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  • Ali

    I hope I have such cute kids when I grow up.

  • Janie

    That is the cutest picture ever, and I love the look on Leta’s sweet little face.

  • Sasha

    Wow! That is adorable. Such a cute little girl.

  • olaf

    That’s beautiful. Hopefully, they’ll grow up together and stay friends/tolerant of one another. My dog used to love kids because they were around so much (also the dropped food) even when they pulled his tail. Dogs are great.

  • Julia

    That pic is so cute. And the comb thing! Agh! That is so sweet! My 12 mo old son recently took the brush from my hand and “brushed” my hair (swiped at the tips), concetrating so hard and then smiling up at me like the kitten-in-a-pie that he is. We’re still finding pieces of my heart all over the carpet.

  • Danielle


    Since Chuck has no testicles (you might recall the phrase “licking of the empty nutsack”) do you think it would still hurt for Leta to grab him there? I suspect, no. But I’m really not sure.

    Here’s a question of interest, is there anything left to grab? I’ve never had a male dog that was neutered.

  • Danielle

    Oh, and I really like getting to see the two of them together.

  • my dog would never, i repeat never, allow any child to be that near him. he is afraid they will hurt him. ouch, he’s thinking. he’s littler than Chuck though. i wish i could get such a cute pic of my babes and our dog. but i don’t see that happening unless i photoshop him in.

  • AWWWW…

  • Aww, that is absolutely adorable!

  • BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! Leta and Chuckles are tugging on my heartstrings!

  • the girl has perfect eyebrows

  • What a special picture. So beautiful.

  • I can take both of them off your hands with no problem.

  • Tam

    I do realize it’s very wrong of me to keep showing my husband photos of Leta in order to bump up our baby-making schedule a couple of years.

    But I keep doing it anyway (needless to say, I don’t let him READ the posts – then he might discover that she isn’t adorable and smiling 24/7, and that would scupper ALL my plans.)

  • GT

    Please, please, please, tell me where you got that couch. I love it! Is it a cooshie (sp?) as it looks?

  • Susie

    Since Chuck has no “goods” to grab, I do believe the tail in hand will suffice quite nicely as enough “power” for Miss Leta to be grabbing at her age.

    I like “Saint Chuck.” There is a certain holiness about him. (And a certain unholiness, of course, but that’s what makes saints interesting.)


  • Mo

    He has accepted the true ruler of the Armstrong kingdom.

    AND on an entirely different note, I was recently in a truly junky junk shop when I happened upon a pile of delightfully raunchy mags from the seventies, which were filled with charming naughty-bits portraiture, all extremely close-up and attached to smarmy looking English girls. DO you know what this mag was called?


  • I have never seen such a truly resigned look on a dog’s face. Ever. Dear Chuck, we love you so.

  • Wow, how cute!! Any other dog would have bitten her in a second for grabbing onto its tail like that, lol. Adorable.

  • shy me

    oh, Oh, OHHHHHHHH!

  • I just love how well Chuck and Leta get along. It beautiful!

  • Chuck doesn’t look too thrilled, but it’s good that he lets Leta climb all over him and grab chunks of fur. Am I the only one that has noticed ONLY chuck and leta seem to have red-ish hair? Interesting.

  • Dipali

    Beooooooooootiiiiifuullll !! You just made my night…Im gonna sleep with a big smile on my face…thanks dooce..
    Lets is beyond-words-cute and though I dont like dogs..Chuck is too dignified to be called that anyways..

  • that’s the most adorable picture ever. chuck is such a good boy for letting leta squeeze his tail like that 🙂

  • You know, the only reason Leta is grabbing Chuck’s tail is because she wants to absorb some of his political genius through osmosis. She’s going to RULE THE WORLD! MWAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Perfection. A dog and his girl.

  • wow.

    how can any of us continue to be meat-eaters after looking at a picture like that?

  • Whoopsie

    Babies are made out of rubber on purpose. This way we can’t damage them too much…physically anyways. Emotionally and mentally? Well, there’s therapy for that.

  • Tracy

    That is one tolerant pooch.

  • Awwwww. (Is there an echo in here?)

    Be careful, Chuck. The urchin isn’t going to let go of your tail when you try to flee. Unless Mommy hands her another votive.

  • That is so damn cute, I am actually WEAK AT THE KNEES. Aaaah!

  • RazDreams

    (How come there are two of the same “Thinking” entries on the main page? I know I mixed beer and wine last night, but sheeesh, am I really that bad off today that I’m seeing duplicates?)

  • DM

    Taylor, the dream, too funny. Elton John should so be reading this site. Everyone should.

    Dooce, stop it. I do not want children. Or a dog. But these pictures…oh, these pictures with the cuteness and the smiling and the absolute beauty of both Leta and Chuck. Yikes.

    You’re like the borg, you know that, with these pictures? Resistance is futile. Damn it. If I start asking random strangers to impregnate me and buy me a dog, it will be your fault.

  • KellyH

    One hand on the tail. Yep, with 5 cats around the house, that happens here every day.

    A picture of Leta AND Chuck! What could be better?

  • Ack! Look at how many people are up before 10am on a Sunday. This is very painful for me.

    Seriously Dooce. When are you going to write a book? Some of your essays remind me of Steve Martin’s from his book Pure Drivel. If you haven’t read it- I highly recommend it. You are one funny woman.

    Note: The above statement was not intended as an “ass-kissing” manoeuvre, unless Heather becomes obscenely wealthy- in which case…smooch smooch smooch.

  • One hand on the tail and what looks like a nipple-twister! She’s got that dog under her thumb.

  • WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! I’m first.

    Oh wait. Dammit.


  • They always grab the tail, don’t they?

  • by god… chuck is HUGE! I thought he was a tiny dog.

    Also, Leta still has a soft spot. She’ll bounce if you drop her/throw her at the ceiling.

  • bug

    It looks like you may very well have the most comfortable looking couch in the universe. Oh, and the most adorable baby and the best dog. I also can’t leave out the really hot husband. Could you just stop it already and let the rest of _something_?? 😉

  • bug

    last line should be, “and let the rest of us have something.” I blame this botched comment on tequila and jealousy…having none of one and too much of the other.

  • Jen

    Cute pic! Comment about tossing your child into the ceiling – don’t worry. My father did it to me when I was about Leta’s age while on a visit to my grandparents house. They said I had a few moments of that shocked-quiet-cry thing, my grandmother grabbed me and ran outside and let me wail and rubbed my head.
    No permanent damage and the only punishment my father received was the wrath of an angry mother! 🙂

  • Zaz

    Our german-shepherd taught me how to walk. Apparently, I first learned to pull up by hanging onto her ears. Somewhere there is 8mm film of me holding onto her tail as she walked me around the yard.

    In other words, watch out Chuck!

  • CUTE!!!! i love it!

    hey hey hey! i am last!…so far….

  • Sheryl

    Chuck truly is awesome. Aesthetically and size-wise, wish I could get a dog just like him. and he just has that intelligent look about him. But since I can’t get one just like him (how do you re-brew/emulate a mutt, esp if you have no mutt sperm or bitches in heat to experment with), and my BF desperately wants something to pet, and I could go bald if he doesn’t stop petting ME and twirling my hair, I think I might get him a Boston Terrier for xmas. About the same size as Chuck, but defintely more drooly and snorty.

    My sister has a smart-muttdog from Australia, which is part Catahoola Leopard (sp?) and part Dingo, named Mckenzie and I think she’s just a bit bigger than Chuck, and more red with white spots. That dog is a saint – upon which saint-dog both of my nieces have laid, sat, bounced, poked, plucked, yanked, tickled, chased, shrieked, you name it. And McKenzie just sits there and takes it, but will guard them with her life. Sometimes when they sit on her, she sighs really loud. I wish I had that kind of patience.

  • Sheryl

    P.S. Danielle, I took some photos of the sky today in Beantown and thought of you – somewhere nearby.
    The sky looked cool today – the clouds broke open into blue for a while in places. I’ll send you a link to the photos later if you want. My email is

  • Sheryl,

    Consider adopting a dog

    or if you are looking for specific breed consider rescuing.

    try doing a search of the breed you are interested in with the word rescue attached.

    i have adopted or rescued every pet I have ever owned. never once have I been disappointed.

    dag-“spay and neuter…adopt and rescue…be part of the solution, not part of the problem”

  • good grief, she DOES have perfect eyebrows. and that is an excellent picture. 🙂

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