An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • GEORGE!!!

  • Carrs

    how ’bout a pic of the tree?

  • Is that George?




  • FIRST!!!

  • and oh my god…i can die a happy woman…I’m first!

  • Looks like George has had a few too many egg nog lattes.

  • Quite the perspective – I love it!

  • preciousflower


  • contessa

    woot! George!

  • heheh That’s hilarious.
    Repeat after Dooce, G E O R G E !

  • preciousflower

    Latte schmatte

  • Melissa

    Tis George! And what is with all this competiton to be first? Aren’t we just supposed to enjoy the great pics?

  • R

    three jeers for the latte…and George

  • jeer at latte all ya want, but lay off George. He’s a cupcake.

  • Red

    He is too cute

  • I can hear Leta now. . .

  • I was just being a smart*ss about being first…lol

  • Dooce! I am so addicted to your daily photos… God help me if you ever stop doing them… I might actually have to WORK when I get to work in the mornings! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • Leah

    All I can say is, you people are fast. Merry Dec. 16!

  • Speaking of eggnog, try this delicious “Southern Eggnog” (handle). It never fails to light up a room,

  • Kathy

    ZzZzzZzz — Hey George, “WAKE UP!”

  • Oh George… you are loved be so many strangers.

  • Molly

    great shot! 🙂

  • Deenzadrine

    A whole latte GEORGE!

    har har har… 😉

  • CeeCee

    My husband and I got a D70 because of you. Our lives are forever changed. *sniff* It’s a beautiful thing 😉

  • Lulu: I’m not sure George would want to be called a “cupcake,” even though you meant it in an endearing way. From what he left in the Armstrong’s lavatory the other day, he don’t sound like no cupcake to me.

    I hear cupcakes go pretty good with egg nog lattes. Does the Blue Plate have cupcakes, too, Dooce?

  • Is that the head of Elvis up on the shelf??

    Very animated shot…for me it captures the feel of being in a cafe.

    Oh, and

  • Colleen from NJ

    Only two bucks for an Egg Nog Latte? I need to get out of NJ.

    Egg Nog Lattes and George… perfect together.

  • Looks like ol’ George is about to puke from the thought of eggnog latte. . .I know the thought makes me kinda queasy!

    Jesus tapdancin’ Christ, people, why do you wanna go messin’ with a perfectly good cup of black coffee?

  • LT

    people drink coffee in Utah? 😉

  • Anne

    George, do you make this many people’s nipples hard in real life?

  • That place is filthy! George, pick up the ShopVac and get rid of some of that clutter.

  • Yeah, Colleen (28), like you said. Starbucks is what, $6? But I wanted to note that GEORGE, like scrumptious bearded Jon, is scrumptiously bearded. What’s up with the Utah men and their fine facial hair? Is this ANOTHER reason to get out of New York? (I think I’m on metrosexual overload round here…)

  • Mhmmmm

  • You people love you some George.
    I am sure George loves you too.

  • egg nog. yum.

  • red


  • Re: comment 27. I believe that bust is of Orrin Hatch.

  • JORGE!!!

  • Lisa

    You need t-shirts that just say “GEORGE!” and then we could recognize each other in public. Only we would know what it means. It could be like our version of garments.
    T-shirt my Dad used to have “Utah: If you think our liquor laws are funny, you should see our underwear.”

  • ereed

    im gonna second the whole GEORGE! tee shirt idea. oh oh oh can we get a OF FRANCE! one too?

  • George is the man! Even he knows that the Egg Nog Latte’s kick ass 🙂

  • Colleen from NJ

    sorry, went to bed last night and didn’t see your post…

    re: Carol’s hubby wants a third:

    I’m still incubating, but this much I know: running after 4 and 2 year-olds with nausea, heartburn, backache, belly, plus they don’t understand “I need to sit for 5 minutes”…

    The pregnancy? definitely tougher, albeit temporary (sure doesn’t feel like it, tho). To have the three of them? I’ll let you know in 2 weeks, when I will (reluctantly) be discharged from the hospital.

    But, the sick side of me that wants you to join me, come on, all the cool moms do it…says,


  • *sigh*

    Now I want coffee. Thanks for the shot. I have missed going out and now I can pretend that I have. (Yeah, that is a bit nuts, but that is where I am in life these days.)

  • Colleen from NJ

    DO IT.

    sorry for long post, people.

  • Egg Nog Latte? I would rather drink second had piss

  • Mmmmm…egg nog latte.

    Wake up, George. WAKE UP! There’s egg nog latte to be had. WAKE UP!


  • Colleen from NJ

    Katie, lol, “metrosexual overload”. Something about hairy men in the west.
    Hey! time for a ROAD TRIP! I’ll meet you at the Vince Lombardi stop on the NJ turnpike and we can get us some cheap latte, good skiing, and scrumptious bearded men.

    Crap, I’m married.

  • abc

    is that where leta gets her cheeks?

  • Egg Nog latte doesn’t sound very good.

    Pumpkin Spice latte is very bad. It’s like slurping a melted pie.

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