An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Here in this photo she is wearing pink, so please stop sending me email telling me that I don’t dress her in pink enough

  • chickenHead

    I’m it!

  • cutie Leta


    I never wore pink, either but that doesnt make me less femine now 😉

  • wow…now i know how it feels to be up there!!!!

  • pd

    baaahhhh… so cute! 🙂

  • oooo hygenic, is she old enough to dye her hair already?

  • Sarah

    That child really can be preoccupied with any object.

  • twins! double the fun! 😉

  • Cheryl

    Leta: Mommy, I don’t think grandma would approve of this non-avon hairspray and deodarant. How is she supposed to stay on top of her game?

  • lady

    Wow!! Leta’s hair is getting longer everyday. It’s FINALLY growing like a weed!!

  • Stephanie


  • Dooce: it seems as if you have not only appeased the commenters asking her to wear pink, but also those who asked you to let her play with caustic bathroom chemicals, as well!

    Good Job.

  • becaru

    “Finish my drink or do my hair?”
    It’s my daily dilemna, Leta!!

  • but who’s that other kid????

    (just kidding)

  • Are those Leta’s newest toys?

    My son came to work with me on Friday and left with the phone cord from my office phone. You’d swear he struck gold with how happy he was with that thing.

  • That is the greatest picture what with all the angles and reflections and beauty products for the natural born cosmetologist and the pink, OH THE PINK and that little ear and such pretty eyes and little chubby baby hands and and the little wisp of a curl on the back of her little punkin head and all…

  • I see she is lovin up the toiletries.

  • Carol

    She really is precious.. I love her hair!

    And the expression on her face… “What? Aren’t these things musical instruments? No? Well, they are now.”

  • beachgal

    Oh how precious. Lovely lovely Leta.

    I plopped my son in the spare bathroom sink the other day, and he had so much fun grabbing the little decorations and talking to himself in the mirror.

  • Eva

    AWWWWWWWWWW… this is the cutest one yet!

  • e

    interesting shot of a beautiful baby – I love it!

  • I think this is your best Leta pic yet.

  • I love this picture of her. I would also give my daughter anything to keep her quiet. Escecially in the bathroom… anything to just get a shower during the day! Keep up the good writing.

  • I love the little curls at the back of her neck. She’s so beautiful. :o)

  • “Please, Mama, wear this deodorant! It’s been DAYS since you last showered!” says Leta, her cheeks pink with frustration and excitement. The same pink that so beautifully matches her sweater.

  • Why doesn’t she have a bow in her hair. HUH?

  • Do you buy matching toiletries on purpose, or does it just happen? They look very nice with Leta’s pink outfit.

  • hayley

    when my mother had my older sister in 1973, its wasn’t cool to dress your little girls in pink. so my sister got to wear yellow with red and navy blue, little flared pants and hoodies and such.
    seven years and two baby boys later, i arrived in 1980. not only was it the 80’s, but my mother’s itch to dress a girl in pink frilly dresses had kicked in.
    i don’t know of a single baby picture of me where i am not cloaked in pink ruffles.

    lucky leta.

  • Leta: “Now which one did Kyle tell me? You use *this* one to spray on the furniture and *this* one to smear on the glass?”

  • Be glad, very glad indeed, that she’s not grabbing for the feminine hygiene products just yet. Or the liquor cabinet.

    Wow, I go out of town for a couple of days and you grant us Chuck pictures, all weekend. Woof!

  • Em

    She is – as always – adorable. My 1 year old can be preoccupied with random things like that too.

    And about the pink – only if you like it – there are lots of really great colors out there! Don’t be limited. 🙂

    Dress her in what you want – because a day will come soon that she will actually have an opinion on not only what color but what article of clothing she wears!!!!!!

  • Hey, I wanted to make that joke with the matching accessories. Flipping heck, you’ve got to be quick here.

  • Colleen from NJ

    Mom, which one helps with the “I’ve been laying next to a dog all weekend” smell?

  • heathertoo

    She is beautiful in PINK! Whats wrong with pink…at least people wont call her a boy. Oh and btw, redheads look best in pink.

  • emmy


  • My kids used to love playing with my deodorant, too!

  • Pink is overrated. And Leta is lovely!

  • i agree – pink IS overrated, although looking very cute on this little one!!

  • Holy cow, people write to tell you how to dress her? Dude, it’s like you have a thousand computer screen mother-in-laws.

  • So people are *still* sending you unsolicited advice? You really should have some kind of snotty form letter to fire back at them.

    Wait. That was advice. Unsolicited, even. Never mind.

  • Did you know that the current ads by Google is showing a site for Mormon Singles?

  • Babies and Mirrors. And Girls and Beauty products. Nature or Nurture.

  • I love the angle of that photo. And Leta really is a vision in pink.
    And your bathroom looks so clean and coordinated, what with all the white towels and all. Very nice.

  • That is the cutest kid I have ever seen in my life.

  • not only is she wearing pink but she is holding onto and possibly using beauty products. well deoderant isn’t about beauty so much as it’s about not stinking like crap, but still. she’s lovely in any color.

  • red

    pink is over-rated. i like her in red. 🙂

  • Not only is she in pink, but she’s loading up on girly products! It’s never too soon to start masking that baby B.O. smell 🙂

  • Chris Gin

    Strong enough for a MAN, but made to rock your ass!
    Big Leta is cooking up some ass!

  • I thought Leta was wearing pink in the previous photo? Now, people can’t tell me she’s not wearing enough pink. She probably wore that sweater all day!

  • Pink is good! Is that deodorant in her little hands? Man, I know they grow up fast but deodorant ALREADY? Jeez. 🙂

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