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Squawk! Vol. 2

  • Chuck looks pissed. He is SO going to be leaving “treats” for you.

  • Em

    You are an evil woman. He looks so embarrassed. Still, I laughed!

  • You know, some dogs have dignity and some dogs have dignity ripped from them and left in a bloody pool on the floor.

    (So cute. So undignified.)

  • Abby

    Chicken or vulture???

  • Susie

    The nose. The nose is so scrumptious. You must kiss it a lot.

    When Leta is old enough for you to embarrass her, Chuck will show her this picture and she will know that he understands.

  • If Chuck is the Chicken, is Leta going to be the Egg?
    To cute!

  • Ahhh….there’s the look I was waiting for….

  • The look on his face is priceless. Great photo, as they usually all are. Regardless of what Chuck thinks, this photo alone is worth his misery. Does Chuck have a website at If not, he should. He could show those other dogs a thing or two. We own four dogs and I’d have to smother my husband in his sleep before he’d allow me to do something like this….hmmmmmm…..Well, now Chuck knows for sure if he’s the trick or the treat!

  • Toni

    He looks like an avian court jester.

  • shy me

    can’t… breathe…!!! laughing…. too… hard

  • Oh, Chuck, you are such a terrific dog. I heart you.
    As a kid, I used to dress up our surly but adorable tortoiseshell cat in (oh, the poor dear) cabbage-patch kid dresses. Sometimes even with the little elastic waisted shorts. She was unexplicably fond of me, even as an evil eight-year old, and she would let me roll her around the house in my baby carriage, on her back. And if I’d forget to take the clothes off of her, she’d walk around the house wearing her little white dress with the pink roses until I noticed that she was still wearing it. Gah, I shouldn’t have written about that, I miss her. She died of cancer last December.
    Jeebus! I’m such a downer! Carry on, Sir Chuckles! I thought he was dressed up as some sort of bizarre pumpkin from the sneak peek shot. He makes a terrific bird.

  • Liz

    Oh…Chuck. I think a symbiotic turkey-growth could be cause for some concern.

  • Liv

    He just looks so resigned to it, it’s great… he reminds me of my dog who used to get the same look when we dressed him up!

  • I think this might be what I look like when I say to my teenagers “Do I look like I have the word asshole written across my forehead?” …one can’t help but have a good CHUCKle (sorry, boy!).

  • ella’s ma

    I think we can all be thankful that poor dog lacks opposable thumbs-I can almost hear him plotting what he would do to you.

  • He has that “Why me?!” look on his face. How adorable is that. Reminds me of when I used to put pretty pink bows in my dog’s hair..

  • I can’t get my toddler to wear a costume but you can get your dog to cooperate? You have magical powers.

  • way too cute 🙂 What a trooper.

  • Please put an entire pizza on the floor in payment for such wickedness.

  • Brian

    I’m calling PETA on you. RIGHT. NOW.

  • oh wow. I thought the little devil hat I bought for MY dog was cruel. but that…that…


    he even LOOKS embarassed!!!! poor puppy!

  • Chuck. He’s finger-lickin’ good.

  • That is just SO wrong.
    Yet so funny.

  • Chuck!!!! Why are you so CUTE? I think you are the cutest dog I’ve ever seen.

    That look of forebearance really gets me. He’s not humiliated! He looks like “Oh, God, I’m just going to INDULGE her. She’s enjoying herself too much.”

  • Chuck’s face is like, “Oh my Lord, are we doing this AGAIN?” hahahaha! That’s great.

  • Had to show my husbando the pic of Chuck.

    He said, “Bwahahahaha…*snort*”

    Our dog Annabelle, on the other hand…well she just keeps giving us this, “don’t you friggin dare” look.

  • Heh. Is that Chuck’s Halloween costume?

  • Heathertoo

    Maybe he’s a cross dresser in dog terms and loves this look. Im hoping for a pink tu-tu next….
    red painted nails…. big bow on one ear tilted to the side…

  • he tolerates you. you do know that. i can see it in his eye. silent resignation because in all other ways you are good and decent to him. run Chuck, run!!!

    no, i’m kidding. he’s cute. really.

  • tess

    That is just TOO FREAKIN FUNNY!!

  • ” If I don’t cooperate she will whack me in the nads too”.

  • Irrylyn

    That is just too cute!! I was looking for a doggy skeleton costume for my lab cross, saw one a couple of years ago, but nothing this year. That costume takes the cake tho, did someone make it or were you actually able to buy something that adorable!

  • Colleen

    poor, adorable Chuck… photo should be called “Tolerance.”

    What does he do when everyone laughs at him? Does he get embarassed?

  • My schnauzer had that exactly same look right after we had him neutered.

  • This must be very confusing for you taxidermist neighbour!

  • the aspca is totally gonna come calling for that one.

  • That is absolutely adorable. And as owner of a dog who wishes we could find costumes that cool, I have to echo Irrylyn – where did you buy that or did somebody make it for you? Other people who spoil their pets senseless are dying to know. 🙂

  • Valerie

    From someone who is dressing up as their own dog for Halloween (mask = laminated, enlarged picture of dog’s face), I applaud your emphasis on including everyone, even Chuck, in the fun.

  • “Why me!? First they take my man berries now I have to dress-up? Why God, Whyyyyy!?”

  • aibee

    it’s Leta dressed as Chuck dressed as a turkey, isn’t it?

    The resemblence is uncanny…

  • Beats the year I painted myself green with fingerpaints and went as a martian. Took weeks for the green tinge to fade from my skin. At least Chuck’s misery will be over when the costume comes off.

  • jen

    God damned priceless….

  • E

    I am sooooo jealous! So far I haven’t convinced the hubby to let me do that to my pooch (it’s only his 2nd halloween). Now that I have evidence that I’m not a freak for doing it, I am SOOOO dressing him up next year!

  • Mikey’s Momma

    Oh man!!!! That dog is SO going to piss in your shoes!!!

  • Chuck is thinking – damn this is lame but the I remember that time I got my balls cut off – so… *ahem.. quack?
    kidding – he looks very cute indeed!

  • What a great dog! He is so patient and definitely humors you.

  • noelle

    man, that is so terribly adorable

  • Jme

    Squark indeed. My pooches are jealous – but then again, we never did celebrate halloween here. Maybe we should…

  • Nicole

    Oh no you didn’t! That’s one fabulous looking former Congressman!

  • awwwwwwwwwwww

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