An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Here in this photo she is wearing pink, so please stop sending me email telling me that I don’t dress her in pink enough

  • I absolutely love that her hair is red. I hope it stays that way.

  • bb

    Honestly, if anyone’s sending you email saying you don’t dress her in pink enough then they have major issues. It’s CULTURAL people! I love pink and everything but PINK being a girl colour should not be taken as IT.

  • baaaaa. baaaaa.

  • Take care in knowing that I, too, have splatted giggling, baby glee on a low basement ceiling. Only it wasn’t my baby, and there were tons of people in the room. Whoops.

  • So cute. I was walking past a gift store in Brooklyn yesterday and in the window, they had a bunch of baby t-shirts. One of them said “I’m not a boy” and another one said “I’m not a girl.” I totally thought of you and Leta and your cough syrup-buying story.

  • Too cute.

  • Em

    At least she is using her deoderant. Good job. Lovely light too!

  • oh no! is that DEODERANT she is playing with? the HORROR!!! Call CHILD SERVICES!!!!!

    and you TOTALLY don’t dress her in lime green enough.

  • MrsDoF

    At our church is a family with 3 sons, then finally a girl….who gets all the out-grown clothes.
    The grandma took one very nice Blue jacket and on the back embroidered in pink thread
    “Under all my hand-me-downs, I am every inch a Lady”
    She says she got the idea from a Life in These United States paragraph in the Reader’s Digest.

    Leta looks fine in whatever clothes she’s wearing, or even no clothes at all. I like her pretty eyes best.

  • so many toiletries, only one mouth. how to decide! how to decide!

  • No deodorant in the world is gonna cover up the smell that emits from any baby’s bottom system. I’m learning THAT the hard way.

  • Chris Gin:

    “Big Leta is cooking up some ass!”


    Explain, because that comment is hilarious in its bizarreness.

  • Mo

    I’ve done that. Except it wasn’t a baby. It was a kitten. And it wasn’t the ceiling. It was the ceiling fan.

    Possibly the worst thing I’ve ever done. Ever.

  • Aww the mirror shot.. a classic. She’s adorable.

  • Adorable, adorable picture! Leta’s cheeks look perfect for snacking on.

  • Cripes, by the time I read through these comments I realize that while your baby is Adorable (capital A there) I must have missed the entire rest of the picture – non avon products, well decorated bathroom? Sorry, I just like your site and just about all of your pictures and cannot believe that people actually complain about what your daughter wears and doesn’t wear.

  • Leta:”Which one of these has the best projectile properties?”

  • I look forward to seeing Leta’s picture everyday. Life just doesn’t get better than seeing that sweet face. Regardless of what color she’s wearing. (jeesh, people actually say that??)

  • See, and not only is she wearing pink, it’s a mirror shot. So the folks who are bitching about her outfits are getting twice the pink for their efforts.

  • I looooooove her hair. She looks like a little pixie.

  • The pale pink really makes her hair look red. Nice photo 🙂

  • Hmmm. Yeah. Dooce, I’m afraid that shirt is just not quite pink enough to make me happy. Please try again.

    *assuming defensive karate pose*

  • i love how Leta has exactly 1cm of neck! It’s totally… HEADneckBODY!

    That’s the best part of every baby, I think. heh.

  • Looks like she is already well on her way to being a little hussy!

  • Leta has the same look that my cat gets in front of the mirror. You know that whole who is that? Wait is that me look

  • I have to say – I love the aspect/angle of that photo. Being able to see only the parts of her face reflected in the mirror that are hidden behind the hair products is genius. Really perfect.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I LOVE the color of her hair in this picture!

  • We let our child play with prescription bottles. Of antidepressants, none the less. Hey, whatever works, right?

  • OMG, she is sitting on a counter, holding things that could be dangerous!

    *kidding, SO kidding*

  • Wow, Leta has a lot of hair for a ten-month old!!! Adorable!

  • leta smells like teen spirit!

  • mimi

    Could you tell me if you ever use any of the “pre set” modes on your D70? I’m hoping to hand mine off at my wedding soon and wonder if I shouldn’t just put it into a portrait setting before I ask a semi-stranger to start shooting the only photo documentation of this wedding.

  • Sheryl

    I can’t believe you dressed your daughter in *PINK*! And you gave her some fascist corporate products to play with! The brainwashing begins!

    *I thought you were a feminist. humph.*

    And if anyone took that seriously, then you should have your internet-reading license revoked.

  • I really like this shot a lot. The compostion is amazing. The way you didn’t get her “props” in the mirror, yet you get her beautiful mouth. She looks more like a little girl than a baby anymore…I hate to say it. Gorgeous photo (not just because the subject matter is so darn cute).

    I agree with Nathan, although Nathan said it better than I!

  • How cute! Although, is she hinting that you smell or she does?

  • Ali

    Heather, you know I adore you, which is why I hate to break the news to you:

    Your daughter has septic tank red hair, naturally.

  • Torph

    And Leta started using deodorant when?

  • jen

    oh how i hate the rediculous comments that mother-in-laws and ppl without little girls make about the bows and the pink and she has to look like a baby-i am like she is my child and i don’t like the whole oh so frilly baby look and niether does she-so give it a rest already-i am not giving i sound frustrated?i am not just letting out a little aggravation that i am forced to hold in to keep peace-bytheway very cute pic-

  • Sheryl

    P.S. I agree with Shannon C and Nathan about the composition and the cross exposure of parts of Leta’s face.

    There is that right eye that doesn’t show up in either view, though. You’re not trying to hide something are you, hmm? Basement ceiling accident? 😉

  • Angie

    I’m so jealous of how much beautiful hair she has. She has more than my almost 14 month old.

  • dre

    Do I see some Aveda Brilliant spray-on shine? 😀

    Miss Leta looks cuter every day.

  • No deodorant in the world is gonna cover up the smell that emits from any baby’s mouth


    Are you sure this kid doesn’t belong to Fish? Them be guppy lips.

  • sab

    could she be any cutier?

  • sab

    I meant cuter.

  • Hey, as long as both those items have lids….they are perfect toys. Better than anything you’d find at ToysRUs. Well, for 5 minutes anyway. Then you might need dental floss (that’s a hint…my kid won’t let go of the dental floss container). 🙂

  • Monday

    From the thumbnail I thought it was a bottle of Hershey’s Syrup and I got irrationally excited…

    Still a very nice pic though – despite the lack of chocolate.

  • Um, Dooce, that sweater is not really pink enough for a girl. And the least you could do is take off the cap on the hair spray for her.

    Seriously, I love this picture, two Letas!

  • She is the definition of cute. I can’t handle it. Pink makes her hair look so red! I LOVE IT.

    Such a pretty, pretty girl.

  • wix


    i’d like to see an email where someone says she’s not wearing pink often enough. not because i don’t believe that you’ve gotten that kind of email, but because i need a good laugh.

  • Caroline

    You dress her in pink too much ;).

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