An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation

Newsletter: Month Eleven

Dear Leta, Today you turn eleven-months-old. Coincidentally, that’s almost three times as long as most of my relationships during college and afterward lasted. You’ve got longevity! Right now you’re in your crib for your morning nap and I am sitting in the living room listening…

You don’t want me leading an army into battle

Sometimes in the morning when we’re still half-asleep and Leta refuses to ingest any of the yummy foodstuffs we have set before her on the tray of the highchair (Crispix, Alphabets, Honeycomb, caviar, etc.), she sits there screaming at us: Bleaaaaaaaah! Bleaaaaaaaah! It’s a very…

A very tired New Year’s Eve

Look, Interent: I am smiling. And then one hour later at 10:30 PM I was asleep. (Picture kindly taken by Beth who says she made it all the way to midnight back at her house. Parents, we ROCK.)