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A very tired New Year’s Eve

  • Cheryl

    Heather might I say that you have the most adorable smile!!! You should do it more often… I was up until 12:10 and passed out. The kids banged pots and pans around my head and I still didn’t wake up. Oh well. I was happy in dreamland. Happy New Year!

  • Beautiful picture! Happy New Year!

  • I love this photo. Note the baby bottle in the background. Usually a NYE pic has a martini glass or a pint of beer in it. This is a classic.

  • Olga

    I think (on the picture) your ring kinda matches your eyes. Wow! 🙂

  • youze guys is awesome!

  • Excellent picture. Looks like a good way to ring in the new year to me. No signs of a Boobah either which makes the image doubly sweet.

  • Happy New Year to all of you in the Armstrong Household! Nice smiles. Isn’t New Year’s Day nice when you’re not hungover? It took me many years to figure it out – the irony of getting stinkin’ drunk & then starting the new year RIGHT! (please! keep your voice down! my head is splitting & the floor is spinning! BLEAH! This year’s gonna blow, just like me!) I say, save the hangover for the 6th of May, when the tequila is plentiful & encouraged the night before….. cheers!

  • Heather, you are ebautiful when you smile! You two look sooo happy! Have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR ARMSTRONGS!

  • honestpaula

    Heather, you have beautiful teeth. I’m looking forward to seeing them more often. Jon is looking handsome as well.

  • Woah. That picture really shows Leta’s genes in action. She really is the perfect hybrid of you two.

    Happy New Year!

  • Lovely picture 🙂

  • Laura C.

    And a very happy-looking one, at that. 🙂

  • 0xcc

    Happy new year!
    I know I can’t be first…

  • Eva


  • You are smiling! WOW beauty

  • AM

    First??? Glad to see all is well.

  • Angela

    Wonderful picture! I hope this new year brings you much happiness….and some poop!

  • Ali

    Aw, you guys look so happy together. What a beautiful family 🙂

  • Courtney

    Happy New Year!

  • Laura C.

    Hot damn–My winter break is over today, but I don’t even care, cause I was FIRST! Happy New Year to all. I really do adore this pic.

  • Hello, Pretty! Happy New Year!

  • SMILING!!! happy happy joy joy.

  • Liz

    Dooce, so lovely to see you smile. You always look like you are ready to take someone face off. 🙂 What a great picture of you two. Happy New Year to ya.

  • stella

    Yall are so cute! Happy New Year!

  • bb

    aWWW. top 20 i can hardly contain the excitement myself!


    look! 3rd paragraph from the end, Leta’s not the only squawking baby!

  • Susan

    aw you look so HAPPY. 🙂 i love it

  • We had a very similar New Year’s. All my friends displayed their pity on us for not being able to leave the house, but we had our own kind of fun. Happy New Year Armstrong Family!

  • Horray for happy!

  • Very cute picture!

  • You should smile in a lot more pics, you gorgeous thang you.

    Is it me or does Jon look a lil tipsy?

  • Oh my! Jon kinda does look like a Temple worker! (um, sorry, Jon. If I ever saw you on the streets of NY or NJ I wont say anything, I SWEAR)

    But seriously folks, its good to see you both looking so cute and cheerful! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • I made it all the way to 11! I am *so* rock and roll.

  • That’s a great, happy pic… I see you are wearing nice clothes, not pjs (like we were). That counts for something.

  • Here’s too a fabby New Year Armstrongs!

  • Must be one of them breast milk white russians in that bottle.

  • WONDERFUL, Wonderful picture, Dooce! What a terrific looking couple you two are! No wonder Leta is so freakin adorable! 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  • KellyH

    Awww, nice. Happy New Year to the Blurbodoocery!

  • The only way we made it to midnight at my house was the fact that neither of us felt like drinking this year.

    Someone take our temperatures, immediately! Um, rectally, if I get to have my choice.

  • Sherly (soon to be aka La Pixiatrix)

    Party On, Armstrong Parents!

    [Hi Fish!]

  • Jon was hitting the bottle pretty hard eh? Oh…wait…that’s a baby bottle.

  • Dear God – staying up until midnight this year was a challenge. The only thing that kept us awake was A) the kids – the kids shouldn’t spend New Year’s with their parents asleep. B) the realization that we must now be officially old. We sat and laughed at each other until 12:01. then we fell asleep.

  • Wonderful smiles! Nice bottle in the background! Was Jon sucking on that?

  • Happy New Year to you, Jon, Leta and Chuck. May it be healthy, happy and full of poop.

  • On Saturday afternoon I was waiting on a family at the restaraunt where I work and when I brought out drinks the little girl asked me, “Did your mom let you stay up until midnight last night?” and I said yes, and asked her if she watched the ball drop on tv. She said, “I wanted to watch it, but I fell asleep before midnight. I’m only six you know.”

    Happy New Year!

  • happy new year!

  • You have a beautiful smile, Heather. Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy New Year!

  • I’m with Jazzy – may you have a shitty year in the literal sense.

  • Em

    You look sleepy and HAPPY. Happy 05′ to the whole Dooce family.

  • I bet you never had braces, did you?

    *g-dam Mormon children of Zion breeding stock*

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