Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Go, dog, GO!

  • alyssa

    too cute

  • R

    SOOO cute!

  • becaru

    Long-suffering Chuck! What a good dog!

  • Zak

    not that I have anything witty or insightful to say. but wow! First!

  • adorable

  • Zak


  • lisa

    very cute… i love that bedspread!

  • MLE


  • RazDreams


  • pao

    aww, what a cute picture. ^_^ happy new year, heather!

  • Baby bed-head is the best.

    Thanks, Dooce, for all the laughs and other awesomeness this year.

  • Wow. Chuck is a patient, patient dog. And Leta is beautiful.

    And I’m starting to suspect you’re dressing her *only* in pink these days just to mess with The Way-Too Concerned Internet.

  • I am amazed (and completely envious) at how quickly her hair grows. This coming from someone who didn’t grow hair until she was 2. Whose mother used to tape, yes TAPE, bows on her head so that strangers would know that I was indeed a girl.

    But, no, I don’t have a complex …

  • I love the wild morning hair.

    Good dog, Chuck.

    What did Leta get for Christmas? She’s already got the coolest parents and the best dog EVER.

  • Matt

    What a marvelous dog! Hope you had a wonderful holiday…

  • Very cute pic! Poor Chuck!

  • Also, there is nothing cuter than pudgy baby hands.

  • Zak… Never count your chickens before they’re hatched.

  • “Lemme see that nose, Chuck. Here, smell this……Did you know that smells _just like_ Mommy’s farts?”

    Adorable picture.

  • Great picture…torturing-I mean *lovingly playing*–with dogs is the BEST.

    I cannot believe the fucked-up emails you receive, and the comment catastrophe that followed yesterday. Some people will do anything for attention. 😉

    Happy New Year to you and yours…I’m off to England where I’ll celebrate is FIRST!!!! AHAHAHAHAAA!

  • Leta: “Look Here Chuck!” “I’m The BOSS!” “Look Here!!!”

  • Erin

    Go Leta Go! So darling!

  • Hee hee… what a great picture! Cute little Leta, po po Chuck. What a great pair they make, though!

    I hope your Christmas was a Merry one, Dooce!

  • That is too adorable. I suspect Chuck loves his baby Leta.

  • Looks like Leta is using Chuck’s snout as a hand-vac. Not a crumb will be missed.

  • Dooce! What?! You left her on the bed ALL BY HERSELF? Oh dear, I can just see the hate mail now…

  • Leta, I love when you torture that dog! Its just too cute to be true! ANd by the way I tell you these games with the dog resemble what you should apply to your boss in years to come. GO, LETA, GO!

  • Wow… dog’s life…

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  • Sarah

    What a great dog.

  • Michelle in San Diego

    I, too, had bows taped to my head. I think it was our mothers with a complex. How bad would it have been if random strangers thought we were boys?

  • Danielle

    I looked at the thumbnail and thought “hmmmm… lizard skin”


    Said outloud “Awwwwwwwwww… so cute”

    _scrolled down_

    Then the first Google ad I see is called “Cute Girl”


    too funny

  • Lisa

    What a great picture of Leta! I’m so jealous my 13 month old has barely any hair! People constantly assume she’s a boy. You’ll never have that problem with Leta whether you dress her in pink or…

  • Very, very cute…

  • Chuck is the best dog in the world… As for those rat bastards whom are judging you and writing HATE mail.. what teh F*ck do they know.. I hat e it when people don’t just mind their own business, and who try to make a intelligent remark and end up sounding like a complete dumb ass. Since when are you trying to be a model….. and can’t anyone take humour anymore.. geesh……. Happy holidays Dooce to you and yours!!

  • Cutest. Baby. Ever.

  • Jackie

    The last comment made yesterday was that you look like a thinner Kate Winslet, and you totally do!! I just watched Eternal Sunshine last night and you totally look like her. I have always thought you reminded me of someone, but could never think of who.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I love your site!

  • Liz

    I love that picture. I think it is definitely one of my favorites. I also like to torture my dog, so I can sympathize with Leta’s struggle over trying to warn the dog and then just pouncing on him

  • Dre

    This pic was so cute, that I just HAD to show one of my co-workers.

    And then my co-worker asked, “Who is that?”

    And then I proceded to tell her that it wasn’t anyone I knew, and I tried to expain to her that it was a girl’s online journal that I am obsessed with.

    I am positive that my co-worker now thinks I am a fruitcake with no life.

    P.S. She’s looking like such a little girl now – – not a baby!

  • “Mommy, go get the spaghetti while I hold the puppy nose.”

  • That’s a good dog and a good big “brother.” 🙂

  • closet metrosexual said at 08:43AM, 12.27.2004:
    “Mommy, go get the spaghetti while I hold the puppy nose.”

    Hee hee… that is funny!

  • susanna

    hi heather, sorry this is in all caps, can’t seem to stop it. but i’m hoping that nasty email creep gets flooded with hate mail himself. Hope his mailbox is jammed. so there. you are gorgeous, leta is delicious and the dog, well, he’s outrageously cute. so there.

  • Poor Chucky.

  • Good thing dogs are so patient. I still do things like this to my dogs and I am 33.

  • Michelle:

    I think you are absolutely right.

    Once my hair finally DID start to come in, it was white/blonde. Being cute, my aunt called me a ‘toe-head’ which obviously caused my Mom to bawl for an hour straight thinking her child has a head actually shaped like a toe. Clearly, this resulted in a whole new kind of mom complex and that was the day I was introduced to the bonnet.

  • chuckles! what is happening? 🙂

  • shy

    funny how little ones just love to torture dogs… eventually, the dogs just seem to give in.

    my baby does that with my aunt’s shitzu. which is a good thing because that shitzu had a pretty big ego before chaeli came along.

    now he’s given up and allowed chaeli to be the alpha-dog.

  • e

    toooooooooooo cute!!! 🙂

  • “Up, Chuck, Up!”

    They’re a fetching pair of cutiepatooties.

  • ::gasp:: The baby bedhead! Most of the baby stuff is still only cute to me when it’s my own child, but baby bedhead is one of those Universally Adorable Things that makes me want to hug strangers’ children. So be glad Leta isn’t next to me right now. Hee.

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