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  • I think the boobahs look like Darth Vadar after his mask is taken off at the end of “Return of the Jedi”.

  • Hello Amanda B and Fishy from the heartland where I am taking pictures of as many ceramic figurines as cross my path in the houses of the folks as we “go visiting”…

    I am terrified of figurines and I pray it is true that photographing them steals their souls. God I hope so.

  • George Lover

    Hey, Dooce, we want to see the amazing jewelry you received! Selecting jewelry for someone else, even for a special someone else that you know really well, is tough. Good job, Jon.

  • JulieT – I’ll go roam the streets with a Boobah and see how long it takes to be denounced as a fornicator, blasphemer and a vessel of sin.

    karinka – now that you mention it, they sort of do look like Darth. I just hope one never breathes heavily and tells me it is my father.

  • Julie

    Dave, I’m woth you on the “FIRST!” thing.

    DOOCE: we need a message forum. Check out

  • Me too. I will never be first. By the time I wake up and get the coffee going, there are already 40 comments.

  • Moo

    I’d just like to say that my niece, who is 10 months, also loves Boohbah. It’s disturbing. She got the purple one and it scares her grandma. Have you seen the tv show? I think it may be a step below teletubbies.

  • paula

    Personally, I think boohbahs look like Grimace from the old McDonalds adds, but that could just be me.

    P.S. Im so glad my nieces and nephews are too old for them.

  • Gia on Guam

    There is nothing wrong with an uncircumcised penis.

  • Gary at Science Fiction twin ( had the best entry a few months ago where he described Boobah from his point of view. It was fabulous and hysterical, but of course now I have no clue where to even start looking for that post.

  • Is it me or is the popular blog-specific punctuation of the moment writing stuff Just. Like. This.

  • Johnny,
    Its. Just. You.

  • Gary at Science Fiction Twin rocks. I asked politely (after searching through his archives myself with no luck) and he sent me a link to the very best Boobah post ever:

  • i wish our dog was that patient! we tried to “dress him up” for halloween, and he wasn’t having any of it! he can’t handle not being in control of the attention he gets … kudos to chuck!!!

    and i love your photos, by the way.

  • Bu.UHHHH.UUUURRR.UuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurP.

  • Mary in Sacramento

    Awww, my first Dooce Comments Section Impostor:
    >>Mary In Sacramento said at 11:43AM, 12.27.2004:
    sorry i made such a nasty comment yesterday. i was on the rag.<< You're still a cunt, Debbie. I wasn't even AWAKE at 11:43am this morning. Anyhow, that being said, Heather, Leta is beautiful! James (my 4 1/2 month old) loves to reach out and yank on my husky/ wolf mix's fur, and the weird thing is Caine will purposefully lay down near the baby like he enjoys having James yank on him. It's "pack mentality" I guess. Leta would look adorable even if you dressed her in Chartreuse with fuschia and orange polka dots. -Mary

  • sam

    Okay, even though I’ve only read ONE Boobah post (2 minutes ago), I think I can safely agree with Drama Queen that it is the best Boobah post ever!

    Oh, and I had another t-shirt idea: “They say that tough guys wear pink, but so do baby girls, moron.”


  • Mary in Sacramento-
    Oh man, you got an dooce comment section impostor!? I wanted one of those for Christmas!!

    Be careful with it, you might shoot your eye out 😉

    Anyway, Hi Mary in Sacramento, I’m Kristine in Sacramento (or a suburb of it)

    This post was writen by Kristine. No impostors were hurt in the making of this post.

  • I was gonna ask for a Dooce Comments Section Imposter for Christmas, but I heard they’re a bitch to house-train.

  • sam

    LadyBug – No, not a bitch to house train. Just a bitch.

  • sam and lady bug…stop. you’re killing me, I am laughing so hard.

    question to peoples: how in the hell do you find out so much information on someone? I mean, you guys had email addresses, personal webpages, ads people have out….

    You all should be ePI’s. I can’t even remember my weblog address if I didn’t have that ‘remember me’ button clicked! hee hee.

  • Woah, I am totally uber-confused.

    I left one comment on this website earlier, and it turns out someone else was using my name and info while typing comments. Weird. I’m not complaining. But weird. Has that happened to anyone else?

  • Yes, like what I am doing now. Bwahaha.

  • ok, must share this – I almost never share links, and honestly can’t remember how I got to this tonight, but…”Christmas Letters to Christopher Walken?” Click on the url, or tis below, I hope.

  • bethany

    she is so adorable 🙂

  • Ok, I after your description of the toy I finally broke down and did a search to see, *really see*, a children’s show where the characters can be described as p.u.p.’s. Oh. My. Gawd. Maybe if we’d had penis-like characters when I was small, I would not be this way. *Nah*.

  • Sorry about all the bold in the previous comment. I was just so discombobulated by the penis thing. Always did make me nervous.

  • mindi

    Boo bah.. I got one for our nephew…mostly as a joke for his mother. Turns out..he LOVES the thing and yes it is pretty spooky!

    The kids were all looking at it as I was walking through Target and saying “BOOBAH!” I thought they looked like colorful Uncle Festers.

    Very funny stuff. Please post a pic of Leta with it!

  • Two things:

    1) I think George woould want me to have the Nintendo thing about which he wrote in his e-mail. Send it to my attention at once.

    2) I have been telling everyone I know to SAY IT TO MY FACE, BITCH! since the other day. I blame you.

  • I miss the George stories already! George, hope you decide to start your own blog. Good luck in Te-has!

  • Oh sleeping snowbunny GEORGE!


    Texas is pretty darn close to Arkansas… GEORGE DO YOU HEAR ME?!


    It brought tears to my eyes reading it again. It feels good to be home in Texass but I miss Utah somewhat..

  • I’M IN TEXAS! George! Come visit!

  • Damnit! Wish I had known. I would have shown him the sights of Albuquerque. The gay bars, the local parks, the City of Albuquerque jail cells, The Barrio, The local gangs, The mortuary…

    err.. maybe not.

  • Awww George!

    That is such a sweet letter.

    See? Dooce doesn’t always just post hate mail.

  • Oh, George!! Oh, George!! How SAD!! How could you leave Chuck… and all the rest of those there Armstrongs?

  • Kristen

    I’m in Texas too! Texas has many fine learning institutions and I politely demand to know which one gets GEORGE!

  • You post many many cute pictures, but this is the cutest one I’ve ever seen. EVER.

  • I’ve also go to say that, as part of this “the Internet” of which you speak, we do very much miss George already.

    Come back GEORGE!!

  • Wynn

    Good luck with the new school GEORGE! Here’s hoping you’re in Austin, because that is a cool town to go to school in…

    Please be careful though, the people in Texas can’t drive for shit. They’re nice, but they will kill you with their cars without thinking or blinking…

  • We’ll just have to get GEORGE! a good digital camera so he can send pictures on the websaht.

    Good luck, GEORGE! And good for you for bailing on BYU!

  • mrs. george #2

    I am in Texas, George. Come see me if you need some good sexin’. And I am a reputable driver too, beotch.


    We’ll miss ya’, buddy! Visit often!

  • GEORGE!!!!!

  • baby bedhead is the best.

  • Danielle

    Regarding imposter commenters:

    You know Amber, (8:14pm) I had thought that those previous comments didn’t sound like the right tone or writing style for you (i.e. didn’t sound like something you would write)…. but then I thought, well maybe there is a side of you we’ve never seen. I’m glad to know that wasn’t the case.

    The tone made me think of the Debbie/Rey person or some angry teenager.

    I think it has happened a couple of times. If the “real” person checks often enough (like Mary in Sacremento at 7:16pm), the “real” person can clear up the issue. But overall, it is far too easy to use someone’s name and URL to put up a false post. It is rather aggravating, I think.

    Someone posted as Danielle on Blurbomat on the stage-diving issue, and it wasn’t me. It _definitley_ wasn’t something I would say. And it also wasn’t Alaska Danielle. The imposter comments tend to be brief, use slang and like I said, remind me of the tone of an angry teenager.

  • Aw, Amber, I guess you didn’t really second my nomination. I’m guessing she seconded it, which was probably supposed to take the fun out of it, but just underscores the attention-seeking aspects of her behavior. And with that, I am officially removing my attention ::hangs head in shame for feeding a troll::

  • Good luck to you George and much love and groove in your life in Texas. We will miss seeing you featured here at Dooce.

    But Texas?! I guess you gotta ween yourself off those conservative states slowly, huh? I hope he is going to live in Austin at least. ;^)

  • Bob


    Time to close the book on this one.


  • charlotte

    texas is the best state EVER and we’re glad to have GEORGE! where in texas??????? it’s quite a large state because it has to hold all that awesomeness.

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