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Everyone in my family has green eyes but me

  • Lucy

    Gotta love that dog!

  • Chuck has those eyes that say “I know a whole lot more than you think I do.”

  • Taya


  • ahhh! i was having a chuck withdrawal. oh those beautiful, green eyes.

  • Chuck is so handsome.

  • Yay! NOT that I have anything at all against Leta, but I’ve really missed seeing Chuck!

  • He looks like a small deer, can we call him Bambo?

  • i want a chuck so bad. stupid landlords and their stupid rules. sure, i can squeeze out a kid, but i can’t have a dog. go figure.

  • nahh Thats not green

  • Danielle

    I saw the thumbnail and though “that looks like fur! chuck!”


    yay. such a cutie.

    (BTW I am still hoping to see more puppy-chuck pictures… surely you have more?)

  • Chuck rocks, no matter what color his eyes are.
    He needs a single antler headpiece for the holidays, a la Max from “The Grinch”! Oooooh, holiday pictures are comin’ from dooce! yay!

  • nicola

    oh chuck he’s still as adorable as ever and nah its not green

  • Cujo…..?

  • nicola

    isnt the dog in kath and kim called cujo??

  • i have an urge to stretch my fingers under his chin and to give chuck one good, long mighty, dog-heaven scratch.

  • Chuck is the best. Is he on Dogster?

  • foofer

    Are those freckles on Chuck’s ears? Awwwwwwww.

  • I love tequila. What is a tequini?What’s in it and how do I make one???

  • LeAnn

    Yes, but Chuck, you’re still the only one who can lick your own bits.

  • Looks like he is enjoying that nice rub. He sure is a cutie.

  • Liz


  • Julie

    What a little peanut head cutie!

    Not to bring up the subject of Boohbah again…but I have a story. I get really bad migraines, and my neurologist put me on a medicine called Topamax on monday to try to prevent them. I’ve been on Topamax before and did great. Well, people on the “migraine street” call it Stupamax because, for a few weeks, until your body gets used to the medicine, you actually get kind of stupid. I started it Monday, and the stupidness hit Thursday morning. It started with me not being able to figure how to tie my shoes…took 5 minutes to get it right. THen I couldn’t process how to get my daughter’s coat on her while the TV was on – had to turn the TV off first so I could concentrate! Anyway…freaky stuff if you didn’t know it would stop in a few weeks.

    So…Thursday, my husband came home, and *I* had *MY* head resting on *my* *daughter’s* leg, and we had been watching TIVO’d episodes of Boohbah and Elmo for 3 hours!!!!!!! I was seriously enjoying myself. The colors were just so pretty, the songs so nice, the peace/love/harmony atmosphere, all the action. My husband, on the other hand, was laughing his ass off and wanted to take a picture.

  • Kim

    Aww Chuckles! I knew it would be him, I’d recognize a dog ear anywhere!

  • JP

    Funny…I’m the on with the green eyes in my family…the rest have brown. Of course, this is what happens when your hubby is hispanic. His genes win.

  • His sister is cute, but Chuck Armstrong is a handsome devil.

  • Colleen from NJ


  • Melani

    This is so funny, my husband just told our dog that today. I got on to him for pointing it out because now Brownie will know she’s adopted!

  • On the off chance that you ever decided you don’t want Chuck anymore, I will be glad to take him off your hands.

    He is just too cute.

  • dooce, i think i love you.
    and your little dog, too.

  • I don’t know, but the flash reflection makes Chuck’s eyes look green to me 🙂

    BTW… I’m the only blue-eyed in my family, everyone else has brown… ditto those MACHO hispanic genes 🙂

  • Ahh, The Former Congressman! Such a sweet pupper face!

  • brown eyes have always done something to me, deep down. I love you, Chuck.

  • I think he looks a bit freaky-deaky there.
    But maybe it’s just me.

  • dear chuck,

    you look like you have a pulsing uterus on top of your head. just FYI.

    Your friend,
    The Sarcastic Journalist

  • So not first

    Thirty fifth!

    I am so special! Everyone bow to my wondrousness!

  • Liz

    Awww! There he is! The most adorable Mr. Chucklesworth – the best congressman EVER!

    With a face like that, who COULDN’T love him?

  • He looks like he just did something good and got praised for it.

  • Chuckles! Sweetie! Who’s a good dog? Who? Who?

    I know that Chuck’s lineage may be mixed (the BEST kind!) but everytime I see the picture below, I think of him.

  • Everyone should have a Chuck.

  • Aww, jeez, you make me want a dog.

  • Paris Hilton

    Chuck is hot!

  • TK

    I want your dog!! He’s just too cute….


  • It’s his tapetum lucidum reflecting light back green. Pretty anyway.

  • Senor Chuckles needs a rack o’ reindeer antlers, I think. He’d look like “Max” from the Grinch. hehe.

  • yo quiero taco bell.

  • I cant stop staring at the one mole/wirey hair on his cheek. Tell Chuck electrolysis works.

  • Susan

    pictures of chuck make my day better. every time.

  • File Under: Tickling

  • hey, Lisa:
    Lisa said at 07:35AM, 12.11.2004:
    Chuck has those eyes that say “I know a whole lot more than you think I do.”

    no, I think he’s really saying “I’ve gotten into a lot more trash cans than you think I have”

  • Awww. I love Chuck!

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