An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • cool!

  • Aliesha

    That is a really cool photo!

  • aw, poop. first…


  • Do

    Nice pic
    No montly newsletter to Leta?

  • GMM

    Where is that? Pretty. I am from Ontario, where there is a serious lack of mountains!

  • Do

    Just wondering
    The being first thing, is it American?
    I really don’t get it…
    Is there a price involved maybe?

  • Number 6. Woohoo! In Minnesota, we miss mountains too. Can you have some sent over in time for [the holiday that dare not be mentioned]?

  • Do, I’m English 🙂

    Mind, I’m normally number 236 or something!

  • If you’re not already getting kickbacks from Nikon and the Utah Travel Council (not to mention the Have More Babies lobby), you should look into it.

    Not to give you unsolicited advice or anything. I’m just sayin’. You make me want to have babies and take them to Utah on vacation.

  • Katerina

    So, if blog-reading is like watching a stage show, and comment hi-jacking akin to stage diving then being first is like being in the front row, right up close to the stage where you could possibly be noticed by the band.
    I think I get it now. 🙂

  • d

    beautiful! I love it when there’s something in the foreground and the main focus is something far away…just got back from London and so many of my pictures are like that.

  • Do – Yes I do think being first has to do with being American and highly competitive. It is also in some instances (like this one I think) more of a game than anything else.

    Heather – As always, amazing photo. Looking forward to the 10 month update. TEN MONTHS! All done one day at a time, as any mother will attest to I am sure.

  • This picture makes me want to jump on a horse and ride off into the sunset!

  • Molly

    I LOOOOONG for a mountain view here in Wisconsin.. Ah yes miles and miles of Flatland we are blessed with here.
    Lovely photo. I notice that the background is grainy.. is that a dooce effect? or is it just the time of day?

  • the niffer

    Katerina – I think you’ve cracked the code!

    I’m just lovin the blue in the last two photos. I had no idea Utah was so beautiful. (To tell you the truth, I had no idea where Utah was…)

  • Thats so pretty. It snowed here last night and I just got in from taking pictures myself, I almost froze to death.

  • What sun *ginger*? It’s like the sun is dead. It’s fucking cold outside and snowing! I am only 67miles away from Los Angeles…This sucks.

  • That looks much like Bulgaria. Dooce, are you sure its Utah?

    Anyway, The shot is still really inspiring and makes us mm

    (But I keep insisting thats Bulgarian mountain!).

  • Jme

    Some windchime! Oh, some mountains! 😀

  • Desi

    Another awesome picture….

  • those mountains are beautiful. your photos of utah scenery are great. you could start selling them as postcards!! the way the mountains look in that photo reminds me of the old westerns (films) for some reason.

  • Karen

    Very pretty. Also, thanks for introducing me to Interpol! (I live under a rock and I don’t hear of such things before I “log on” to that new-fangled thing the “World Wide Web,” okay?)

  • I’d like to know if Dooce has dooce-effected these past two photos or not. And if they have been dooce-effected, please tell us *how*. 🙂

  • heh I like your post. Please snap a pic of pothead Santa for us. My baby just turned 8 months old WAAAAAH. That little shit is going to be walking by Christmas. Help.Me.Now.

  • Melanie S

    Lulu – I’ve got baby fever too…we should know by next Friday if our “remedy” worked or not!

    Bekah – Go to Dooce’s FAQs. She gives you the link to the instructions on the photoshopping.

  • Sheryl

    I love this photo especially because it represents the light and flavor of the West. I grew up all over California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona. Ahhh, I miss the West, and *real mountains*.

    Katrina, I think you got it.

    I was thinking maybe we should have a multiple choice feedback form:
    A. I love your ____.
    B. I have a similar baby, family, dog story.
    C. Insert assinine but potentially funny comment.

    I think I am going to go with options A & C today.

  • Paula

    Lovely view. I would kill to wake up and see that every day. As for snow, its been too warm the last few days to snow here in good ole New England..but I hear its coming soon (maybe in time for Xmas).

  • foofer

    Thanks, Heather! These past couple of photos almost convince me that winter is wonderful. Stunning.

  • 28? at 8 AM on sunday? jesus christ people, do you set your alarm to post here or just sit around madly clicking away at the reffresh button to stalk heather’s photos all day? cause really, i thought i was the only one.

  • Emily

    Jimbo. 8 am is only 8 am in one part of the world.

  • Emily

    And stalkers can operate 24/7 from any of those points in the space time contimum that is the world wide web.

  • That’s not a windchime. A windchime is a delicate little thing that makes a faint, melodious tinkle. I’m betting that motherfucker in the picture wakes up everyone within a 10-mile radius on windy nights.

  • Which 8AM is in SLC, Utah at that moment.

    Anyway, I’d hate to trek myself over those hills. 😉

  • Happy ten months, Leta!!!

  • This pic reminds me of the gorgeous drive from Albuqurque to Santa Fe. I love me some New Mexico.

  • Emily

    Err, continuum.

    Hell, it’s only 6 something here.

  • Amazing pic.

  • Double digits? I’ve never been double digits before! Those mountains are gorgeous… you have such an eye for photography.

  • Very pretty! And thank you and your fab husband for having an RSS feed. Now you appear magically on my start page. Wheee!

  • Colleen from NJ

    You’re right. The photo reminds me of the Sandias. I wasn’t always from NJ… did a stint in NM. Boy, do we ever miss the west. Especially when we see shots like today’s.

    Oh man, I miss the west. The West is the best.

  • If you squint real crazy-like, you can see a Mars Rover bouncing along the horizon…

  • jennifer

    Awsome pic, those mountians are incredible.

  • I got nothing to say.

  • Julie

    You know the conversation yesterday about it’s not the camera, it’s the person taking the pictures…well, I think it’s also not the dooce effect that makes these pictures great, it’s still the person taking the pictures. I take a ton of pics and found Heather’s explanation of the Dooce Effect and tried it out on a bunch of my photos last night – from faces to landscapes, to objects – and none of mine even came close to comparing to hers.

    If you want to try it Bekah, just google “Dooce Effect” and one of the first that pop up is from Heather.

  • Beeyootiful. I love the colors!

  • It looks cold…. icy cold.

  • Gorgeous photo.

  • Danielle

    In addition to categories A, B, and C, there needs to be the following:

    D. a request for something

    So, today I’m doing D.
    I second the motion put forth by Mrs. Stray (#24 at 8:23); we’ve definitely got to see some of these Santas.

    By the way, doesn’t checking the photo update feel a bit like checking your stocking for presents during December? or was my family the only one that put little things in stockings on the days during Advent (candy, stickers, simple stuff)? It was always a big thrill to notice the lump or feel something that crackled before we headed off to school. This is a bit how I feel looking for new pics or blog posts. treats!

  • cee

    Oooh! I love it!

  • denver, eh?

    hellooooooo jon! (echo echo)

    do you think he heard me?

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