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Perspective of the lonely abandoned toy

  • Liisa


  • Liisa

    I just had to say it.

    I love those Sassy toys….so does my daughter.

  • Thank you Heather for your ever insightful blogging. You have brought me to laughter and tears on more than one occasion and I thank you for that. You are a light in my day lately. I must thank you for that. Thank you for waking me up and helping me to laugh again. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration. Thank you for being so open about deppression and a lot of other things.
    My husband and I fight over who gets to read your blog first. It is good to be alive.
    How did you get so blessed to have such an amazingly gorgeous daughter? She is pure divinity!

  • Where do you get those toys?

  • Susan (Lady Mystic)

    She looks like she is determined to each that toy whole! 🙂

  • Sassy toys kicks ass. I love this pic, the poor lonley toy( He wasn’t sassy ws he?)
    What a snickerdoodle@!

  • Ah, Tupperware measuring cups. Useful for eating and ignoring. She’s so cute!

  • So very tired

    I love her stripy pants!

  • MrsDoF

    Wow, I have never been so high up on the list before! Where’d everybody go for the weekend?
    It looks like Leta is holding a SASSY toy, which if my years as a daycare teacher remember, they come from Discovery Toys, sold by the home party route.
    I would say, from past reading experience, that Dooce did Not go to a home party to get it, and that this most likely was a gift. People think they make great gifts.
    SASSY toys last forever in the daycare setting, even with all the gnawing, and bleach water cleanings.
    What I’m wondering is “where is her Bib?” all that drool with teeth coming, a catch-all is needed over such a pretty shirt.

  • Laura C.

    I love all the colors…especially her pants. I want a pair for me to wear.

  • So very tired

    (Stripy? Stripey?)

  • Or striped, even. 😉 Just pickin on ya So very tired.

    Leta is adorable, as always!

  • Gia

    I love this pic! It looks like it is from Chuck’s POV and he’s just waiting for her to drop that toy so he can grab it…


  • Is the perspective really of the lonely abandoned toy or of the Thank-God-She’s-Not-Trying-To-Eat-Me Toy?

    She is just gorgeous.

  • Look at her hands, those beautiful fingers! She’s going to have such expressive hands.

  • We have that same rattle. Our little guy is not strong enough to hold it or mouth it yet. I’m glad to see that eventually, it should move from the abandoned toy to used toy spot.

  • Melanie S

    I’m want to gobble her up! She is SO adorable!

  • Are those Tupperware measuring cups she plays with?? My little brother played with them, until he discovered there was water in the toilet…

  • She’s so dang adorable. How’d you have such a cute kid? Are those green measuring cups? Those remind me of my grandmother.

  • Abandoned toy: ” THE SCREAMS THE SCREAMS!….Sassy rattle I will save you!”

  • di

    stop posting such cute pictures of Leta! You’re making my ovaries hurt! 🙂

  • Carol

    I can find Sassy toys almost anywhere. Here, we have them at Target, Babies “R” Us, etc. They’re great.

    In honor of Fish we’ll start the “What is Leta thinking” Game:

    “MMMMmmmm… Sassy rattle…good. But where’s the blue cheese dipping sauce?”

  • Dude, it’s amazing what babies can fit in their MOUTHS!!!

  • “Let me check the clock…. okay, two more minutes of gnawing, then it’s time for my Screaming Practice.”

  • AndreaBT

    Sassy toys ARE great. And I love the striped pants too…I think they are the same as the ones I recently bought for this baby that will finally be on the outside of my body in a few weeks (K-Mart these days has some decent and affordable kids’ clothes). Gender neutral colors rock when you don’t know what your having!

    On a different note, the thumbnail made me think of this website:

  • Mo

    “this toy sure is sassy…but wait! is that a Nikon D70 behind that box?? something in this house that i HAVEn’t gnawed on???”
    *chomp chomp chomp*

  • Mo

    “why is Mom hiding in the toys? Maybe she’s jealous of my sassy toy. I’ll have to scream more, lest she feel neglected.”

  • shy

    love leta’s pants! 🙂

  • isn’t it strange how when babies are cutting their first set of teeth everything goes into their mouths.

    but when you’re adult teeth are growing, you don’t chew on anything!

    what is behind the oral fixation of babies?

  • sn’t it strange how when babies are cutting their first set of teeth everything goes into their mouths.

    but when you’re your adult teeth are growing, you don’t chew on anything!

    what is behind the oral fixation of babies?

  • ksea

    Eeeeee! The pants! That’s a sharp dressed gal there.

  • Hey Jon! Stop screaming when Heather leaves the room. It annoys her.

  • Apparently the stripey pants are THE thing today–because the first thing I wanted to comment on was the pants, and I see a lot of other folks have given them high marks as well. The Sassy toys are great–I give the Sassy porcupine (with ribbon-tab quills) to any and every baby who doesn’t have one. Does Leta have one yet?

  • ADD

    Longest. baby fingers. EVER! And the dimples at the knuckles? It is too much scrumptrellesence I tell you.

  • kai

    Wow. Look at her chow. I can imagine the toy in her mouth is a drumstick and the rest of the toys are the bones of former drumsticks.

  • Carol

    “Mmmm…thtlllthth…num num num… I wonder what Colin Powell is going to do with his free time?…. meh…mmm…chew… gnaw… drool. I guess I should start screaming again soon. Oooh… stripes!!!”

  • Very cute!

  • Kim

    Sassy toys are to be had at Toys R Us, Target and many other stores. I’m not aware that they are Discovery made at all…. if they are I’m getting rid of mine !! LOL! Discovery toys are a big ole expensive racket.

    on the other hand My son LOVED the red anchor from Discovery. He used that as his paccy (never took a pacifier) for 16 months prolly. I hooked it to a pacifier holder and hooked it to his shirt when we traveled by air. He made a noise? I pushed the anchor in his mouth LOL!

    Dooce! you are awesome. My hubby and I also fight over who gets to read you first. I haven’t convinced him to put the D70 on our christmas list yet. Perhaps if I can wrangle a trip to Wyoming (scenery) I’ll be able to do it.

    I have a question – do you print any of your photos? How? I noticed you scrapbook – do you use regular film too?

  • kim

    Ok, so that was more than one question.

  • I love the colour on your walls. Very calming.

  • That photo gives me fond memories of my boys’ baby toys. Now it’s Legos, Bionicles, etc. and they really hurt when you step on them.

  • I hear ya about the “screaming when you leave the room” thing. Oliver (our 1 year old) does the same thing. He especially enjoys screaming when you’re in the bathroom trying take a crap. I should take the camera in there with me to take pics of his little fingers that come under the door in a desperate attempt to reach me!

  • Carol

    A little off the subject, but have been looking around politics today.

    Read this article if you like

    And if you have a strong opinion, go to and write your senators and congressmen about this. I just did.

    OK, back to baby talk.

  • sassy toys are great. we also like the toys.

  • your house has got to be a lot like tom hank’s place in turner and hooch. you never know just what you pick up will be covered in drool.

  • slick

    it’s the dimples in the hands that i can’t stop looking at. i love the chubby hands!!!

  • Danielle

    But what are the toys saying? (I’m thinking toy story)

    “ME! me! me next!”

    or is it the opposite?

    “Oh God, no! Don’t pick me!” “agh!… the drool. I hate the drool. Come’on, that’s enough. Come’on. yeah. yeah. yeah. I know, I taste sooooooooooooo good.”
    (gets spit out)
    “or maybe not.”

  • It looks like there are little wee angels flying around your window 🙂

  • Kimi

    You’re telling her not to put that toy in her mouth aren’t you. Always effective with kids.

  • Kevin

    And all I ever got to play with as a kid was razor blades, gasoline and matches. Damn this kid has it good!

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