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Everyone in my family has green eyes but me

  • stephanie

    Okay, so what ARE the ingredients of a Tequini?

  • Kelly

    I really wish I could show you my dog. She looks just like Chuck. I just asked my son to come look at this picture, and it took some explaining because he was absolutely sure Chuck was our Scooter. I love mutts!!

  • erin

    recently as i was browsing a local retail store i noticed a familiar looking face. i thought to myself, no it couldn’t be..but it was. i walked away and then back again (i was pretending to shop while my husband was trying to pick out my christmas present), but then it became unbearable. when he asked me if i needed any help, i found myself unable to control my actions. i lifted my finger, pointed at him, and said….”GEORGE!”

    yes folks, i met him.

  • Tequini

    1 ounces Tequila
    ounce Dry Vermouth
    1 dash Bitters
    Stir and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with the twist of a lemon peel and an olive.

  • mrs. george #2

    WOW erin! You really met george? You rock. I hope you dry humped him right then and there. Or at least gave him your panties.

  • Dooce: re: “Leta gets licked by Chuck’s ass on a regular basis.”

    That’s why I keep coming back here.


  • shy

    love the chuck! love the chuck!

    he almost looks like a reindeer in this photo.

  • He’s so handsome.

    And that mole makes him look so distinguished!


  • Dooce, you know how third grade boys tease girls they like? It seems kinda like that with Jon and the tickle thing. He tickles you because he loves you and the more he gets a rise out of you, the better!

  • Elegant Goose

    That’s awesome that somebody met George. What a weird way to become a celebrity- your cousin’s slightly controversial website (well, majorly controversial, if you’re the former employer or the family…)

    I don’t know what celebrity “list” that would count as, though. That’s way lower than B list… sorry George.

    ***warning… off topic comment follows***

    Re: all the poop talk from two days ago- you guys should all check out

    It’s run by Dan Savage, my all time favorite sex advice columnist. Santorum, the last name of a nastily conservative senator, was co-opted to refer to the by-product of, um, anal sex… so don’t check out that website if you’re offended by poo or butt-fucking. Happy Reading!

  • Sir Chuck’s Alot looks fab no matter what color his eyes are! You Go Chuck!!!

  • SarahL

    I, too possess a chuck-look-alike dog. Except she’s a girl. I must have been subliminally influenced by all the photos here, so that when I saw this chuck-alike at the pound I had to take her home with me despite overwhelming evidence that she was (and is) a little crazy and will perpetually jump on every human she meets for the rest of her life. Oh well, the soft bits of fur under her ears make up for the trouble.

  • Awww! What a sweetie Chuck is. You are so blessed. I was thinking the other day that you and I should have named our dogs “Pacey” though…..for all the click-clicking on the hardwood. ARGH! Course, that evokes many images of Dawson’s Creek – you know that show where all the teenagers are cross-eyed? I used to call it Cross-Eyed Creek. And didn’t they all sleep with each other over the course of that show? I’m pretty sure they did….anyway! Cross eyed, star crossed lovers……..

    Chuck rocks!

  • stephanie


    I’m gonna try that.

  • stephanie


    I’m gonna try that.

  • stephanie

    oh shit, whoops.

  • He even used the words “covalent bonds,” after which I told him to stop or I would have to take him to the bedroom RIGHT THEN.

    Some people totally don’t understand why I love you. And that’s totally why.

  • heathertoo

    Has he been de-balled? You could be making millions on stud service!

  • Me

    There you go chuck, smile to the camera and move your tail like a good mormon.

  • Ali

    I can’t wait til I get a puppy. Naturally, mine won’t be as intelligent as Chuckles… he’ll be a former attorney. Nothing quite as exciting as a former CONGRESSMAN.

    Also, I loved your last entry, Dooce. It was hilarious.

  • Ex-Mormons are cool. Like mutts are cool. Go Chuck & Nicki & guy!

  • Please link to Nikki and Ryan’s article when it comes out — I’d love to hear their take on Tequini night. And thanks again for existing.

  • I wish there was a directory of ex-mormons who aren’t anti-mormon and their blogs. That’s a specific directory I could totally support.


    I’m glad Erin didn’t post where I worked (like I asked, thanks very much). Because if she did I would have ruined her husband’s surprise. Well, I take that back, I’m not that big of an asshole.

    Chuck gives his love, as he was just laying his head on my crotch as I was reading the comments.

  • Lisa

    Isn’t it great when they learn how to do things for themselves??? Isn’t the first time they try adorable??? *sigh* I love having my heart in a million pieces…..

  • erin: I can’t believe you met George!

  • Chuck always looks slightly nervous in his pics. Or guilty.


  • Oh Chuckie! Why can’t I have a puppy as cute as you? I don’t care if you throw up and chew up the garbage.

  • Susie

    Loved the Leta and the comb story. I’ll bet she’ll comb a doll’s hair now; I have some heartbreakingly precious photos of my now much older daughter when she was Leta’s age, combing her dolly’s hair in her crib. Bet she’ll comb Chuck too, given the chance. Can’t wait to see the photos!

  • CHUKK! Lissinn. I gatt yor e-mall askeen 4 hilp. Jistt as sun I can I wel git 2 Yuta andd sav yew. Kip upp thi actt jist a leettel bitt langir. And DUN’t BIT JONN. I no hi iss annuyeen butt dun’t do itt. Hithir wel git bak at yew ef yew du. Shi es MIN. Dun’t mis wit hir. Shi eets bebes! Shi prable eets dags 2 su dun’t resk itt.


  • I work retail too! Does that make me cool like George! by association? No? It just means my soul is slowly being sucked out of my ears o-n-e customer at a time? Okay, then.
    Goodbye, soul.
    And kudos to Fran for actually remebering what that funky shit at the back of an animal’s eyeball is called! (Oh, Anatomy and physiology. I will never think of a cow’s eye (without retching) ever again, and it’s all thanks to you. No thanks, by the way).

  • awww. He’s super cute.

  • Paula

    I just want to hug and smooch on Chuck, he’s so cute!

  • Chuck!

    Question for Blurbodoocery…what does Chuck want Santa to bring him for Christmas? I mean, besides more tequila??

  • Holy crap. I was looking for ‘random’ during a google search (yeah, i’m random and odd) anyway, I found this picture (click the CLICK ME! link) and I had to laugh. I think Heather will love it.

    Please let me know if you got it…if not, i’ll just keep posting until you say you saw it, it was lame, leave you alone 😉

  • You are a wonderful writer. But I can’t figure out why so many people love to be “first.”
    Do you ever get tired of everyone kissing your ass?

  • No comb in the mouth?? Must have been an amazing moment!

  • What a BEAUTY!

  • Yeah, but at least in Chuck’s case, not the irises.

  • newborn

    I have just the solution for Chuck’s mole – Magnet Therapy.. for pets! Taken from a random googling:

    There is a revolutionary new treatment now available for pets- – dogs and cats — young and old — large and small. It’s called magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy is showing great promise -bringing relief and healing to all pets plagued with arthritis, rheumatism, old age, blindness and just about any other illness that attacks their human counterparts. Magnets have been known to restore sight to a dog with cataracts. It has also healed open sores. It is helping in Emergency Medicine, too. Magnets applied to broken bones heal twice as fast. A dog recovered from poison in 24 hours. A dog bitten by a rattlesnake was up and about four hours later.

    Wow. What a load of utter bollocks.
    Cool dog btw.

  • Do they also have a whisker sticking out of a big doggy beauty mark? Just wondering, because if that, you’d be lucky!

  • Sarah

    He looks evil there. I’ll have nightmares for weeks about green-eyed dogs chasing me down.

  • the niffer

    He’s got your smile.

    Thanks for making me laugh EVERY DAY.

    I love Chuck. I just held my cat-dog up to the screen and said, “why can’t you be more like HIM?”

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