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Katie Princess

  • Sarah

    Great costume!

  • Sarah

    Heehee… I was first! Have a super day, everyone!

  • Love the Tiara! The girls here wear them, but without the right context, its not nearly as adorable

  • Brooke

    HAHAHA. Chuck pulls the picture all together.

  • Where’s Chucko?

  • This picture is another one of the many that make me think you guys must live in a really beautiful area. I am utterly jealous.

  • Hey! That’s the costume I was going to wear!

  • Can you find the hidden Chuck?

  • Her Royal Highness might be the same age as my niece, who is obsessed with princesses and would wear a costume like that every day if she could.

  • Mary

    That is a costume I would have sold my soul to have as a child. What a lucky little girl–and cute to boot!

  • What a beauty! And what a nice lil tongue :))

  • I like how the colors of the leaves and the gold of the costume work together. Nice.

  • Is that what happens in Utah? Little girls never cut their own bangs and are thereby rewarded with perfect costumes? Damn, I grew up in the wrong state!

  • Agh! The tongue! That so totally makes the photo. Great shot!

    I am also envious of your back-yard. Or whoever’s yard that is. The rock border on the garden is great.

  • I wish I was a princess and/or a kid again – I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow!

  • Awhhhh look… so cute!
    Oh yeah there’s a girl in the pic as well! 😛

    Chuck looks absolutly vicious! HAHA!

  • OMG That website rip-off is so hilarious!!!! What nerve! Might as well call himself “docce” and save himself the trouble of changing his whole website name too!

  • Brooke

    You know, Heather, I think I saw another “rip off” elsewhere..

  • Great picture! My halloween costumes often consisted of me being put in a garbage bag. You wanna be a punk rocker? Put on a garbage bag and spray your hair green. You wanna be a witch? Put on a garbage bag and paint your face green. I never had such pretty frills! Lovely!

    Oh yes, checked out the rip off site – interesting that all forms of ‘communication’ links don’t seem to work atm!

  • Crazy website stealers. Let’s bash!

    J/K There’s gotta be some way to something civil?

    BTW Does he notice the Copywright at the bottom?

  • Dooce, can’t you sue? hehe.

  • Oh by the way…Lovely, lovely picture. Makes me wish I were young and princess like again. 🙂

  • Katie is a princess! Katie is a princess! I would have loved a costume like that when I was a kid. I probably would have worn it to school, and not just on halloween!

    Note that the “contact me” line on that site doesn’t actually have an e-mail address/ guestbook attached to it. Can’t imagine why– the site isn’t at all derivative of someone else’s site. **cough cough** I’m sure no one would e-mail that person, angrily. Certainly not me! Nope.

  • bb

    that website is hilariouuss. yea, don’t you have a copyright or something?
    I mean, I love your site and everything and wish I had the ability to make it as nice and interesting as you do, but copying? a little too far!

  • Okay, on the website thing – I noticed the blatant similarity to Heather’s site, but honestly, I TOTALLY thought she was making fun of the crappy Nanoowrinoveleydo entries. Cause they were pretty funny, too, without all of the righteous anger.

  • I love the comment Mason left on that hacks website. The…in France! had me rolling.
    Another great picture as always.

  • Since there’s obviously a market for it, maybe you guys should sell blog templates, hmmm?

  • well you sure upped his page views today! but wow, he can’t even get his own creativity working. tsk.

    katie looks prettyyy.

  • “hexagramDOTnu – Clearance Sale on Mundane Thoughts”

    What a loser!!!! four exclamation points!!!!

  • Katie is beautimus!

    (everyone must be over posting loser comments to the NaNo-guy ’cause it’s taking forever for my comment to upload!)

  • Dear dooce,

    I got to go see Interpol live this weekend and I thought about you and thought how cool it would be if you could have been there, too. I even danced the arms-up, jazz hands, happy-to-be-alive dance during “Not Even Jail” just for you. My blog has drunken pics if you’re interested.

  • What the fuck is a hexagram anyhoo?! Whilst I love the design of this site – it’s all about content, baby!

    Why not send it in to

  • hexagramDOTnu blows. maybe we should stop clicking on the link though because he/she is gonna think their web page rocks and they should keep it up.

  • Adding my two cents of outrage re. stolen blog templete.

    Dooce, you have an army at your beck and call here. You let us know what you want us to do and we’ll all-up-ons him.

    Great pic. Fabulous open mouth Chuck.

  • Imitation is the highest form of flattery. I would not be angry. He wants to be you. I am assuming it is a he. IS that right? It’s not very original but then neither is the writing. This person would not have been seen by the many had you not linked us to him. He is forgotten faster than it takes to steal a template. How does one steal a template, anyway?

    Picasso and Da Vinci didn’t whine about being copied. Or at least they shouldn’t have. That’s how artistry works.

    To Hexa-whoever-I’ll be reading so make sure I’m not wasting my time. And hells’s bells – get your own template.

  • pretty. Chuck looks like the “villian” in this shot. Very nice.

  • Good Job!

    Looks like whoever it was took down the site, temporarily at least! Way to badger!

  • Mir

    Your loyal fans have descended upon the hexagram dude and devoured him, methinks, because I cannot even see the page. Alas. I was looking forward to some righteous indignation, cuz I was already kinda bummed that Katie hadn’t been dipped in bleu cheese….

  • cupcake

    Damn. I had just started reading that lame-o site. Denied!

  • I get a big forbidden message when I try to access the counterfeit site. That’s okay. I like my daily dose of dooce.
    Katie is adorable with cameo by Chuck.

  • Buffalo wings are indeed heaven- HEAVEN!! I am totally going to get me some now- Wingstop here in Texas is pretty good, but so are the ones at Hooters. I doubt there is a hooters in Utah- I have to get my wings to go because I am a Christian and Christians can’t be seen ogling women’s boobs- yes, we like them but we aren’t allowed to ogle them. BUt the Buffalo wings there are the best I’ve had- and I have had A LOT!

  • …after discovering the frog-baby in the woods, the princess licked her lips thinking on the last time she tasted Cuisses de Grenouilles.

  • Does Leta get the costume when Katie outgrows it? Cause you know she’s gonna want it.

  • Actually, Mr. Hex has a message for us now, you should recheck the site.

    He is so busted! He seems to not know the force of commentary here!

  • maggie

    Hex’s writing looks remarkably like the crap they make “intro to creative writing” students write, with too many adjectives to make a story interesting to anyone other than the idiot writer himself. I’ve written garbage like that in those classes, too. It involves major dedication to “shift-F7”, also known as the thesaurus in Word. Sad part is, his teacher probably told him it was amazing writing–some people eat that sh*t right up.

    That boy should stop being such a pretentious poser and work on his “craft” a bit more…or maybe he’s just too interested in taking “edgy” photos of his pseudo-punk life to worry about how bad his writing actually is.

    I can’t believe he had the nerve to copy your site design–imitation may be flattery, but plagerism is not. People like that make me want to vomit.

  • Im just confused about the “six each” on the buffallo wing goodness. 6?

    When I make wings for my husband and I, we eat about 20 each. I mean, they’re little. Like chips.

  • It kinda disturbs me that she’s licking her lips… or that somebody would choose to publish said photo.

    I had to laugh though. Hilarious!

  • se

    My god, Hex, how about this. Your writings are just little stories, so no big deal if someone copies them and claims them as their own. And if her stylesheet is so simplistic, why didn’t you just make your own? Not real big with the thinkin’ are you?

  • Can you believe this dude’s grammar and spelling. Lack of capitalization. Lack of apostrophization on “its.” Inappropriate usage of an ellipsis.

    I wish I saw the original, before the changeover. Does anyone have a screenshot? To defend this guy a little, Dooce is one of many sites clearly influenced by CSSZENGARDEN.
    But blatant ripoffs, this is not acceptable.

  • he’s got just an email address now. The troll….

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