Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Go, dog, GO!

  • i ALSO got the Boobah.

    and i ALSO squealed with joy.

    and yes i am 28.

  • sam

    Wow…wow…I can’t believe what I missed by not visiting the site yesterday. Maybe Debbie/Rey/Psychobitch has a nice, RATIONAL personality that can come out to play with us. That would be much better than the craziness that she spewed all over the comments page the day after Christmas. What a shame that she might be hired to care for someone’s children. Scary.

  • My parents sucky comp doesn’t display the pics. Oh well. Hope you and yours had a great Christmas, and hope you have a fantastic New Year’s!

    And yes, Boobahs are scary. Erg. I squirmed just now, thinking of them. Bleh.

  • Maybe, just maybe, Rey or Debbie wasn’t always the same person. MAYBE someone was posing as her at times to ignite more hate mail toward the REAL Debbie/Rey. Think about it. It all makes sense.

  • MrsDoF: haha! Thanks! Story goes: after my mom cried her eyes out at her ‘toe’ shaped baby, my dad silently slid a dictionary across the table.

    Despite his best attempts, she still insisted I wear hats.

  • what do u guys think about that?

  • sam

    I bet you’re right, Amber. You smarty-farty!

    Debbie/Rey is a pretty crappy person, but acting like you’re her to send more hate mail her way is pretty crappy too. Not the ultimate crappiness, but close. Crap…such a multifunctional word.

  • Amber-
    We could get e-sneaky and compare the I.P….”she” left comments on my site as well, just moments ago (link above), so I could pull that IP and compare it to the one Heather has? It makes sense, though.


  • sam

    Oh, Amber, I didn’t mean that YOU were acting like Debbie. I just reread my comment and realized that it sounded like I was accusing you, but I promise I wasn’t. Crap!

  • fabulous idea!

  • Ro

    Me thinks Dooce needs a message board. Her comments section is getting out.of.hand.

  • haha that’s funny sam! i did’t take it that way, tho.

  • I am another member of the “My mom taped bows to my head as an infant” club. I was also forced into bonnets whenever I was out in public.

    Hey, when my girls were in the NICU, the nurses used KY to plaster bows to their heads. I’ll take tape over KY any day.

    And yes, I admit that I too have taped bows to my girls’ heads too. A. has quite a bit of hair, but B’s is still awfully short.

    I once had a man ask if they were boy/girl twins. When I said they were both girls, he said, “Awfully butch hair cut on that one.” The kids were 16 months old at that point. Grrrr.

    Although, it’s hard to beat the idiots who looked at both girls in matching pink shirts that read, “Girl Girl Girl” and the other read “Cute Girl” yet STILL asked if my kids were two boys or a boy and a girl.

    People are going to be stupid and there comes a point where we have to take the taped bows out of our kids’ hair and just come up with nasty comebacks.

  • sam

    Or just make funny shirts for your kids to wear…like, “I’m a girl…unless you’re illiterate, and then it’s anybody’s guess.”

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Favorite shirt I saw on a guy: “Changing diapers. It’s not just a job, it’s a dootie”

  • Dazed & Confuzed: Hilarious! I’m sitting at my desk, _trying_ (with little success) not to laugh out loud.

  • Amber, Dooce commented yesterday that they were the same person. I took that to mean the email/IPs were the same in her stats. I didn’t comment yesterday because people like that just want a response, and I had better things to do. Not to sound morally superior or anything.

    Her employment ad has since been taken down. I wonder if the hosting site noticed the hits and tracked it back. Can they do that if it’s not a proper link?

    As someone who does have experience with uncircumcised penises (well, one), I have to give a well-meaning GEE, THANKS to Dooce, who is evil and must be destroyed. I may never have sex again. My only saving grace is that the Diva, age 4, is not into Boobah.

    Oh, and on topic, Leta looks beautiful with bedhead, and Chuck’s face is priceless.

  • Sam,
    I LOVE that shirt idea. I need to use that next time around. I’m sure if I have a boy, everyone will mistake that boy for a girl. If I have another girl next time, I’m sure I’ll get all the same comments.

    That’s just the way my luck (and hereditary) works.

  • I do nominate Rey/whatever to be the next Blurbomat Whore. Who seconds?

  • Okay, my kid is almost eight… I’m behind. I didn’t want to be the idiot on here who didn’t know what a Boobah was, so I went to the website.

    I’m frightened.

    Hold me!

  • Baby pictures. Cute
    Dog pictures. Cute
    But a baby with a dog picture: plain old adorable.

  • second.

  • nectere
  • Ali

    I love her hair in that picture… and poor Chuck, that dog is clearly a saint.

  • Wow I had alot of reading to catch up – I haven’t been here in a few days!

    What else does Sweet Leta say?

    Love the latest pictures! I hope you and yours had a fabulous Christmas!

    As for that one Rey person and her comments, there is just no accounting for some people’s stupidity. Absolutely rediculous. Whatever Trevor.

    Anyway, love to you all, and all the lovely Dooce-a-holics out there!


  • heather-
    what would you do if leta was allergic to dogs? would you keep chuck or leta? 😉

    i’m allergic to all pets, which royally sucks. but my mom has pictures of me strangling the cat (i thought she liked to be held that way) and then a follow up picture of me all swollen and puffy and not being able to breathe.

    i’m just glad that leta isn’t allergic. having a pet-free existance is sad. if i hug anyone who has a cat i have an asthma attack…that’s now bad i am 🙁

  • heather-
    what would you do if leta was allergic to dogs? would you keep chuck or leta? 😉

    i’m allergic to all pets, which royally sucks. but my mom has pictures of me strangling the cat (i thought she liked to be held that way) and then a follow up picture of me all swollen and puffy and not being able to breathe.

    i’m just glad that leta isn’t allergic. having a pet-free existance is sad. if i hug anyone who has a cat i have an asthma attack…that’s now bad i am 🙁

  • My mom got my ears pierced when I was one. I didn’t grow hair until I was two and people kept confusing me for a boy. At least she never taped bows on MY head.

  • Hey, I’ll take bows over having my ears pierced as a baby any day. I had such a hard time when I did get my ears pierced that I’m so glad she didn’t do that.

    Taping bows to my head didn’t hurt. I remember a 6-year-old me fighting back tears when I got my ears pierced (for the first time. I had to get them redone 3 times each after that).

    Who the hell figured you could use KY to stick bows to kids’ heads? Not only did the NICU nurses do it, but one of the photographers we went to when the girls were tiny suggested it too. How on earth do you find that use?

  • Drama – must be in the NICU handbook. They did the same thing to my daughter when she was born at 27 weeks. I suppose KY must be more sterile than tape, and washes off easier.

  • Jennifer

    Dooce — Did you SEE Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last night? The Woffords! I cried like a baby for two whole hours.

  • jessica

    ky jelly sticks like glue but washes off w/ water. we do that in our nursery all the time too.

  • Paula

    I have 6 nieces, not one of them had hair until they were at least 2 years old. I remember my sisters buying little tiny bows that had velcro fasteners. They never worked. Now I’ll have to tell them that they should have used KY all along.

    Leta and Chuck. Too cute!

  • Jennifer, me too.

    Please don’t tell my poker buddies.)

  • Taylor

    You ARE beautiful enough to be a model and believe me, no autistic child I know can say “Go dog, go!”…best wishes and Merry Christmas..

  • Yay Leta! Yay Chuck! Leta is a cool kid and always will be.

  • Dave

    You need some kind of ‘first post’ gets changed to ‘i suck’ script. I’ll never understand first posters but I’ll always be annoyed by their pointless pride.

  • Aww, baby bed-head is the best!

  • Kimi

    I know! Chuck is a Buddhist and he is in the zone in this picture.

    Mean people suck, there is just no other way to say it.

  • All of this friendly chatting back and forth is wrong I tell you Wrong!

    p.s. hey dudes 🙂

  • I ate leftover turkey for lunch and then I read yesterday’s discussion and now I feel guilty for the turkey.

    But I’m glad I didn’t go online yesterday. Shit.

  • Oh thank god everything is back to normal!
    We had the typical 5th posting of ‘first’
    our Chuck & Leta pictures.
    Friends posting all happy again.
    Everything is right in the world.

    I hate after Christmas clean up.

  • Hiya Amanda B!

    Yay, pointless pride!

  • Word. to. the. Fishy.

  • Huh? My autistic child can say Go, Dog, Go. Huh?!!!

  • Awesome picture. Chuck is so well behaved.

    Boobah’s freak me out. I saw some during my holiday rounds and thought they looked like the unholy demon offspring of a Teletubby and an armadillo. Yikes.

  • What’s that about an autistic dog? I didn’t even know they made those.

    *ON BOOHBAH ANTHROPOLOGY:* Tinky Winky could take all them mother-fuckers, like Homo Sapiens kicked the crap outta the neanderthals. I mean, it’s obvious that the “Boohbah” is just a lesser-evolved form of Teletubby, right?

  • I think it’s funny, that when you take a photo, whatever is in that photo, EVERYONE WANTS ONE.

    “Where did you get that bedspread it’s delicious! Where did that ugly pig figurine come from, I want one! What is Leta wearing, I gotta get one for Sally Sue Bob!”

    Companies that sell stuff that you like, should let you try stuff out and advertise on here. People will be standing in line around the corner to buy WHATEVER HEATHER HAS BOUGHT.

  • Yeah, she lives an incredible life and has many fans who are way addicting and want a life just like her.

    I’d be one, but I’m about 8 years younger so I can’t really comprehend the whole family thing.

  • Hence my earlier recommendation “as seen on Dooce…” She could get a small fortune for that pig statue.

    If you click my name from this entry you’ll be taken, directly, to the Dancing Boohbah page at Amazon. This thing really does look like an uncircumcised penis.

    I wonder how long it will be before the Bible Belt folks will decide they’re satanic.

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