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  • Em


  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Isn’t anybody going to kiss JohnnyFever? *Smooch* Sorry about being a guy and all, Johnny.

    Hey Dooce! When are you going to put all this stuff in a book? I’ll buy one!

  • Unnnngh. Blaaaaagh. Picture…pretty. Nnnnnuuugaaaah.

  • *kisses* Johnny Fever…

    and feels a little dirty

  • **

    books are so ’90s

  • Where is Black Beard the Ass Pirate?How about more pictures of that sexy MoFO! I would even take the two dogs frolicing over this scenic crap. Yeah im a dude but still he is dead sexy.

    Stay Classy Salt Lake City!

  • Even with that mountain air, it still looks warmer than here too…with a HIGH of -21 degrees. Beautiful pic Dooce!

  • danger will robinson!

    okay, i just had to do it. heh.

  • Blue sky, in Utah, in January. It is truly an unusal thing. I know it won’t last.. but one can hope.. Big storm then blue. Please…

    I’m so glad to see a bit of blue. The damn gray was getting on my nerves. Gray skies, inversions, nasty ass blahness.

    Thanks for capturing a bit of the blue!

    I love our views when the weather is nice!

  • dr. fever, would kiss you, but my breath is a bit rank. sorry.

  • Hell, yeah, parking is dangerous. It can result in unwanted pregnancies and tickets for indecent exposure.
    Dangerous, indeed.

  • I’m a confessed lurker with a bad habit. Every morning when I arrive at work I come to this web site to see the picture and read the entry. Is it wrong to be a voyeur of another’s life?

  • Dazed & Confuzed

    Admitting you HAVE a problem is the fist step in recovery, jimmy c. Posting a comment is the last step. Congrats on successfully completing our two-step program.

  • Everyone

    Hello, Jimmy C.


  • Isn’t Danger Park the name of the new ski-ploitation action/adventure series on the WB?

  • So blue. No mountains in Massachusetts. Well, a few in Western Mass, but nothing like that.

  • It depends. If the person has a public blog then it’s permissable as long as it does not interfere with you own life. (ie eating, showering, proper toliet use, etc.)

    If the person you are “voyeuring” is your old highschool girlfriend and you are doing so from the bushes outside her house, that is baaaad. Bad Jimmy, bad.

  • awesome picture!! also: 10 points for the (possible) dogfood thing…. that’s pretty funny. I’ve put the milk back in the cupboard before and my empty glass in the fridge, so this may be a possible mistake for my future as well!

  • squish

    backing up to the friends…

    You are so blessed to have good friends like that. Enjoy them!

  • can’t

  • Dog biscuits are awesome! Lots of minerals, and now Leta will have a nice, shiney coat.

  • And healthy gums!

  • JP

    I love the fact that you always manage to capture the beautiful parts of Utah. Let’s face it…there are some…NOT so pretty parts of Utah. Let’s be honest.

  • I think I say Kahn-creet too. And I am from New Jersey. How are you supposed to say it?

  • I ate a dog biscuit when I was a kid. It didn’t taste THAT bad. It’s not as if they’re made with poop or anything…….

  • BabyM

    Well – at least Leta will have a nice shiney coat, and fresh breath after eating the dog biscuit.

    There’s a positive interpretation to every situation.

  • Is there an echo in here?

  • Roons

    RE: putting your gorgeous photos in a book.

    Do check this out!

  • Gorgeous isn’t quite the word…

  • kinda weirded out

    i don’t know about you, dooce, but i’d be kind of weirded out if so many people felt the need to read and reread and reread and reread the comments on my blog… It’s almost as if you have internet stalkers, and for that I worry for your safety.

  • Carol

    I think the picture was really taken in a studio in NYC. It’s a cloth backdrop. But you forgot to crop out the lights.

    It’s beautiful. I want to go skiing, NOW!

    I once ate Meow Mix when I was a kid. It was like eating stale cereal. Really stale.

  • Roons – I heart apple as much as anyone, but the apple books suck compared to the ones at ofoto, which cost half as much and actually allow you to print on both sides of the page. (What a novel idea!) Sorry to be so off-topic …

  • U.B.

    The Wasatch mountains do make for beautiful weather (and interesting flying when you’re coming over them from the east). The problem with that view is that you have to live *in* Salt Lake.

    I actually love SLC, but I don’t think I could take the 24/7 mormon/republican/moral superiority enema… It’s bad enough living in one of the few right-wing bastions in california.

  • Alex – you see a better album cover for “Music for the Masses” too?

  • *Kiss*to Dr. Johnny Fever. How can you not kiss him with a name like that?
    And this damn photos page has inspired me to get a camera someday and take some pictures. sometime. providing I actually get a damn camera.
    that is all.

  • kinda weirded out

    and isn’t it spelled shiny and not shiney? just curious…

    (hey… i said that i’d be weirded out from the reading and rereading and rereading… i didn’t say i was exempt from it 🙂

  • stacy

    We had to hide the beggin strips from my little sister so she would eat then all…and she was 12. No joke. Don’t worry about it, I’ve heard that doggy biscuits are healthier anyways, alot less artificial flavoring.

  • Stacy

    I meant to say so she would not eat them all. sheesh.

  • Elegant Goose

    Was this picture really posted that early? Sheesh! It’s 10:37 here in the eastern side of the country – I live in Michigan. Do you, like, roll out of bed and immediately post pictures? I never get to be in the top 20 posts. I check here before school starts (7:40 local time) and usually there’s not a new picture. By 10:00 here there’s over a hundred! Arg!
    (By the way, Michigan is NOT the mid-west, people! We may sound funny, but divide the country and half and you’ll see I live in the mid-east!)

  • it IS weird – the fascination people have with this site, the obsession with the comments. but i can’t stop reading them! i have a real problem, people. i’m thinking about asking the computer people here at work to make this website inaccessible to me. i might get something done that way.

    no, that’s not true. i’d probably walk around like a junkie, propositioning other people: “hey, can i see your computer? just for a minute. I PROMISE I CAN CHANGE…LATER. I just need a little to tide me over…”

    is there some kind of dooce intervention program?

  • Hey Weirded and Also Weirded-

    99.99% of us aren’t stalkers, we’re a “community” (how I hate that word) with similar interests and a lot of inside jokes, many provided by Dooce herself, some from the peanut gallery. It’s all in fun. Dooce is the Prom Queen here. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Elegant Goose: Whatchoo got ‘gainst the midwest?

    Michigan is so in the midwest. Why? because:
    1) the U.P.
    2) the ferry from Manitowoc WI to Luddington, MI
    3) only Midwesterners would think up things like “Michigan Turns”
    4) Big Ten Football
    5) All the cows and farms
    6) If you didn’t get it the first time, THE U.P., DER HEY.

    (PS. PLEASE take this in the lighthearted manner in which is was meant)

  • BabyM

    Well, excuse my poor spelling, and my inability to read all 1,000 posts before I posted this morning. Just goes to show, great minds think alike.

  • so i work for a sorority – not a member, just an employee – and i’m looking through the magazine of another sorority. on the cover it says “how you look is important.” this is their feature article. Some gems from the feature:

    “If you don’t look great every day, it means that on the day you did look great it was an accident.”


    “A quick look at you can tell an observer if you are classy or common…poor, rich, or somewhere in between…smart, not-so-smart, or without a clue.”

    Huh? Wha…?

    that’s crap, right? tell me i’m not the only one who thinks that is crap.

  • Kisses, and maybe a little tongue, for:

    Johnny Fever, Closet Metro and my favorite Fish!

    Heather, you’re pictures just scream “home” to me. I envy your happiness and your charming family/home.

  • Carol

    Cm – right on brothah!! I love this place! I can’t tell you what (and all the comments and offshoots) has done for my vocabulary alone! Although I don’t get as much done as I used to.

  • Carol

    just wanted… that is indeed a load of crap.

  • Melanie – Kisses with a little tongue? Wow, thanks, but gimme a minute – I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.

  • Whew! I’m winded!

    Did someone say “Load of crap??”

  • A

    I always thought that I lived in a pretty clean, unpolluted area and then Dooce posts all of these brilliant blue Utah skies and now I spend my days feeling my lungs blackening.

    p.s. Elegant Goose, sorry, but the Mitten State is definitely in the Midwest. Fish is correct.

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