This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party


  • Could I possible be first? No way!

  • Now that is adorable. Gotta love a dog that let’s a kid sit on him!

  • Leta’s lucky to have such a patient brother — cute pic!

  • cee

    beautiful! You have great kids!

  • LeChico

    damn!!!! got the dog (ok! similar but lots of charac like the congressman)… but want the baby now!

  • Colleen from NJ

    That is so damn cute that I can’t think of another thing to say.

  • Desi

    Chuck is such a good big brother.

  • tom

    thats a great picture, chuck really loves leta

  • wow, I’m right up there! Leta is so beuatiful and chuck… well you can tell he’d rather be somewhere else. preferably with food and lack of small children.

  • LeChico

    i wonder how long its gonna take for ppl to comment abt the furniture??

    guesses anybody?

  • di

    They are TOO cute together!

  • Adorable, your coach looks super cozy too. Chuck is such a good boy. Keep em comin!

  • LOL….awwwww.

  • He totally has a look of quiet acceptance on his face… he knows he’ll get his pizza reward later, no?

  • Dre

    That is so friggin’ cute, I cannot stand it!

    What a sweet dog, and what a sweet punkin!

  • Taylor

    I know I’ve been reading this site too often when I have dreams about trying to encourage Elton John to read it because it’s “totally the next big thing!!”

  • Aww, how precious! (Btw, this is the closest I’ve ever been to #1!)

  • Leta: I bet if I pull on his tail just right, I can stretch it out and wrap it around his nose like a piece of spaghetti!

    Chuck: *Soon* she’ll be tall enough to reach the pizza. It’ll all be worth it… soon. Sigh.

  • She owns that tail. Do not cross Leta.

  • e

    this photo is just TOO precious!!

  • maggie

    I never wanted kids or a dog until I saw that picture! So cute!!

    Oh, and about Leta loving the hair comb–it could always be worse: she could want to be a cheerleader.

  • alright! dogs allowed on the sofa…

    wait. dogs allowed on the NICE sofa

  • Don’t lie, Dooce, you bribed him with Doritos, didn’t you?

  • kai

    I sense a Christmas card…

  • How many tequinis did Chuck have to get caught in such a compromising position?! Too cute.

  • Evelyn

    This picture would be great printed on quality photo paper and beautifully framed, hanging on the wall in Leta’s room! It’s truly a keeper! Thanks for taking it and sharing it!


  • My heart just melted.

  • Laura

    I think my ovaries just exploded.

  • That is too much cuteness! The world needs more of this.

  • Joe

    Cuteness… too… strong…

  • Wow, a dog who sits there when a child is around, that’s unbelieable!

  • Michelle

    Hey – you two are up early after last night! We had fun, and your daughter is adorable! Chuck is so patient. I hope our dogs will be…

  • Paula

    Chuck has the patience of a saint. Saint Chuck!


  • I’ll make a deal with you….I’ll babysit Leta and Chuck while you guys go out if I can just lounge on your couch while you’re gone.

    That’s the cushiest looking couch, no wonder Chuck can’t garner the strength to escape. The smooshiness is sapping his energy.

  • Looks like Leta is just a few moments away from grabbing a handfull of Chuck’s goods.

    See, she’s learned a few things from her Mommy already!

    dr. dave

  • Leta grasps Chuck’s tail as he realizes she has Grabbed The Power!

  • Gia

    How cute! I think Chuck is being so patient because he wants his tummy rubbed. Just laying there… hoping…

  • Oh. My. Gawd. That is so frickin’ sweet. I’m getting diabetes over here! PS, loved today’s story of her trying to comb her hair. I guess it’s those moments that you hang on to when she’s been screaming for 4 hours straight?

  • Ashik

    She prefers Chuck to the remote?! It’s just inches away, waiting to be eaten…

  • Julie

    When you’re a parent, your dog + your baby loving on each other = ABSOLUTE REASON FOR BEING!!!

    (with whole three exclamation marks!)

  • Couch!

  • Oh my gawd, I feel weak!

  • Good plan getting Chuck coloured upholstery!

  • Jenni C

    That is my favorite picture so far!

  • abc

    Um, can we see some of the fancy fake flowers already?

  • Lisa

    Love the couch..could Leta get any cuter?? Chuck must be hte worlds sweetest dog to allow her to do that….

  • That is one GOOD DOG. And, a damn precious picture to boot.

  • andy

    With all the scrotal grabbing in the Dooce household, I’m glad Leta is only grasping his tail. Otherwise, Chuck might hop off that couch a lot more quickly.