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Squawk! Vol. 2

  • I can’t believe I let my wife do this to him every year.

  • Coco

    Oh no you DIDN”T…

  • Laura

    Halloween doesn’t get any cuter than this. Your dog is a veritable saint…save for the begging issue. I can’t wait to see Leta’s holiday garb.

  • I’m sorry, but Chucky is one HOT pooch! And now he’ll be marked psychologically for life. Oh well.

  • Gia

    I am impressed that he is even keeping that bird on long enough for a photo. Mine would have ripped it off and torn it to shreds faster than I could blink!

    So… he’s a bird dog then?
    (bad bad bad)

  • Taylor

    My dog is truly jealous. Cute!!

  • Anna

    Oh NO! Poor Chuck!

    Jon, why didn’t you stop her?!

  • That poor dog.. bless his heart!

    I have to admit, though, it is funnier’n hell!

  • rb

    this has given me such a laugh!!
    that look he is giving is so familiar…
    i love it.

  • ahahahahahahaha… that is absolutely hysterical! and i just love the “i’m getting tired or doing this every year” look on his face… priceless.

  • rb

    and i wish i could be more articulate… but at 5am here in australia, after getting home drunk after a 16 hour day it just isnt possible…
    but i love that look that dogs can give, where they are saying “thank god i love you as much as i do or you would be so dead.”
    nigh nigh.

  • ling

    ahahahahahaa thats hilarious

  • he looks like he is devising a way to pee in your shoes later.

  • Mir

    Well, now we know what Leta was flapping about, yesterday. I think I flapped and squawked a little, myself, when I saw that photo!!

  • chloechasesmom

    HAhhaaha That is the cutest dog I have ever seen and my dog is cute. What a saint!

  • Oh my gosh, the look!

    Dog: free

    Costume: 30.00 (just a guess)

    Dog looking adorably cute and hating every minute of it…..PRICELESS!

  • Do you take him out like that? Does he score gummies instead of hard candy good n plenty mini packs??
    USe it…. use your tools Chuck!
    Soooooo cute! IS that really for Chuck or is it for Leta?

  • that look just *screams* “i’m totally going to ‘lay an egg’ in each of your shoes when you’re not looking.”

  • Liisa

    I’ve never seen a picture of a dog on the verge of an exasperated sigh…but I’m pretty sure he is. Poor Chuck. Almost makes me feel guilty for dressing my German Shepherd/Bloodhound mix up like a dance hall girl.
    I said almost.


  • He must love you guys an awful lot to put up with that!!!

    He’s so cute.

  • George Lover

    See, I used to tie little felt antlers on my cat’s head every year and it’s my contention that animals secretly love it.

  • How cute. LOL

    My wife wants to dress up our new dog, Taffy as Count Dracula for Halloween. I’m hoping she’s forgotten about it. She’s been looking for a black cape small enough for her. She’s a Chihuahua, Dachschund and who knows what mix; my dog, not my wife. I’ve got weekly pictures of Taffy on my blog documenting her growth.

  • Oh, I forgot to mention, Toni refers to Taffy as Taffula in reference to the aforementioned Dracula costume. :O)

  • Kathleen

    I guessed right! Nice costume – what a patient fellow.

  • I can’t wait to see what Mouse has to say about this. Chuck looks like he’d be such a dry wit if he could talk.

  • awwww! Chuckie!

  • Andrea

    Thank you for changing “I take photos everyday” to “I take photos every day”. That used to bug me but I was too polite to say anything.

  • He looks thrilled. I hope he got a Milk Bone for putting up with that.

  • Poor, poor chuck. That’s definitely the cutest thing I’ve seen in…well, since I saw the picture of Leta yesterday.

  • contessa

    Is he a chicken?

  • Dear Former Congressman,
    I know you want to punish them all now for making you look like a >chick< but please dont worry, you are really an awsome one!

  • I just laughed to the point of snorting and snorted until I farted a little. I’m a little embarassed now but hey, that is one funny photo.

  • Warm and fuzzy. I love it.

  • Oh, that face! He is such a good, good dog.

  • LauraD

    Oh, he’s so trusting.

  • DM

    Oh, good Lord. This is great. I love this dog and the costumes.

    An old roommate of mine used to dress her cats and my kitten up in her old baby clothes. One of them would sit there and yowl because she hated it. My kitten would just walk out of the clothes.

    The best one was her 20 pound male cat. He would strut around the apartment in his yellow sweater and totally pull it off.

  • OH lordy! The costumes get better EVERY YEAR! He looks so pissed off, but like he’s thinking, “I’ll humor her – she might give me TREATS!”

    I wanna know what Leta’s dressing up as!

    Good dog, Chuck!

  • oh that’s awesome… i bought a costume for my dog and my stupid
    co-worker made fun of me for making a dog into a manimal but who can help themselves when it is so much f’in fun!

  • DJ blurb: Dude, “let her do it”? Man you’re just lucky you’ve got a dog. she might be dressing you up. My s.o. is at this moment closeted with scissors, cardboard and glitter paint, I live in fear…

    Sorry about the all caps there’s something wrong with the

  • Oh look, it’s a “Chucken”.


    Oh my god – gorgeous family, gorgeous baby, gorgeous Former Congressman.

    Seriously – your house must stink of cute. I want to put you you all in my pocket!

  • How is Mows going to feel about this?

  • POOR F.C.C.! That is, actually, truly hilarious….I swear, if you could read a dog’s mind, he would be saying, ‘I hope none of my friend’s see me like this….’

  • Poor Chuck! At least he’s a good sport. My dogs would never sit still for that.

  • Jen

    I love how dogs always have that universal pissed off look when you put them in costume.

  • This just totally made my day. I have a koala costume that the little girl I nanny has outgrown. If I send it to you, will you put it on Chuck and take a photo?

  • Nell

    Jon: I doubt you just “let her do it”. I bet you love it too, you are just ashamed to admit it. Besides, if you didn’t let her, she could hit you in the groin.

    I love Chuck! He looks so embarrased.

  • Valerie

    Chuck has the same expression as Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” with the bunny outfit.

    hahahaha, oh i love it!

  • Lord, now that’s just WRONG.

  • Is it the same costume every year? I must say, that’s one killer canine costume. Usually they’re so dinky and cheap-looking.

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