An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Leta’s first mashed potatoes experience

  • look at those yummy thighs!

  • krissy pants

    Good morning Dooce

  • Red

    Cute as buttons!

  • Mmm… carbs.

    Cute new design!

  • red


  • Kellie

    I CAN’T be first.

  • Adorable!

  • Jenn D

    Little people are so cute, especially Leta! Nice pic.

  • i guess she liked them, eh?

  • Love the new masthead!

  • blu

    It’s scary how many people are looking at this site at once.

    And mashed potatoes are the best!

  • and the cutest part is that we can totally see how her left sock is slowly making its way off her foot… heh.

  • Kellie

    Sixth. How did that happen? It went from 0-6 in like .4 seconds. DAMMIT! Oh well. Mashed potatoes are GREAT.

  • perception


  • Danielle

    oh good!

    I’ll just repeat myself (I’ve never been so near the beginning of the comments list)

    She looks like a baby bird.


  • hayley

    so how come it wouldn’t let me comment first!!! there was no comment box to be found. *sulking*

  • Heidi

    Heather, you look mad as hell but great! Love the new site look too.

  • Heidi

    Leta *does* look like a baby bird!

  • mash rules! especially cheesy mash with a pinch o’ black pepper! Lita looks like she’s going to be a spud lover!

  • Danielle

    perhaps,hayley, we are beginning to overload the system….
    I’ve wondered if this would happen, and if dooce is going to have to either start posting pics at random times or in the middle of the (U.S.) night….

    I’ll be quiet now and go to work.

  • Liz

    Mmmmmmashed potatoes.

  • Aww.. Leta is a cutie pie. I like how she’s got both arms perched on her high chair, almost like she’s tryinig to fold her hands to say “I’m waaaiting..”


  • kim

    will we get to see the tree, too?

  • Cheryl

    I really don’t know how you don’t eat her whole… that baby is the cutest thing alive!

  • Potatoes are very big with the small set. They seems to love them all. Wait until she tries sweet potato, if she hasn’t yet. My son loves him some sweet potato.

  • Em

    Lovely to see you both!

  • What is that UFO approaching from the left? Leta definitely has her eyes on it, on account of it looks like it’s going to slice your head off.

  • mmm … taters. i remember the first time i gave my son mashed potatoes and his whole body shook with disgust. it was hilarious. now he loves them of course, because only true freaks of nature hate mashed potatoes.

  • sclark

    Ah, the mashed potatoe days. My daughter LOVES them…and now pretty much eats nothing else. 🙂

  • Mashed potatoes (and they are MASHED potatoes, not CREAMED potatoes, as some evil people insist on calling them!) are THE BOMB! (I’m sorry, my seven-year-old has been saying “[such-and-such] is THE BOMB!” and I’m afraid she’s a bad influence.)

    And Dooce, you look like Jan Hooks in that picture. Something about your profile…
    (I love Jan Hooks, by the way.)

  • Colleen from NJ

    Thanks for honoring my request! She’s a cutie-pie-tidy eater, that little scooter of yours.
    If you ever decide to go for #2, you may have a potato disaster on your hands, because you will need to let #2 fend for him/herself as you chase Leta around with a hairbrush/tissue/cotton swab.

    Her chunky little legs look like they are doing the “hooray for food” dance.

  • The Cow Bell

    I see how it is. You not feelin’ the love anymo. with more balls of cranberry constipation.

  • There are these GREAT socks at Wal-mart that are completely kick-proof.

  • Just give her the bowl and let her feed herself.

    Leta REALLY needs some sock savers (shoes).

    Where’s Chuck??

  • Leta: Holy Joseph Smith! She’s holding something other then a camera!

  • Marie

    Leta totally looks like she wants to grab that bowl and stuff the ENTIRE contents in her mouth, right.fucking.NOW!

    And wtf?? I can’t see the new masthead that everyone’s commenting on. I’m still seeing the cowbell one.

  • How much actually got in her mouth?

    I love the new festive masthead.

  • Dooce, I like how your look like you’re concentrating like a motherfucker in almost every picture you post of yourself. Don’t let people pressure you into smiling all the time; I hate it when they do that to me.


  • Venus Man Trap

    Margaret…are you like some Nanny from the Third Reich? Chill women!

  • Why do so many people want to eat the baby. Don’t eat the baby.

    Perhaps this is my first experience with those who compare a baby’s cuteness using digestive adjectives.

    Mashed potatoes were the most amazing invention ever. Ever. All things potatoes should be praised.

  • Mmmmm….mashed potatoes.
    The ONLY mushy food I like.


  • Venus Man Trap

    Oh….and Dooce must have her lips superglued shut as it is anatomically impossible not to open your mouth while feeding a baby.

  • I speak good.

  • Russ

    2 socks…but NO PANTS!?!?

  • Man, those are such cute thighs. Makes you want to bite them…
    Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Dale

    My daughter (15 months) LOVES mashed potatoes. You’ve got to be BRAVE and let her fill every cavity with them! Nose, ears, hair – who knew mashed potatoes made such a great hair gel!?

  • Aw that’s cute.

  • the legs!!! the undulating rolls of chubby legness!!

  • Marie, if you can’t see the new masthead, you need to clear your browser’s cache.

    ALSO! I can’t believe no one’s commented on it yet, but the cutest thing BY FAR in that picture is the way Leta is pointing her left foot.

  • Heather, do people’s jaws always drop open like that when they’re staring at your bossom? Leta’s apparantly does and, if we’re being honest, so does mine.

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