.

    Do it.

  • Is it political? Bush? Heh.

  • Wow. This is just totally freaky. The story of my life’s hair is the same. Except “cut short” for me means shave with second smallest shaver bit. My child is also 9 months old and I’m finally getting my hair cut next Saturday. First time since I shaved it when I found out I was prego. When I describe the style I want the reaction is “you mean a mullet?” every time. And it’s totally not. Like you said though, if it turns out crap- priorities.

  • Danika

    I read the comment about Canadian vs. USA healthcare yesturday and I have to thank the people that responded to it today. You said all the things I wanted to say but am not too good at putting thought to computer. I would MUCH rather have my long wait to see a specialist than have to pay for every doctor visit.

    Also about the Canadians wanting Bush gone. So true! So very very true!

    Very pretty picture 😀

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