An unfiltered fire hose of flaming condemnation
  • AAP

    That sky is just gorgeous. Amazing.

  • Cheryl

    Nature… beautiful picture again Dooce!!! You’re really outdoing yourself, but we’re thankful!

  • tim

    Just great!

  • SEK

    That’s incredible.

  • Nice.

  • echo

    Beautiful!! I miss Utah.

  • jennygerbi

    Up early?

    Beautiful pic. I’ve been reading your website since 4 this morning. Holy crap. You’re a fantastic writer and put together a fantastic site and I’m really enjoying every little last bit of it.

  • Eeep! You’re early today! That’s wonderful because I’ve got this meeting that I need to take notes in, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be one of the first 356 people to post about the new picture!

    The park may be dangerous, but the view is magnificent!

  • The Utah tourism industry owes Heather some big thanks!

    Long time “lurker,” first time poster. Thanks Heather for my daily dose of humor!

  • I guess this is what I get for having school so damn early in the morning.. I can read all the comments here in like ten seconds. w00t!

    Lovely shot, by the by.

  • Monica

    I’m so glad Austin’s still in…He’s my favorite to win.

  • That’s one of the parks Chuck plays or used to play in, right? It certainly has the danger element.

  • That is some gorgeous scenery. All we’ve got here in Boston are dirty snow piles now covered in ice. Is it spring yet ….?

  • Why in the hell can’t I ever get mine to turn out like that?

    Can I borrow your camera.. for a couple of years.. I’ll give it back. promise.

  • Um…hate to be dumb, but what is that THING climbing up the side?
    Beautiful mountains, btw. Looks a bit chillyish, though. I’ll take our 60 degree weather, thanks!

  • beautifulmess

    this morning, while i was driving to work along the gray country roads of indiana, i noticed the gorgeous sky, streaked with shades of rose & scarlet, & thought, “this is NOTHING compared to the view that greets dooce every morning.” lucky.

  • sak

    love the view. more blue!! the light cutting across the cloud and hitting the mountain in the foreground is beautiful.

  • That’s a painted backdrop and some theater lights, right?



    Dang. What a great image.

  • Wow, how can the land of Utah be so beautiful but some of the people be so ugly? 🙂 By ugly I mean the people like those who voted FOR prop 3… so sad!

    TO J

  • Ali

    I’d have way too much fun with that… “I’m off to…DANGER…park… it might be a bit…DANGEROUS….in…DANGER park”

    easily amused.

  • beachgal

    Woah! Early picture! I like it, of course.

  • allison

    Landscape and climbability: the only reasons I would move to Utah. Gorgeous.

  • I wish I had cable.

  • Well, the thumbnail reminded me of a movie set. And the mountains well, I agree with Lulu C. that they can’t possibly be real and are simply part of the set design.


    If I lived in SLC I would totally be on your call list to babysit Chuck when his toenails start click-click-clicking and I’d take him to danger park for you.

    And we saw from the pic of him and MacGruff yesterday how dangerous it can be. Scary bigger dogs.

  • The other Paula

    I would love to see that view every day, especially since I woke up this morning to another gray, rainy, AND extremely foggy day. Boston in winter is so yucky. Bring on the Spring!

  • Ed

    That is awesome. I love mountains!

  • My brain doesn’t work in the morning. It took me five minutes to figure out that “Be Fri” and “st ends” did NOT stand for “Be Frist ends.”


  • kim

    i think it’s beautiful, too. and i’m not even a big mountain-fan.

  • Caryn

    Nice picture! I love mountain pics.

  • Another quality shot from dooce’s “blue” period. Or should that be, “white balance off” perod?

  • ashik

    Kind of has a magritte effect a bit – gorgeous.

  • Adam

    Yeah, that reminds me … we need more stories of Danger Park. Hmmm … can you even take a toddler to Danger Park?

  • Danger Park is a brilliant name for a park!

  • The skyline is stunning. I didn’t know Utah was so beautiful.

  • Danger Park! Where there are no goddamn safety fences!

  • I love the shadows of the clouds on the snow on the mountains.

    Saw a shout out to you on Neil Gaiman’s blog yesterday. All of a sudden I thought “My gosh! Neil Gaiman is a blogger! He’s not just a writer who blogs!”

    At any rate, it’s here:

  • a picture of a place called danger park… with a huge phallic symbol at the forefront. yep, i approve. nice going, dooce, intentional or no.

  • Southern Fried Girl

    Do you ever get tired of views like that? They are just beautiful. 🙂

  • Southern Fried Girl

    Do you ever get tired of views like that? They are just beautiful. 🙂

  • Where’s Depeche Mode?

  • That is the most incredible light pole I have ever seen. It is gorgeous. The mountains are not bad either.

  • Wow. I could definately handle looking at that for the rest of my life. Quit it, you’re making me rethink my dreams of owning a ranch in Texas, where its warm and I can have horseys.

  • Enough with the nature shots!

  • If I wanted to see pictures of trees and mountains I would head on over to Bob Ross’s website!

  • Somebody kiss me.

  • Jessica

    I just found your site yesterday and I am really enjoying catching up. You’ve got a real gift with words, and you make me laugh so hard I need to go and pee! Thanks for allowing me a peek into your world.
    That pic is beautiful – I’m from Massachusetts, but not the part of the state with scenic views worth appreciating. I’d probably be a lot less stressed out if I got to look at such beautiful sights every day!

  • It’s a lovely photo – I’m loving the blue.

    by the way – Dooce,It’s odd that you’re from Bartlett. I grew up in Cordova, and I never think of anyone being really from that area. No one who has such a singularly awesome blog, anyway.

  • La Pixiatrix

    Beautiful photo.

    Gotta be some PhotoShop action on that? If not, the D70 is capable of some mighty mighty things. (No irony or sarcasm intended)

    I would love to see a picture of the sign for the park, especially one that read simply:
    Danger Park

    There was a town named Covert where I used to live in NY state. There was a sign at one end that simply “Covert”.
    Used to crack me up.

  • Heather,
    You’re killing me. I come here to escape from work. This moring I click on the picture and I find the same type of pictures I have to look at every sing day..
    Pictures of

    More Chuck!!More Bearded ass pirates, more GEORGE!

    Can I get God to help me out?

  • i am a redundant commenter: beautiful.
    here in nj, the fog machine has been rolling for days. looks haunted around here. we don’t have cool names for parks, either.

    typing with one hand. sorry.

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