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I want to see the temple, I’m going there someday

  • Paula


  • wow so close to first

  • :))))) nice shot

  • V V Nice!

  • Has it snowed in SLC yet?

    I miss that place.

  • Sarah

    wow… breathtaking!

  • okay now I can wriet I can not belive I was second>>> SEcond. i mean I am a long time reader but not always a poster, anyway. I have to say this pic is awsome, looks like a painting. Heather I have a son and have mentioned him on this site a few times. I have posted some pics of him on my site feel free to check it out. I read everyday and take a littl em time to read and relax from being a mommy. I have showed him pics a leta ( he does interact with real kids too) I am not a crazy anyway. I am in th beginings of creating my own website all about our family, any tips on how to get started!!!! I am really confined to my blogger website now. Anyway any soft ware tips would be great. Thanks for all of your wonderful daily reads and photos.. nad let me just say SECOND!!!!

  • Jennifer: Not if you’re gonna type such a long reply you’re not.

  • Can regular folks visit the temple? Do you have to have the special underwear?

    It *is* beautiful.

  • Different Patrick

    Could I be number ten? Probably not.

  • Cora’s mommy

    Where is that?

  • I’h heard it before, but couldn’t bring myself to believe it–do Mormons really have to wear special underwear? Do they wear it all the time? Please, tell me more.

  • That’s a really cool photo!

  • foofer

    Beware of the witch, Dorothy!

  • Dipali

    Cant believe Im in 2 digits..generally Im like after 100..coool..
    That makes me happy..
    Happy weekend evryone !

  • Danielle

    Wow. It really looks like a beacon of light in the distance. Very luminescent.

    My impression is that you cannot go into a temple unless you are Mormon (and carry some kind of card? or something?). This is second-hand info, and is from a person who visited about 15 years ago. Perhaps the policy is different now.

    bummer, though isn’t it?
    ’cause I’d love to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing inside the temple.

  • Nice picture!! I have the same camera as you, but I am still figuring it out. LOL!

  • “i’m going there someday” ha! not until you stop using the word “fuck” young lady!!!

    kinda creepy how everything in the pic but the temple is slightly grainy. did you do that on purpose or did it just turn out that way? i guess it’s because everyone else is damned for using the word “fuck”!

  • sheepers

    I’d always heard it was fireproof underwear.
    Isn’t asbestos itchy?

  • Kind of looks like a Fleet Enema bottle in the distance.

  • Lee

    Wow. Amazing colors.

  • It looks like something that would go on a postcard. Almost. Neat.

  • Leta (too!)

    That is so incredible. I also have a Nikon D70, but somehow I cannot get it to take nearly as amazing pictures as you, Heather. And I am still trying to utilize all that Photoshop has to offer. I really need to take a class on it or something.

  • It’s not the camera that takes the photos, but the person holding the camera who knows when to shoot.


  • Special underwear?

    And after being a Mormon for at least 20 years, you’ve never been allowed in the temple?

  • Interesting colors.

  • yp

    the saturation of the colors in this photo looks a lot like the way the Holga 120SF with the polaroid back looks because of the light leaks and the flimsy chinese factory plastic it’s made of. Is this a film shot scanned in or a D70 shot?

  • Elizabeth

    It’s true!

    Special underwear.

    I read another site which was more anecdotal, and a woman there said she remembered her mom and grandmother wearing them UNDER REGULAR BRAS AND SLIPS. This was (is?) common! No one talks about it b/c it’s “sacred not secret.” Also a fun fact: they are referred to as “garmies” by those who live with them. Hee hee. Sorry to laugh, but it is as ridiculous as not mixing dairy and meat. Jeez some of us such slaves to superstition and ancient (or anyway outdated) ritual … and no, I’m not an antheist. Just not a fan of organized religion.

  • Wow, that’s gorgeous! Is it a high ISO? I’ve played with that on my D70 (shot at a live gig) and it was a really cool effect.


  • Jess

    Fireproof underwear…good hell. The pic is beautiful, I think that Mormon temples are awesome buildings. Umm to answer Danielle’s question not just anyone can get in and they do have a card…it’s called a recommend. I believe you are interviewed to see if you are worthy to enter..

  • My roommate in collee became a mormon when we were living together and she was very obnox.. i mean open about everything. Se didn’t get any special underwear! and will she ever be pissed when she finds out they ddint’ let her in on the special underwear brigade! she was a faux mormon tho. the only rule she’d stick totho was no caffeine, and i’m not even sure tha’s a rule. she’s make me go into the store andbuy her cigarettes because someone from the church worked there and she’d have sex with strangers allthe time. I’m surprised she didn’t try to seduce the brothers that came to visit while on their mission!

  • Danielle

    Oh good, the hubby just informed me that the Tabernacle choir doesn’t sing in the temple, but in the tabernacle. (well, duh, that makes sense.) And that non-Mormons _are_ allowed to go in the tabernacle.

    As an aside, he also tells me the tabernacle is beautiful. It has columns holding up the ceiling that look like marble but are actually polished trees. which sounds cool.

  • Jules,

    Maybe that was her main drive to join up…all those Mormon boys who’d she’d never get with cuz they don’t get with anyone who’s not Mormon.

  • It’s “I love to see the Temple” you butcher of sacred mormon hymns. Beautiful Picture by the way. Very Postcard worthy. You should see if the visitors center will buy it off of ya. That would be your ticket into the celestial kingdom.

  • I went to the Morman Tabernacle once. Not the Temple, of course, because I’m not Morman. But the Tabernacle was nice. Great acoustics.

  • It’s not the camera that takes a good picture it’s the person taking the picture. And Dooce you take some beautiful pictures!

  • whozit

    Why does everyone think the temple is beautiful? It looks like a giant glowing phallus.
    I like the blues though. I got the blues.

  • I heard the Choir practice in the Tabernacle once. Their practice sounds better than most concerts. You can hear the beautiful rendition of my favorite folk song “Shenandoah” at the end of Oliver Stone’s film “Nixon.” The reason chapter skip was invented on DVD!

  • popsicle

    i wouldnt know what to do at temple except fart really loud so it vibrated off the pew. that would be fun. i love fun.

  • anon

    No 10 month newsletter for Leta?

  • Beautiful sky…

  • Gorgeous Heather! I love the colours…

  • MrsDoF

    That is a beautiful picture taken at night. The lighting and the focus…. Did you use a tripod?

    There is a mansion here in our town which was built by some esteemed Judge who was a major character when Abe Lincoln was still a lawyer.
    We have lived here 21 years, yet I have never been on one of the tours of the old place, so I am not even going to write about a Someday visit.

  • Darcie

    The Google ad on your site is for matching mother-daughter dresses. Do you and Leta “do” matching outfits?
    (Great photo!)

  • Argie

    Fireproof underwear…is that to make sure that none of the hellfire jumping off the rest of us heathens harms them?

  • Becky

    Is it just me or are the cowbells back?

  • Becky

    I just refreshed so I could se my post and lo and behold the Christmas toilet is back. FREAKY.

  • Gia

    That’s pretty. If it had a little star up in the sky and you’d have a postcard for Silent Night.


  • The fireproof underwear is to prevent Mormon women from inflaming their bottom systems while watching certain scientologists.

  • Can the Nikon D70 take a picture that can make two 11 year old girls who fight like cats and dogs over EVERY single thing, actually look like they LIKE each other?
    The Kodak DX7630 did!! I have wondered if my purchase of that camera was the right thing (I still dream about the d70), but after seeing the picture of my two girls looking as if they LIKE each other, i’m convinced I made the right choice.

    Now if I can just figure out how to make it look like I’m about 30 lbs lighter I will be in HEAVEN.


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